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  1. Some people seem to only come on this forum to trash MSC and take every opportunity to remind us how they will never sail on them again. Which... fine by me, keeps a room open for us, and I won't have to deal with your grumpy attitude for a week.
  2. At this point, I think we were still on the most recent Seaside cruise from March (sadly). Deluxe Suite is very nice. Yes, its the smallest balcony in the YC. Who cares, the room itself is very large, and the balcony is easily twice the size you'll find on a non-YC. And the bathroom is legitimately nice. Not just cruise ship nice, but upscale hotel nice. The TSL is legitimately nice. 2 story wall to wall windows overlooking the front of the ship, and a seating area directly in front of it. Wonderful spot for viewing when the ship is entering or leaving port. The
  3. Ship looks beautiful. Very much liked the Seaside when we were on it earlier this year, and the Seashore seems to have addressed quite a few of the little issues I had with the design of the Seaside. Can't wait for things to open back up so we can experience this one. Can't wait to see some interior shots of the surprises they have in store for us!
  4. I've been saying the same for a while as well. Just rebrand Project Leonardo as Seaside II and convert The Haven to the Yacht Club and pricing everything at MSC levels while allowing the NCL ships to keep an American based experience and I think it could be a huge win for everyone.
  5. MSC Cruises buys 50% stake in Palumbo Malta Shipyard They'll be using the Shipyard to service all ships in the MSC fleet (ferries, cruise ships, cargo ships, etc), but especially the new LNG powered ships currently under development. It is worth noting that while this shipyard is going to service all MSC ships, the release specifically states that MSC Cruises made the purchase. Just more proof that MSC is in a unique spot to capitalize on the current global situation to make a major move in the cruise industry because of their private status backed by the sh
  6. And you can get the same effect with a different reflective treatment applied to the glass for those affected rooms without the occupants having a clue it was different.
  7. As soon as I read "cruise ships are floating petri dishes" I immediately stop reading as I know the statement is coming from someone who is far from impartial. The cruise industry is being scapegoated here. If cruises didn't exist, would COVID have happened? Absolutely. It still would have spread just as far, just as fast. Why? Because the real cause of this, international airline travel, never shut down until it was too late, and even when it did shut down, it was far too leaky to be effective The industry is definitely not perfect but my God this obsession with c
  8. I seriously wouldn't consider booking a cruise for a date prior to 2022, and if you are currently booked, push it out as far as you can now, and then as soon as they open the 2022 slate, push it again. I really think the 2022 season is when things will begin to look normal again on cruises, or at least normal enough that the changes won't feel dramatic. The 2021 season is going to be an absolute mess, and I really just don't trust any cruise line to provide a refund for anything thats canceled, except maybe Royal, who seem to be making a push to actually streamline that process.
  9. And remember, all but about 20 of them are still going strong because the shipping industry didn't shut down. When people ask why I think MSC is positioned to come out of this ordeal as one of the strongest lines, this is why. Their parent company is still going strong, whereas all the others are hemorrhaging money and racking up debt to stay afloat. If MSC plays it right, they could be the industry leader in a very quick time.
  10. MSC is very much more upfront with their pricing than NCL. Yeah, you get these 'Free at Sea' promotional deals with your booking. Ooh, you can even add on Free wifi and a free drink package, awesome! Except.... Yeah, they might be 'Free' but there are still fees associated with each item you add on. Drink Package added on? $250-$400 per person to choose it. And that's just the one that I remember when I switched my booking from NCL to MSC late last year. NCL might advertise a lower up front price, but we ended up sailing cheaper in the Yacht Club on the Seaside fo
  11. But does that outweigh higher maintenance and operating costs as well as a higher crew to passenger ratio Especially during a time where you are effectively getting zero revenue while still incurring daily operational expenses.
  12. Yep, all of this. And lets be honest for a second, the cruise industry had probably grown a little too large for its own good in recent years, so a bit of downsizing here isn't necessarily a bad thing. Sunsetting ships in the mainline fleet that are 20+ years old is probably a good idea to keep everything fresh and pushing toward the future, especially given we know that there will be new guidelines and regulations coming out of this than there were going into it. You're probably looking at mandatory retrofitting across the industry before anyone is going to be allowed to sail in US waters
  13. Vision Class (RhapsodyOTS) - 23 years old Radiance Class - 16-19 years old Sovereign Class (Majesty OTS) - 28 years old Millennium Class - 20 years old They're all getting up there and would not be shocked at all to see them all gone after this COVID period is behind us. Radiance Class is the only one where maybe they won't scrap them right away, but the Vision and Sovereign class are probably all but done. Millennium seems to be a good candidate to get outright sold given the introduction of the Edge and Apex.
  14. If they need money and there are no buyers, you could end up seeing a decent number sold for scrap just to get whatever they can out of them.
  15. Was pointed toward Apollo Duck last night based on a show by Josh Hocum, and..... Well... Looks like several Radiance Class ships, the Rhapsody of the Seas, the Millennium Class ships within Celebrity, a few Pullmantur ships, the old Sun Viking, some TUI ships, the Majesty of the Seas, and that entire class , some Azamara Ships, among many others, have all been put up for sale in the past month or so. For the record, there are several Carnival ships listed as well. It certainly looks like there is a looming selloff around the industry.
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