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  1. Maggie Atwood

    Embarking in Tampa

    I don't believe you go under the Skyway. That's a different direction.
  2. Maggie Atwood

    Eurostar with Scooter

    The overnight train was an experience! The cabin (with bathroom) was about the size of a queen size bed. If we didn't have 3 pieces of luggage from our 14-day cruise, I think it would have been easier with the scooter, but we managed. The porter was very helpful and carried all the luggage & scooter parts to our cabin. We piled as much as we could in the shower and made room for the leftovers. Dinner & breakfast were great, but it was a bit noisy for sleeping. Glad we did it, but not sure we'd do it again. Maggie
  3. Maggie Atwood

    Travel Scooter recomendations

    Sorry. My email is: mlatwood@sbcglobal.net
  4. Maggie Atwood

    Travel Scooter recomendations

    My husband has a spinal cord injury and walks with a cane. He is very slow so we purchased a Pride G0-Go Elite 4-wheel scooter for traveling (www.spinlife.com). Free shipping when you purchase online. It comes apart easily in 4 pieces. He drives it to the door of the plane and then they take it and put it with the luggage. When we land, they bring it back up and off we go. We just got back from a 14-day TA cruise and then spent 5 nights in Paris. This was our first major trip with the scooter and it was a dream to travel with. He was so much more mobile/ independent on the ship, and he was able to "scoot" all over Paris with me, cobblestones and all. He even took a tour to Normandy and was able to go where everyone else did. We got the 15 mile battery and found on this trip that it actually lasts about 4 hours straight. We would recommend the 4-wheel over the 3-wheel. If you have any questions at all, email me at: mlatwood@sbcglobal.com The scooter has made traveling so much more enjoyable for both of us. Maggie
  5. Maggie Atwood

    Navigator Stuck in Lisbon ...

    I was also on the Navigator and part of the CC "Transponders". Although disappointed that we missed 2 ports, we still had a great time, and thought RCI was more than fair with their compensation. Everyone was safe and that is the main point. I agree with CaptainJack: "The worst day on a cruise is better than the best day at work." Well said. Attitude is everything.
  6. Maggie Atwood

    Eurostar with Scooter

    Thank you for your reply and comments. I was mistaken. We're on the train that leaves Barcelona at 9:30pm and arrives Paris at 9:00am, just as you said. I guess we'll hope for the best, as my husband already purchased our ticket on line.
  7. Maggie Atwood

    Scooter & Airline travel

    My husband uses a 4-wheel scooter that easily comes apart in 4 pieces. When we fly, he drives it all the way up to the door of the plane. They then take it (as is, in one piece) and put it in baggage. When we land, they bring it back and off we go. We've never had a problem. However, my husband is able to walk from the door of the plane to his seat.
  8. Maggie Atwood

    Eurostar with Scooter

    We're taking the overnight train from Barcelona to Paris after a 2-week TA cruise. My husband can walk, but he's slow and has a balance issue, so we will be traveling with his 4-wheel scooter. The scooter easily comes apart in 4 pieces. Has anyone taken the Eurostar with a scooter? Will there be someone to help us get it on and off the train along with our luggage? We have a deluxe cabin on the train. I know it will be very small, but will there be room for the scooter (taken apart, of course) and our luggage? Any comments are appreciated.
  9. Maggie Atwood

    Hilton Paris

    Thanks so much. It was really hard to find a hotel with just a shower, so I think we'll stick with the Hilton.
  10. Maggie Atwood

    Hilton Paris

    We will be spending five nights in Paris (Apr 27-May 2) post TA cruise. We needed a shower only room, as my husband is handicapped, and booked the Hilton Paris (18th Avenue de Suffren). Has anyone stayed there? Comments, please. Thanks. Maggie
  11. Maggie Atwood

    Barcelona to Paris via overnight train

    Cynthia, Paul & Simon - Thanks so much for your comments, and thanks for the websites, Simon. We plan to travel Gran Classe as well. We're really looking forward to the whole experience. Maggie
  12. We will arrive in Barcelona on April 26, 2008, after a TA from Ft. Lauderdale. We plan to spend the day in Barcelona and then take the overnight train to Paris and stay there for 5 nights before heading back home. Has anyone taken the overnight train before? I understand the private cabins on the train are very small and have bunk beds, a toilet & shower. Dinner is included. The fare is less than flying there and getting a hotel. I'd appreciate your comments. Maggie
  13. Maggie Atwood

    Unforgettable Tuscany

    We used Giovanni for a tour of the Amalfi Coast in April 2006. He was fabulous. Lots of fun! Maggie