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  1. We have no plans to sail on another line. We like Celebrity's suites and the suite life.
  2. Butlers assigned to higher categories do have fewer suites to take care of, probably not significantly fewer though. The Concierge and Retreat/Suite Manager are 2 different positions. The Suite Managers first started a few years ago, 2017 I think because we were on an Alaska cruise and Denny Flores had just been promoted to Suite Manager. We sailed with him again in 2019 on Equinox after the Revolution and his title was now Retreat Manager. He told us the change in title would be on the Revolutionized and E class ships. Maybe this has changed and Suite Managers are now all Retreat Managers. His duties were the same. On Millennium he was much more visible. 2 years later he was more behind the scene but still had some interaction with suite guests.
  3. I'm perfectly fine with place mats, especially on the balcony when the breeze blows the table cloth and trips me. When dining in the suite, the table is so large there is no need for a table cloth, place mats are fine. Save the Waves.
  4. I found that when you ask for the lobster roll without the bun you get more lobster. Since they always offer a bread tray I don't need the roll.
  5. Yes, you will have a butler in your suite, all Celebrity suites have butlers assigned to them. The lobster roll is available in Luminae at lunch, usually on embarkation day. Depending on the number of times Luminae is open for lunch it might be offered again. I like asking for it without the roll, although the roll is great too.
  6. That is my question too. We also have a post cruise tour through the Canadian Rockies. I'm assuming that if we can cruise from Vancouver then the cruise tour will be a go too. To play it safe, we booked our flights through Celebrity even though we wanted to use miles for this trip.
  7. There are no guarantees of great whale sightings. If you are in Juneau I recommend Jayleen's Alaska. Small boat (6 passengers) excursion and if there are whales to be seen you will get as close as allowed.
  8. We've booked high end suites that automatically come with some amenities using a senior or resident discount but they are not always available.
  9. Suites are already all inclusive and they negate upper loyalty levels.
  10. I prefer to select my own jewelry and would not opt for one of these. I guess I could keep it in a pocket if necessary.
  11. Not true. On Celebrity both passengers do not need to purchase a beverage package. If you choose it as a perk then both have to choose it.
  12. We've sailed in a CS on both classes of ships. The tubs are just as high because they are jetted. On the S class though there is more room out side of the tub so it was easier getting in and out of it. I'm short too but the S class was ok. I didn't care for the bathroom overall. There is a single sink and very little room to put things on the edge of it. The coffee table is huge and there is no dining table that I remember. Seems they could have made the living area more functional. I don't know if the refurbished ships changed the furniture and layout in the CS.
  13. On the chance we will have to use Celebrity shore excursions I would book the ones I really wanted to do and that were likely to sell out, up to the limit of the OBC, maybe a little over or less depending on the price of the excursion.
  14. Thanks, I looked at offers a few days ago and didn't see one for Celebrity. Did see the Norwegian offer.
  15. If you pick it as a perk, both passengers have to choose it. If you are purchasing it only one of you has to.
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