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  1. Wow what a mess...We were devastated not to be able to go on this long awaited cruise and post cruise visit to India but so relieved that were told in time before we made our 32 hour flight to Bali. Viking is working incredibly hard on compensation plans and they are ongoing as I type this. We spent nearly 7 hours with them trying to salvage a long planned vacation. Cudos to Viking...we just re-booked to a 13 day Viking Star cruise (even got the exact same cabin as we would have on the Sun) leaving on March 10 (yes 2 days) to Norway's Northern Lights and adding an 8 day Rhine River
  2. Yes checked the MyViking page still shows our flights out of Seattle...It's middle of the night in Bali so it will be quiet for while from anyone on board...talking to Viking Air again...need something in writing...
  3. Well Viking Air called early this morning...don't go to the airport as cruise has been cancelled and ship is being re-positioned out of Asia and sent to Europe...Called Viking and they don't have any info on "cancellation"...have been passed around for over an hour...worried if we are no shows for flight we'll be stuck. Anyone else have any new info? Marine Traffic still still shows the Sun anchored in in the bay...
  4. Yikes...we start flying from Seattle via Dubai in 20 hours (32 hour trip)...and then what...we land with nowhere to go?! Maybe they can ferry us out to the ship??? Also looks like the ship is now skipping the Maldives and Sri Lanka and heading to the Andaman Islands and Chennai. (per latest email today from Viking)
  5. Well it looks like the Maldives may be cut as a destination. We received an email from a tour operator we booked a couple of dive trips cancelling our booking as the government has decided not to let any cruise ship come into the Islands. Called Viking but haven't heard anything official yet...will post if we hear anything.
  6. Well, another adjustment trying to get to the ship for the March 9 start...originally going from Seattle to Hong Kong...then re-routed to Inchon South Korea to get to Bali...well now SK is shut down for departing flights to most locations! Spent a couple of hours with a wonderful Viking Air rep this morning. Now we are flying from Seattle to Dubai and on to Bali via Emirates. I can't imagine what nightmare people that booked their own air are going through. Also spoke with the cruise side of Viking and they say the ship is sold out...really? no cancellations? think they may be trying to
  7. RE: Visa...checked with Viking and yes we need to get a Sri Lanka visa...went to www.ivisa.com and applied online. Got it in 3 hours via email.$57/person. I wonder when new excursions will show up on the website. Viator seems to have good ideas for the new areas.
  8. Hi all...now that they have added Sri Lanka to the itinerary...do we need to scramble and get a Visa??? Looks like it's required for US citizens. What about those of you already onboard?
  9. Hello we are Michael and Kathleen from Sequim WA Joining ship in Bali...Sending a big thanks to Viking Air. Spent almost an hour with a wonderful Viking rep last night and we got our air re-routed from Seattle to Bali. As there are no direct flights we will have to leave a day early and Viking will be putting us up at a hotel for a night so we don't miss any time on the ship...complete with transfers and meals! No Charge... Big Kudos to Viking! It must be nightmare scheduling everyone let alone the logistics of supplies in the new ports. We are so looking forward to the Maldives! What a ple
  10. Hello all, we are going on the Viking Sun March 7 Hong Kong to Mumbai and are in a Deluxe Veranda on Deck 3. Question, all the photos and youtube videos is see have the lighting on full. Can anyone tell me if the there are dimmer controls in the cabins or are there separate controls that set the "mood"? as in daytime vs evening. Thanks
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