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  1. I'm not 100% certain but I think the no smoking in any interior area includes the crew quarters. We've never stayed in a cabin on deck 3 but have been in other areas and never smelled any smoke.
  2. As long as you are in the same cabin you do not need to pack up. Depending on the port you might have to leave the ship which will be done as a group but after going through immigration you can reboard immediately. This is required in US ports but it is a quick process. If you want to leave the ship to explore the port city you will get a transit pass that allows you to bypass the check in lines when you return. Be sure to ask for the B2B discount if eligible in the UK. It is not automatically offered.
  3. When I see this in the airport or at the terminal I politely ask if someone is sitting there. Sometimes the person says yes, my _____ just went to the restroom. Usually if no one is sitting there they move the things to the floor.
  4. The snorkeling excursions we've been on in Barbados with the turtles did not allow fins. Once we went to a reef they were provided.
  5. Even in July and August we used ear coverings, gloves and scarf at the glaciers. For jackets, plan on layers, we've used sweat shirt with fleece vest and rain jacket. We also found rain pants to be handy. Never took duck boots or hiking boots. I've used low cut boots or leather walking shoes.
  6. Wow, we moved a cruise to Alaska for next year to the Reflection Christmas and NY cruise in 2020. We got the lower rate, all 4 perks (well 2 because it is a RS) and a refundable deposit. I don't know if this was because we moved a cruise but if so I would have expected the higher rate, which is substantially higher.
  7. Just my DH. I leave the blankets and pillows home for my cats to use.
  8. The elevator was not installed because of the change in the dry dock location. I think there will be a drydock in the spring of 2021 to complete the work, I know it does not help now. It looks like there is an elevator to deck 15, but it is stairs from 15 to 16. Also restrooms are shown on the deck plan for 15.
  9. You will probably be advised to do self disembarkation with a 10:00 flight. SW does participate in luggage valet but the flight has to be 11:30 or later.
  10. We will give it a try but probably won't stay long. We don't sit in the sun and go to the solarium for pool and hot tub.
  11. Right now, No, because of the shortened Dry Dock. It is planned for the 2nd dry dock in early 2021.
  12. Yes, you will still get the sea pass for purchases and to unlock your stateroom.
  13. I usually agree with you but in this case I have to wonder what was the point of this exercise in futility? Do we know anything today that we did not know yesterday? A lot of the issues were not singular, they were global in Celebrity's world. If Celebrity was not willing to provide some substantive answers then they should have stayed in the Miami headquarters.
  14. I'm still trying to figure out where the thousand foot stools are stored on each ship that will be available if I just ask my cabin attendant for one.
  15. Can't answer if you are expecting too much from the TA because we never use one; but why not make your own hotel arrangements?
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