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  1. I agree with Hypercafe People have to NOT BE AFRAID to go. The demographic of Crystal cruises is probably one of the most high risk in the industry. Cruise and possibly get very sick or die or stay home and be safe? Not exactly a Hobson's choice.
  2. I think at this point most insurance is worthless with respect to COVID. We still take insurance through our 2 Sapphire Reserve cards -- up to 40K total at no cost -- but we know that we need to be prepared to lose our money if the unexpected happens. If our trip is over 40K we do not insure the balance. These are very personal choices.
  3. We cancelled the first 2 legs (Miami to Hong Kong) months ago along with a bunch of friends with whom we were sailing. This is no surprise to anyone. I'm hoping August is a go! Planning as if I am going and keeping fingers crossed.
  4. Gloom and doom? I think it's just that the reality of the situation is all gloom. I beg you to show me any news that would make me optimistic that I will be cruising by the middle of next year! We are booking pre cruise land tours for a Crystal cruise late August (hoping vs hope that our trip will take place) and the very high demand guide is willing to take the booking with no deposit. He knows it may not be a go.
  5. One other factor in the mix Somewhere I read that Frank Del Rio stated that it takes a full 60 days to get a ship ready to sail. I wonder if that takes into consideration that cruise lines may have no idea which crew members will be available to return to service. Sad times for sure.
  6. I think April is optimistic. I have a trip planned for the end of April and about 2 months ago I thought it MIGHT happen. With the second wave of COVID just beginning in the US and in Europe it looks highly unlikely that any cruising will begin before the 3rd quarter of 2021 -- and that is only if there is a vaccine, the cruise lines are still in business and COVID is somehow under control. US citizens will not be welcome anywhere for a long time Sad for all of us who love to travel.
  7. Despite the title of this thread, there is NO cause for optimism - cautious or not. The virus is reigniting around the world and of course surging again in the US A vaccine is still a dream. We are not going anywhere for a VERY LONG time. I laugh when Her cruise line CEOs talk about resuming cruising "safely." Even if these cruise lines could survive and make us safe from the virus on the ship (VERY doubtful), who wants to pay tens of the thousands of dollars for a highly restricted experience? Sorry to burst all your bubbles My disappointment with this reality is as great as yours but it's not gonna happen.
  8. And politicians And billionaires And connected people You really think the distribution of the vaccine will be democratic?
  9. The "replacement" adds nothing to our knowledge of the situation. We can keep speculating but it won't bring us any closer to knowing what is really going on at Crystal. We love Crystal and if I thought it were safe to sail I'd be on the first cruise offered. Unfortunately, none of us has an inkling about the viability of Crystal or any other cruise line if this pandemic does not come to an end.
  10. Do any of you REALLY believe cruising is going to resume any time soon? Cases are spiking everywhere -- and are predicted to continue to do so. Vaccine makers are predicting Spring 2021 is the earliest date for a vaccine and we are still not sure if those vaccines will be effective or how many doses will be required Health care workers will be the first to receive a vaccine (as they should) Teachers next (makes sense) Where do you think those of us who want to cruise are in that hierarchy?
  11. Shows how little assurance we have that even the best precautions are reliable. After reading some recent articles, seems like surviving Covid 19 is often a worse nightmare than contracting it. Awful side effects go on and on.
  12. I find this all disheartening in the extreme. I think cruising may be dead for a long time and cruising as we have known it and loved it may not return in my lifetime. Very sad.
  13. Here is a snippet of what my TA told me -- I edited it a bit -- these are the basics As for Crystal, I am not confident about their future. The product is highly desired by clients so I do think it would be smart by the Chinese Government to bail them out. Based on the older ships and just a couple of river ships and yacht – those don’t pay the bills without going full. Too many Chinese run companies have gone foul over the last few years, and I am talking outside the cruise industry. The challenge with any cruise line is no one is buying ships as an asset. Crystal has damaged the trust factor with their clients, so to be extra cautionary they should put funds in an escrow until the sailing occurs. We are not advising on new bookings, but with Crystal they let you confirm a new booking with $0 deposit for 90 days. So, I guess the next 90 days they either restructure or close down. At least you are safe with a credit card deposit.
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