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  1. Just read an article stating that oz and nz may not reopen for tourism until 2024 i hope crystal is reading the same stuff and figuring out what to do about the wc
  2. The risk may be statistically minimal, but when you fly with lots of connections (as we must), the risk is higher than usual. Even though I never book a sequence of slights with less than a 2 hour connection, all you need is for the first flight to be delayed for a luggage disaster to occur. And then there was the unexpected snowstorm in Atlanta one year . . . . . We love not schlepping the luggage and also knowing that it will be at our destination even before we are. The hotels are great about holding luggage for arrival. For us, it is the bes
  3. I too have an adorable entertaining puppy -- let's say I want an entertainer that I don't have to clean up after and who won't chew my stuff.
  4. And I was thinking same old lecturers. My expectations were low so not terribly disappointed. I do not know the entertainers but I am sure they will be fine. Better than the entertainment here in my house.
  5. Saigon way more interesting than the Caribbean. LOL
  6. Our bridge club not opening until the Fall I do not see a problem if everyone is fully vaccinated and wears a mask They can sanitize bidding boxes daily and make EW carry their boxes from table to table. The cards and boards -- nothing to be done!!
  7. We stopped flying with luggage because of all our connections. We ship luggage ahead to our pre-cruise hotel to make sure we have it when we board the ship. I have seen too many sad stories onboard about folks who do not have luggage --a nightmare I do not wish to experience.
  8. And let me add. In 2019 for example we took a safari to Botswana (our third safari -- amazing). It took us 4 flights to get home including 2 flights on small planes and 2 overnights in between because connections were impossible. For a Botswana safari the hassle was well worth it. I would do it again. For the Caribbean -- not a chance.
  9. Oops Dawn. Both are 4 letters LOL Same question
  10. So what are the chances that my TA on Moon in mid November will happen? Lisbon to FT Lauderdale Portugal currently "closed." How much notice can I expect? I would make alternative arrangements with sufficient notice. This is to be my first Silversea Cruise and I really do not know how the line operates in terms of cancellation notifications.
  11. I'm not "blaming" anyone -- certainly not Crystal or the airlines. I live in Tucson knowing the difficulty with flights to certain places. I'm just making the best choice for us -- which is to pass on these cruises..
  12. We will have to agree to disagree. I do not want nightmare flights for a destination that I really have little interest in. If it were "worth" getting there I might consider red eyes, convoluted flights, overnights and driving to PHX which we often do when going to Europe.. Also, we only fly first class at our age nowadays and the rates are absurd. For us, this trip is out of the question.
  13. You are lucky you get get there and back. East Coast is comparatively easy. I can get to Vietnam more easily than I can get to Antigua.
  14. I do not know a single person who cruises who does that. it is nuts IMO. All you have to do is hear one horror story about missing the ship . . . . .. To each his own insanity
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