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  1. OMG Il Mulino. The best. I have eaten in both French Laundry and Per Se. Overrated IMO. I cannot remember a single thing I ate. I just remember that the waiters spent a lot of time instructing us in HOW to eat some of the courses.
  2. I find the food on Seabourn often is too complicated. Complicated is not always good. It can be difficult to get something simple if you want it. They overdo it with sauces. Even when I ask the server for precisely what I want, the chef doctors it in some way. I am just forced to have a simple meal of caviar on some nights. LOL
  3. Great video Is it possible (or even necessary) to register for the SALT LAB in advance?
  4. I did a search Came up with a lot of "pressing Issues" LOL Is complimentary pressing available throughout the cruise or only upon embarkation? If it matters, I have booked a Silver Suite
  5. I'm having trouble provisioning my house!! I expect cruise lines are having some difficulties
  6. I believe a rapid test is also permissible within 48 hours. Entry and Exit Requirements: PORTUGAL A EU Digital Vaccination Certificate. A negative SARSCoV-2 lab result of a nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT), for example a PCR test, performed in the last 72 hours or. A negative rapid antigen test (TRAg) performed within 48 hours of boarding. Sep 21, 2021 COVID-19 Information - U.S. Embassy & Consulate in Portugal https://pt.usembassy.gov › News & Events
  7. why don’t you have a cabin? We are only 2 legs and we have a cabin assigned.
  8. And I have never encountered it on Crystal. Luck of the draw.
  9. Quite sure. These comments were not part of the natural flow of the conversation. I can tell the difference. We just listen with amusement. Really wealthy people never would make such comments. Wannabes.
  10. Interesting Seabourn is the only luxury line we have sailed where fellow passengers “dropped” comments about the airplanes they owned, they vacation homes they owned etc LOL We don’t care. We can keep up with the best of them but we are private people and would not think of making comments like that. I concur with the other posters. There are some of those folks on Seabourn. They just make me laugh. You can ignore them
  11. Swim with the pigs on exuma
  12. Lol. Still feel that way. Unfortunately I cruise more on serenity than symphony.
  13. I use luggage forward every trip fabulous
  14. I‘m with EMdee Love love love Crystal for precisely the reasons she stated. Trying Silversea for the first time next month and have another one booked (optimistic) While I love Seabourn Square and all that caviar, the lack of butler service on Seabourn makes it my last choice of the luxury lines. We really love having a butler on a cruise. Nevertheless I have one Seabourn cruise booked for 2023 based on itinerary and traveling companions. Seabourn does a fabulous job in Antarctica. I have a b2b2b on Regent on the Grandeur. Finally trying Regent at my TA’s suggestion. It’s all good. I do not want to stay home.
  15. I can also easily take the Southwest bus to LA I will check it out Thx
  16. Different strokes I’m with Keith PHS on Symphony with the washer dryer is my favorite. I wish they had put washer dryers in some of the suites on Serenity.
  17. Impossible. You cannot fly home (at least to the US) if you have a positive Covid test. I am guessing that some very pissed off passengers with negative test results decided that they wanted nothing more to do with Crystal.
  18. I think Paul hit the nail on the head. With only two ocean-going vessels, it is hard to stick only to Crystal (clearly my preferred line). SIlversea and Seabourn (not my favorite but it will do) offer some interesting itineraries. We cruise around 5 times a year (long cruises) and Crystal doesn't offer enough variety in itinerary. We are hoping that Silversea will not disappoint so we have more options. We just booked a b2b2b on the Regent Grandeur, including the maiden voyage. The ship is beyond gorgeous. My TA loves Regent. We decided to give it a go. Frankly, I just want to keep going. Who knows when we won't be able to!! Planning to bounce my last check. I will succeed!
  19. Which is why I was shocked that they had organized bridge on board at all! Truth be told, most people, if they got off the ship at all, could be back in time for a bridge game at 2. The ports were of little interest for most, and a few hours off the ship in the morning was plenty of time. I think Crystal was doing a good thing -- trying to have more on board activities than usual on a "port intensive" cruise thinking that many passengers would remain on board in many ports. There just weren't enough bridge players to make it work.
  20. Agree completely. Plus these 1 week cruises had a different demographic from the typical Crystal cruise. On a "normal" longer cruise I see the same faces in the bridge room time and again from cruise to cruise.
  21. Of course I have. But as I noted in an earlier post on a different thread, the bridge participation for the two weeks I was on the Bahamas cruise was next to nothing and there were very few "duplicate" players in the mix. it was a party bridge group. On every other Crystal cruise I have been on, the bridge room is full and the duplicate is competitive.
  22. Lack of interest in bridge or in contact with someone who tested positive?
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