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  1. Cancelled our VOV cruise for July on March 26th. Received refund to 1 of the credit cards for $19,830 today. Still waiting for refunds on 2 other cards for about 10k but very happy that refunds are coming in! still waiting on a FCC for a cruise cancelled on March 11th but hopefully that will be completed by months end.
  2. Or they could use original date of shareholder ownership, so not to penalize those longer term share holders who have already lost share value and perhaps requiring more shares for those who’s stock was purchased after Feb 28th.
  3. We’ve been fortunate to enjoy those horses 10x thus far. After getting to know the handlers I for one would not have a problem coming back as a horse on half moon cay!
  4. Guess they wanted to secure $’s and thought The deal to secure those dollars could get worse the longer they shopped it ?
  5. CCL could specify that the shareholder credit is only available to shareholders of record before 3/1/2021 or some other date. Much like what occurs when a stock splits.
  6. We cancelled 3 cruises with HAL in the last 90 days. Cruise 1&2 were booked thru a travel site and FCC were “issued”. It took 2 calls back to this travel site as the cruise still showed up as active on HALs site. Travel site apologized and said it would take at least 14 business days before I received an email from HAL showing the FCC’s. It has been 21 business days and I received the emails stating the FCC’s are now in my account and can be used for future cruise bookings. The 3rd cruise (VOV) was cancelled last week and we will receive the money back on our credit card. Hoping to rebook the VOV in 2021 but my DW wants to hold off booking until we get a better understanding of Coronavirus. Patience is needed during these unprecedented times. I believe all travel related businesses are doing their best to assist everyone who is affected by this event.
  7. Of course make sure your new booking doesn’t lose you any OBC or other perks.
  8. Typically the Cellar Master dinner is only offered on cruises longer than 7 days.
  9. The curtain does close off the two rooms and the balcony door does have a lock. Just double check to ensure it works. You can also call ship services to ensure info provided is correct for your specific stateroom number. (800) 541-1576
  10. Timing varies by ship. I would “expect” in a few weeks. We usually book any treatments on embarkation. The spa offers a “tour” or selling day and they usually have some specials. The only time we’ve had any issues was trying to book a sea day with only 24-48 hr inquiry. Have a great cruise.
  11. Surprises me. Johnny’s stand alone in Zwolle was named one of top 50 restaurants in the world by Conde Nast magazine. Even though the ships menu didn’t compare to the restaurant we always enjoyed this dinner. If it is in fact true, I’m sure someone will be replacing him on HAL’s Culinary Council. Probably another top chef winner again!
  12. Congrats. PG- your correct. Make your 2 bookings on board Spa - we just walk up and request our free day. We usually don’t ask for a sea day as we figure the thermal chairs would be hard to secure internet- yep, $30 credit provided for whatever package you use You use to get priority for the cooking classes. guess it’s gone now?
  13. Merry Christmas Thanks for the dam daily reports!
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