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  1. Add to the new list of travel must haves the card showing a hip replacement and if our passports don't show up our birth certificates. Travel used to be simple.
  2. We sail in October with one night pre cruise in Ft. Lauderdale. Our plan is to pick up a bottle of wine and get to go food from the hotel restaurant and enjoy both on our room balcony. We will be wearing a mask in the hotel lobby and on the transportation to and from the hotel, supermarket, etc. Hope to not have to wear one on the ship.
  3. I appreciate that you took time out of your vacation to state the facts re your boarding. Hopefully it has given pause to some who still have the mindset that "I can show up when I want even though my boarding time is 2:00." I see posts about this on other social media sites every day, "just show up and you will get onboard right away, etc." It's too bad your suite boarding experience was so disorganized and less than it should have been.
  4. We did the Chef's Market Discovery in St. Martin and they did purchase local sea food and prepared it for us in Tuscan. On our cruise on Summit to Canada/New England, they purchased Maine lobsters for the ship and served them in every dining room.
  5. Time to read the red banner at the top re Covid Related Discussions.
  6. The OP is sailing out of ft Lauderdale on Equinox as is Edge and there have not been any reports on Edge about tracelets just the blue ribbon. Maybe they will be starting.
  7. There will be porters near the entrance. If you both have cell phones and Celebrity is giving transit passes for B2B cruisers you could meet her outside the terminal.
  8. If it is Port Everglades the walk is not too long and there are porters to meet the taxis. She can request that the driver drop her off as close to the entrance as possible and give a good tip for the service.
  9. That has to be it. I know the mail is slow but I doubt it takes 6 weeks for 1st class mail, even from coast to coast. I'll find out. I sent in our renewals right before they upped the processing time to 18 weeks. 7 weeks and counting since it was received in Philadelphia. Actual processing started July 9 according to the email I received.
  10. This was not on the menu. Was it the ending to everyone's meal? We love the Chocolate Sphere in Luminae but it is only available on longer cruises, although we did ask for it as a special dessert on an Alaskan cruise for a special occassion.
  11. To add to this, there is an employee standing outside the suite area by the pillar with the black sign checking off names of guests sailing in higher level suites who will direct you to the correct area, or have you tag along with a guest being escorted to the check in area for suites. You can see the pillar in the earlier photo. Here's a close up of it.
  12. Our check in time in October is 12:00. We take a town car from the hotel so will probably arrive 11:50 or so. Being in a RS we don't expect to have to wait too long, unless something happens to delay boarding for everyone.
  13. Happened to us on our 2nd cruise. We were waiting to talk to someone, probably Guest Relations and a very entitled person started screaming at an employee about why wasn't he invited to the Captains Table. As fate would have it, we were invited and kept running into him at every turn. I wouldn't say we were smug but ....
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