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  1. Still getting the same error. I contacted them and they said the same as before. Still waiting for final cruise itinerary. If they are not indeed sold out they may miss a window as some folks like to get parking out of the way early. Other sites have availability and they get the same port of call itinerary as Falstaff.
  2. from Princess Cays. They finalized the sale of the beautiful Lighthouse Beach to Disney just 3 miles to the south. https://www.yahoo.com/gma/disney-reveals-cruise-ship-disney-wish-island-details-162740124--abc-news-travel.html The island of Eleuthera is about to get a bit more crowded.
  3. We're elite with Princess and appreciate the rewards we receive for our loyalty but also the effort we put in to achieve the level (won't call it status). We reached elite pretty young in relation to the average age of Princess cruisers mainly because we loved the princess brand, started cruising as young adults and didn't shop around too much (Princess provided everything we could ask for in a cruise). That said, we now enjoy the variety that other lines can bring. I would not consider us snobby about our level, maybe a bit proud. And certainly never thought of ourselves as better or higher class or status than others. As for the elite snobs, I kinda have a feeling they're probably rude and pretentious regardless of what color card they're carrying. (Probably hog chairs too 😜)
  4. The Kroger in our area has both Carnival and Princess cards. Wife and I use the cards as gifts to each other for special occasions and we get gas points. Two birds. Sometimes we have almost 10 to 12 cards prior to the cruise. Here's some differences we noticed between the two cards: Carnival has a payment option in the Fun Shops on their site to use the cards to pay for excursions, drink packages, internet packages, etc. Just enter the gift card code like just about every online cart virtually every retailer has. Princess does not offer the ability to use cards on the site. Apparently you have to call princess and give them each long number (on several cards, if you have them) or use them on board - something that seems like a hassle. Can't understand why they don't make a gift card payment option on their site.
  5. Love this idea. Question: On the breakfast door hanger, how do they know the item is from RS, or rather how do you specify? Thanks!
  6. Thats brilliant. Nice "hack" to add to a list somewhere.
  7. If you have a Travel agent, will the medallions be mailed to them? Like the old travel docs. (which I truly miss, loved the plastic portfolio)?
  8. Wish I had luck that far out. I'm a planner and like to have things done. They always tell me to wait til I have the most current brokerage statement. It's annoying but makes sense, once could get the credit months out and then sell, no longer being a stockholder.
  9. I think your family might enjoy the Magic Escape Room if its offered. We did and had fun. Although we didn't escape. According to your Patter, looked like your sign-up time was Day 1 at 7:30. Of course times changed based on cruise. Maybe check it out next time.
  10. Your report is great. Thanks so much for the pics, patters and plates of food. I can't believe you missed the British Pub Lunch in the Crown Grill. Would've loved your take on it.
  11. Always put ours in the closet. Then put a collapsable clothes hamper on it. OMG. What's gonna hold up my hamper now?!!
  12. So let me get this straight. The comped Platinum/Elite minutes are for old, slow WiFi And the new unlimited WiFi will cost me? I don't understand why there would be a need for two WiFi services onboard.
  13. "The Medallion can work exactly like the key cards work--they can be used for boarding or leaving the ship, they can open your cabin door, and they can be used for shipboard purchases." Still have to use the cruise card for casino? I suppose. As it is now, you insert your cruise card and then download money to the machine from your onboard account. How does Medallion fit in?
  14. That's us!! We always joke that we've seen the whole movie but not necessarily from start to finish. More like middle, end, beginning or end, beginning, middle, etc.
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