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  1. Thanks again. Some additional questions: :):):) How cold is the water? How clear is the water in order to see the rocks and the bottom surface? Is the ferry back and forth included in the excursion (especially in terms of the cruise ship taking responsibility for not being late back to the ship being dependent on the ferry...)? Thanks!
  2. Hi Melissa, Thank you for this good review! Can ypu please tell how much time it takes only for the cave part? I mean, from the time you enter the cave until you finish it? Also, is all the cave walking part rocky and uneven as you desctibed? Thank you!
  3. Hi, Can anyone who has been both on Carnival & Royal Caribbean share his experience regarding indoor fun & nightlife (especialy theater/broadway shows, musicals/dance shows and all other performances)? How are these compare to each other between RC & Carnival in the level of performances and productions, duartion, etc. Thank you!
  4. starteryaron

    Horizon Family harbor

    Does any one know if there is a differnce between a family harbor ocean view cabin to a "regular" ocean view cabin - only in terms of the decoration, general looks of the room and toilet, size of thr room? Thanks
  5. Hi, I am new to carribean cruising. Planning to cruise on July 2019, didn't decide yet whether to go for east, west or south carribean. Ignoring the probablilty for Hurricane in this season, I would like to ask: How are sea conditions in July in terms of how you really feel the ship "moving" while sailing one of the biggest and newest vessels? Is there a significant difference for this between east, west of south carribeans? How are sea conditions and waves compared to Mediterannean cruises/ Baltic cruises, etc.? Thank you
  6. starteryaron

    Window obstruction

    I consider choosing an oceanview cabin. What's the best way to know what will be the view (if any) from this window at this specific cabin and if it will be obstructed or not? Thanks
  7. I have well understood the rule that MIDSHIP and lower decks cabins are less prone to sea sickness. My particular questions are: 1) Does MIDSHIP relate to the VERTICAL axis (meaning between the front to back) of the ship? 2) Is there any impact of the HORIZONTAL location of the cabin (meaning, in the "width" of the ship? ) Is an INSIDE cabin less seasick prone than a balcony cabin if these 2 rooms are on the same deck and same vertical location. Thanks in advance!!