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  1. 3 weeks is long. 6 hours is long but doable, maybe you can have a friend or family member drive you and pick you up. Use uber around town.
  2. it makes no sense in this day and age that you can't use princess cards online. The carnival site lets you use carnival gift cards to pay for practically everything. We literally had to tie up the Princess rep for almost an hour who struggled with the process when trying to redeem 10 cards. Princess can magically open your doors with a little medallion for you but can't take a gift card online.
  3. Yeah, it seems to be back up today. The problem was, while it was acting up I tried to fix what I thought was missing and it was a hassle. Hope they get all the bugs worked out, cause I'm not sure all this is worth it. We'll see.
  4. I've had an issue lately as well. I had completed my ocean ready app weeks ago (all circles green), however yesterday I looked at it to see if there was an update regarding when I was going to receive the medallion and the Profile photo circle and Medallion circle were no longer green and had an exclamation mark. I tried to reload the avatar pic and tried to get into the medallion order area and it kept giving me errors. Anybody else have this issue? Sailing in three weeks
  5. 10-31. Spooky. Did they send you an email saying they were shipped? Thanks!
  6. Okay, what's the ship date lately? We are embarking in less than 30 days and have jumped through all the hoops on the app. Everything green. When should we expect our medallions? I've heard several different timeframes, any consistency? Wait it's Princess, "consistency" is not in their vocabulary is it. Anyways, any updates on shipping times?
  7. Yeah. Thats why I was getting confused. Thanks!
  8. We've been to Grand Cayman many times and plan on walking south to Edens Rock or further (walking doesn't bother us). Hope to be able to get some takeaway beer and food at a grocery store (like Shopright on Walkers rd) - something we haven't yet done - for a picnic. For those that are in the know, how early can we buy beer at a grocery store?
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