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  1. I agree, most of the time when we cruise we do not use the hotel shuttle to the port, just for the reasons you listed, you are going to the port when they choose to drive you not on your time you wish to go. thank you.
  2. Thank you for you SteerageJoe for your kind and informational reply, this is the exact info I was looking for and thanks for the map, very helpful info. That is what this site is for, too help others.
  3. I am fully aware of 17TH street hotels as I have traveled to FLL often, I am currently booked at a hotel on 17TH, but was just asking for monetary purposes to see if I could find a hotel not as expensive that offered shopping and restaurants near by. I have researched on this site and others before I ask this question and read many post regarding other hotels and was just trying to see if I could have a recommendation other than 17TH street locations. I guess I should have stated that in my original post. I do not deserve this snarky comments. I am not looking for a hotel that has to provide
  4. We are looking for a hotel that would be convenient to walking to shopping to purchase our sodas and wine before boarding cruise ship the next day and restaurant in walking distance. It does not have to be in Fort Lauderdale, but close enough that it offers free shuttle to and from airport. We can either Uber or take a taxi to Port Everglades. We stayed at the Fairfield Inn and Suites Dania, in October and they shuttled us to a shopping center, but I have read that the Kmart in that shopping center is closing and we are sailing in March. Does anyone know if hotels in Plantation or Cypress woul
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