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  1. I paid less than that for my YC Deluxe booking on the Seaside out of Miami on Feb 29th, 2020. And I paid that before COVID was a 'thing'
  2. Oh I know At the same time, its one thing to hear that this is the case. Its a completely different thing to actually experience it.
  3. Pros - its a true all inclusive experience you rarely get on cruise ships nowadays. The food in the YC restaurant is so good and diverse over the course of the week that you won't feel the draw to go to a specialty dining unless you have a particular desire for it. The space is quiet, much moreso than the rest of the ship. Its a nice oasis from the hustle and bustle of a modern ship. Cons - On Seaside class, shade is scarce up on deck. Outside of sitting at the bar, you essentially have to rent a cabana to get any serious shade during the week. The hot tubs are also located on the windiest part of the ship, and that entire area turns into a wind tunnel while under sail. We sailed in March and it was too cold to use them based on the wind alone unless we were at port.
  4. If you don't think they will tag people's cruise card or on board profile/account with vaccine identifiers, I don't know what to tell ya
  5. Good question. As I said, we cruised right before everything shut down because of COVID. You are right, we went through typical security before we got to this room, but there were a couple COVID health checks that we needed to pas through after the waiting room before we were allowed on the ship. I have no idea if similar policies are going to still be standard during restart, but that's specifically what I meant. We did a health/temp check prior to scanning our cards before we got on the gangway.
  6. Don't get too wrapped up in this room. When we went (which is still the last full week cruise that the Seaside had out of Miami) they kept people moving quickly. We were in there for maybe 5 mins before a butler took us all through security. Barely had a sip of champagne before we moved on. As for curbside, look for the white MSC tent all the way on the right. Let them know who you are and they will escort you to the waiting room. They'll also set your bags to the side to ensure it gets YC fast tracked to your room.
  7. I understand why he's doing it, but at a certain point, he's only doing this for the theatre of it all, and not because its the best thing to do for the people and businesses of Florida. If a privately owned (not government owned) company does not feel comfortable, and their clientele do not feel comfortable opening up without needing proof of vaccine, as was something that was required back during the time of the 1918 Influenza outbreak, then let them. If the government is telling an industry that they are unsafe to operate with unvaccinated people, it doesn't make sense for another governmental mandate to prevent them from actioning on that guidance.
  8. Its impossible to answer your question without getting political, as the only reason he's doing this is politics, and not really caring about the fallout from it.
  9. I'm sorry I gave you a link to the exact coordinates that the Seaside docked in what ended up being the last full week sailing prior to the COVID lockdown. As far as I know, its the last MSC ship that docked in the city, but there may have been one ot 2 more ships after us. How awful of me. 🙄
  10. Looks like the MSC Seashore is going to debut a new infinity hot tub design
  11. This is where we docked: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Cruise+Ship+Terminal/@20.5076306,-86.9564632,17.25z/data=!4m12!1m6!3m5!1s0x8f4e57491a71c81d:0x6933058e58e0ee3d!2sCarnival+Cruiselines+Pier%2FDock%2FPort!8m2!3d20.4754962!4d-86.9755136!3m4!1s0x0:0x68b45730273fd699!8m2!3d20.5087595!4d-86.9564663
  12. The bold has always been the point of this whole thing. Its not to eradicate COVID, its to make it so that the global healthcare system isn't completely swamped by the outbreak. Yes, you can still get COVID with the vaccine, and you might still be able to pass it on. But they are all more than 99.9% effective at keeping you out of the hospital if and when you get it (which, lets be honest, they're all effective enough to keep at least 8 out of 10 people from catching it, which drastically reduces the exposure the virus has, which, in turn, also helps drive down hospitalizations). Anyone who tries to push that we need to maintain all these measures until its impossible to catch the disease is not arguing in good faith.
  13. We just stuck with the house wines most nights, but their staff was pretty good at suggesting pairings for the food we had. With P+, you can have any by the glass wine, but I think for the most expensive ones, you need to buy the bottle. I'm really not certain on this, as we didn't really explore the options too much when it came to wine. Put it this way, much like when we were in Italy on our honeymoon, the average house wine is better than what we generally experience with a 'step above house' around home.
  14. Show me where they specify leisure. Their warning is a blanket statement about travel on cruise ships. (In case the image doesn't load above)
  15. I had the same thing happen for my Seaside sailing last year. I still called to get PP+ added, and I got that added to my account. I then called about excursions a week or two later to get some booked (which, ironically, we never actually used because we were delayed being able to leave the ship by 8 hours in Jamaica due to COVID) and the rep we spoke with about that called us back later that day to basically tell me "I looked into your account, and because you are in the YC, you don't actually need the PP+ plan, you already have it." He then took it off our booking and refunded the money. Except, he never actually took it off our account, our booking still showed PP+ when we sailed, and it opened everything for us, despite not having to pay (the value was still there, we absolutely would have paid for it). It is confusing, but these kind of glitches do happen, and they just don't catch it. Whatever your booking says is what goes, so if yours says unlimited drinks, that's most likely what you'll get.
  16. We were in the Seaside YC in March of last year (literally the last full week cruise the Seaside had before the lockdown). It was wonderful. We did opt for the $17pppd upgrade to Premium Plus, and it was absolutely worth it. A glass of JW Blue for me and a Martell XO for my wife every evening before bed absolutely paid for itself. And that specific plan really does open the ship to you on whatever you want to drink. Gelato was included as well for us on that plan. Before we sailed, we thought we were going to try out the specialty restaurants, but the regular YC dining room was nice enough itself that we never bothered. The Top Sail Lounge is one of our favorite rooms on any ship we have been on.
  17. The 12 hour rule was actually listed. There was no ambiguity about it, it was specifically called out. And now, after lawsuits have been filed and public pressure is mounting, its suddenly not there, and instead left with something very generic that removed specificity over a requirement that previously had it. To argue this is a bunch of nothing and somehow shows the CDC is doing anything but backtracking is.... well, its comical, to be honest.
  18. It has before and after screen shots of the CDC's site regarding their verbiage of I want to say Section 7 of their guidelines, showing the 12 hour rule is no longer called out, and instead left with, as DCGuy said, "as much as practicable".
  19. The CDC has stealthy removed verbiage regarding 12 hour delay between disembarkation and boarding to language on its website to now saying "whenever practical", so we're apparently already seeing this kind of political pressure pay off.
  20. This was always going to be the follow-up to NCL's rebuttal earlier in the week. Now the CDC is going to have to argue in court on why they are setting a different standard for the cruise industry than they are for the airline industry, for example. And they're going to have to come with facts. Would not be surprised to either see the CDC settle this out of court and open cruising based on the NCL guidelines, or the lawsuit fasttracked through Florida courts.
  21. I've had less issues with kids on cruises than I have had with grown adults who can't handle their liquor. Plus, I'd rather deal with a kid than someone who is raising a stink about vaccines because some instagram celebrity told them vaccines are bad and they think wearing a mask is an affront to their civil liberties. Unfortunately, its those kind of people who are forcing the hands of industries to require vaccines of their participants, which, at least for now, will bar children from such venues.
  22. I highly doubt the cruise industry is going to lose a generation of potential clients just because kids can't sail in 2021.
  23. Is the CDC willing to relax some of its ridiculous requirements that have already been proven to not be necessary given what MSC and others are already doing overseas? Did they eliminate the prohibitive mandatory 12 hour wait between using gangways between a completed disembarkation and the start of embarking that is comical when compared to a complete lack of gangway restrictions in airline travel? No? Just a 'do as I say or no soup for you' over a rules they are continually moving the goalposts on? While this looks good on the surface this is just the CDC once again kicking the can down the road with statements broad and generic enough to keep enforcing that November 1st return to sail date they set last year. Because anything else would actually require them to work with the cruise lines and, as we all know, thats the last thing they want to do right now.
  24. And the thing is, early on I completely supported the decision to shut everything down. I was one of the most ardent supporters of social distancing to protect yourself and your loved ones. But there has to be an end game to this. The way we've been living for the past 12 months cannot continue forever. We were told, just wait til the numbers go down and we'll relax restrictions, but were also reminded that the vaccine was the true end game. Well, the vaccine is here. The rollout, at least in the US, is rapid and expanding quickly with some states (like my own NC) already making it eligible to literally everyone over the age of 18 as of this morning. The end game for COVID is approaching quickly, and yet the tone from the CDC seems to keep shifting away from an end game to ways to keep themselves relevant for a longer period of time. And in no other place is this more apparent than their treatment of the cruise industry.
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