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  1. In July we did a back to back on Marina with 2 other couples. Together we have almost 45 Oceania cruises. What struck us all was how different the demographic was from one leg to another. Very unusual. The first leg was younger, many kids and definitely not the typical "sophisticated, well travelled older crowd" which we expect on Oceania. The second leg was the typical O crowd. Bottom line -- you never know.
  2. So glad you could take advantage of the discount. I find the company great to deal with.
  3. Feb. 11, 2021 Brisbane to Hong Kong We are boarding LA -- we will be with 4 other couples on the first leg and one other couple on Brisbane to Hong Kong These all wonderful friends we met cruising!
  4. I am trying to remember. I know it was on Marina and it might have been a transatlantic. quite a while back We are together on a Crystal sailing and I will find you
  5. I cannot believe that size of cabin is the determining factor for choosing a cruise line! I'd rather be on Crystal in an inside cabin than on any other line in a suite! We sail in the PHS or Seabreeze PHS on Crystal and we do find them small than suites on other lines. Who cares? On Crystal there is so much great stuff to do we are rarely in the cabin.
  6. I use Luggage Forward all the time. Superb service and performance. My luggage arrives EARLY and I can track its whereabouts as it travels. BTW - I do not send luggage directly to the ship. I prefer to send to my pre-stay hotel so I have it in hand when I get to the ship. If you are a AAA, there's a small discount. Steve and Maria -- we cruised together on Oceania several years back!!
  7. Robbie21's post underscores my point. Electing the laundry package is not a "no brainer" as some have suggested You need to try to figure out your own needs. You do NOT want to pre pay way more than you need if you are not going to use the ship services often or spend more than you have to if you use the laundry services lot.
  8. Closing the loop we are back from 2 glorious weeks on the pg with 3 extra nights on fiji we were 3 couples. One bought the laundry package we and another couple did not. We sent out laundry as needed. Some of the ladies’ stuff we hand washed as we avoid the dryer we spent $55. Out friends spent $70. Definitely not worth it for us
  9. I think 20% is an overestimate of number of passengers wearing white. Don't worry about it. Just have a good time. Personally, I would not put Azamara and Crystal in the same sentence, much less the same category so forget the comparisons. You are sure to be crystallized!
  10. Unfortunately you are not a cruise with a lot of sea days. It is the sea days above all else that make Crystal a stand out. Yes food is great, entertainment superb, service unmatched but sea days with all the activities and enrichment are beyond exceptional on Crystal. Enjoy your cruise.
  11. If you are staying in a hotel in Tokyo, ask your hotel. That's what we did last time and they provided car service.
  12. I could not agree more. After getting hooked on Crystal -- where the sea days are the attraction -- I was utterly bored on Marina. Baggo, bingo, trivia (only good if CD knows how to do it right), utterly mediocre lecturers, an occasional entertaining cooking lesson from the Executive Chef . . . . . jewelry hype, spa hype, future cruises hype. You need to be able to entertain yourself.
  13. We were on Marina in November with 2 other couples. Together we have more than 40 cruises on Oceania. We all agreed that the food on that cruise was perhaps the best we have ever had on Oceania (it is not always the best food at sea, I agree). The chef was from Paris. Every food venue was perfection. We have rarely, if ever, experienced perfection in every venue. Every cruise is different and the Executive Chef makes a HUGE difference.
  14. My take on the Churrasqueria The food and service are great That said, it is not the kind of venue that we would choose to eat in multiple times on a cruise because it is too heavy. We like to eat light, and although you can graze on the buffet items, those choices are limited. We do long cruises on Crystal so we might go twice in 25-37 days but no more than that. I know others eat there frequently. You have to see if it's right for you.
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