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  1. I would pick Millennium for the itinerary if you want to spend any time on land in Alaska. The Celebrity Suite on Millennium is nice but the only entrance to the bathroom is through the bed room. Take a night light, the bedroom is really dark when the door is closed. On Eclipse the bath has an entrance from the living area and the bed room. Getting into and out of the tub is challenging if you have any mobility issues, and the shower is in the tub. The balcony on Millennium is wide but narrow but the wall of windows gives great views from inside. Whichever ship/itinerary you choose you will have a great time.
  2. There are limited lunch options on port days. Once sailing resumes I'm thinking a lot of people will want to stay on board, especially in the Caribbean so the MDR for lunch would be a good addition, unless they do something with the buffet to limit passenger contact and self serve.
  3. They could also open the MDR every day so no one would have a fee regardless of cabin category.
  4. You can definitely move a NRD sailing to another ship, date, itinerary, etc. without the penalty. Also ask for the CC loyalty promotion to save 10% off the cruise fair.
  5. Our next cruise is August 2021 to Alaska, then a B2B in February 2022 to the Caribbean. We moved a December 2020 cruise to 2022 but kept Alaska because it is our 50th anniversary.
  6. Glad it worked out for you. We savedover$7,000 on our 3 bookings because of the loyalty discount. Enjoy your cruise.
  7. Under the new Cruise with Confidence you can move a NRD cruise to another cruise of your choice at current rates. You will not be charged the $100 PP change fee and will not need an additional deposit. We did this earlier this week. You can also do a "lift and shift" booking from your original cruise to a similar cruise a year later as long as it meets other criteria. You keep the original perks and price. Call Celebrity to make the change.
  8. Thanks for the recommendation but we prefer not to have to drive on our own, thus the cruise tour.
  9. @bigbenboys We are going August 27 2021. We were planning on a 2020 Alaska cruise but changed it a while ago so we could cruise on our anniversary.
  10. We've done 2 Celebrity land tours and never stayed at a Princess Lodge. I do agree that land tours and cruises for this year are a no go.
  11. It is booked through Celebrity, Tour 1CA. Vancouver to Jasper via overnight train. Then a coach to Lake Louise, Banff, Calgary. Flight home is from Calgary. Hotels are all Fairmonts. Must be popular because we got the last slot.
  12. Why did you have to give up the OBC for booking onboard. We kept ours on both cruises.
  13. Our plan exactly except we moved our 2020 cruise to 2022 since we already have a 2021 booking for Alaska. Hope you can enjoy your time at home.
  14. I saw a post hinting about an announcement re 2020 cruises and itineraries on another site.
  15. I'm pretty sure Celebrity was willing to shift our 10 day Caribbean Cruise on Reflection in December 2020 to the 12 day Equinox cruise in 2021 because the only ship sailing 10 days in 2021 was Edge and the price difference was too much. I would have the TA push to Resolutions, and if necessary Revenue, to get it fixed. Our CVP's supervisor went all the way to the head of Revenue for us but I understood why it would not happen. We ended up moving to a totally different cruise. Good luck.
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