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  1. Moral of the story: Book early... We booked our Feb 2020 cruise on Seaside a couple months ago and the prices blew anything we could see on the other lines out of the water.
  2. That's some sharpie intellect right there
  3. Gah, you're 100% correct, thanks!
  4. Also a Royalist going MSC on the Seaside next spring. Canceled a sailing on the about to be released NCL Encore to flip over. I'm very interested in what MSC is going to do in the US markets. Prices and fees have been creeping up for a while and I wouldn't exactly say the product has been getting better in the industry. MSC looks to be disrupting this, and I hope they do. Inflated prices on massive ships seems like a bubble that could pop at any moment, and have a crushing impact on the industry.
  5. I know others have said that. I also know that there has been a tendency from shady travel agents and consumers to.... stretch the truth... when it comes to MSC to try and discourage people from booking with them in lieu of our more traditional US lines.
  6. Those pictures are from Hope Town, to the West of Grand Bahama where the eye basically made landfall over the weekend. Damage is going to be significant in that area. Much less so 85 miles to the southwest where Ocean Cay was only periodically whipped by the bands. Don't get me wrong, the damage to Grand Bahama and the immediate surrounding areas where the storm say are going to be significantly impacted, but specifically for Ocean Cay, and even Nassau, it looks like they avoided the worst of it. And lastly, if the storm is 160 miles wide, and Ocean Cay is 85 miles southwest of Freeport, where the eye of the storm has been hovering to the east/northeast of, then that meant that Ocean Cay is at least 5 miles outside the edge of the storm itself.
  7. Given how the YC operates, I'm not sure how credible those accounts are. Once you have access to the YC, you have access to the YC. The staff already has too much on its plate to keep tabs on a single couple to prevent them from the YC benefits despite having access to the YC.
  8. Only the outward bands hit Ocean Cay. While Grand Bahamas and Freeport was hit badly, Ocean Cay is located 85 miles to the southwest, which was largely avoided by the storm. It even sounds like Freeport was largely avoided, with all lines expected to resume their sailings there within the next couple weeks.
  9. I would be shocked if its not open by Jan 1st. The current timing is November 9th. They'd have to miss the mark by 3 weeks to not have it open for December 1st, and a full 7 weeks to not have it open for NYE. It would be absolutely horrible PR for them to miss the mark that badly in a market they're desperately trying to get a stable foothold within. My sailing is Feb 29, 2020, and I have zero worries that we will be visiting OC as scheduled in March.
  10. MSC only charges for the zipline (at least on the Seaside). The waterslides should be free, you just need to sign a waiver before you ride them. My wife and I went ahead and booked the Seaside over the NCL Encore for next year because the price was just a better deal on the Seaside. We booked in the Yacht Club (MSC's version of The Haven) for slightly less than we were paying for a simple balcony on the Encore. We would have seen large savings had we went with anything but the YC, it just felt like our money went a lot further on MSC than it did on NCL for a very similar product. If you're interested in looking into the ships more, I highly suggest checking out some of the reviews and Vlogs on YouTube from people who have sailed on the ships. The Vlogs certainly have their own take on things, but buried within the show on most of them is a very informative review of how the ships actually are. My wife and I learned a lot from the hours of vlogs on the Seaside from both Sean & Stef IRL as well as Josh Hocum as they both really helped set the stage on the everyday life rather than a canned 15 minute review. These are just two, and I know there are many others who have similar trips that you could check out as well.
  11. here's another thread from earlier this year Could also be the 'Drinks on Us' package they launched last year https://www.travelpulse.com/news/cruise/msc-launches-drinks-on-us-promotion.html The drinks package offers a selection of free unlimited non-alcoholic beverages, including canned or fountain soda, bottled or canned juices and bottled water. Alcoholic beverages are included as well, with bottled and draft beers, wines by the glass and house brands of vodka, rum, gin, and whiskey available.
  12. Looks like there was a thread on this back in 2017 - From what I see, the simplified version is that it might be unlimited beer/wine at meals in the MDR.
  13. The part that annoys me the most about these kinds of people is that they end up hurting the ones with actual legitimate gripes because the Guest Services desk is just tired of the same old excuses, not realizing that this time it actually happened.
  14. Yeah, and that's why I said earlier that 90% of the time, you're going to be fine, but that other 10% is going to be a massive nightmare. Flying is already a stressful time on its best days, and when things go wrong, they can quickly spiral. I have personally never flown day of a cruise and hopefully never will, but for those who have no choice, I strongly suggest getting the earliest possible departure. Not just because it'll get you there with plenty of time to spare, but generally, the earliest departures have the planes sitting on the tarmac overnight, so you're significantly reducing risk of the origination flight being delayed.
  15. Your follow-ups helped I hate how on point your scenarios are.
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