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  1. I think it depends on your personal preferences. I didn't find it funny, there wasn't any clues or puzzles to solve, there was no cleverness - I've loved the mystery dinners I've been to in the UK but this was nothing like that. There was just some jokes about boob jobs and a guy dressed up in a fat suit and a tired cliched mafia story. Honestly I'd rather have set fire the money and been in the MDR, however there were people there laughing and seemingly having a nice time so it must appeal to some people. I can't remember what time it was sorry.
  2. Honestly I hated it, it was so corny, and there were no actual clues where you could work out the mystery. I've done one in the UK and there were clever puzzles and it was very entertaining. On Jewel it was a badly acted cheesy stereotypical show, they then repeated the info they'd told you as monologues and then you could interrogate the suspects as they came round the table but they just told you the same info again and there wasn't actually any clues as to who did it or hidden clever stuff you literally guessed on a hunch. I wish Royal would go to a murder mystery evening on land and see how it's meant to be done.
  3. We sailed on Rhapsody a year ago and I honestly never noticed any problems with Rhapsody looking old or tired and our room was fine! I’m not massively picky but I think I would have noticed any problems! I personally loved Rhapsody, the customer service was probably the best of the ships that I’ve been on (Anthem, Jewel and Rhapsody). To compare her to a 2 star hotel is just crazy and completely unfounded and unfair unless something major has occurred in the last year!!
  4. I think any holiday is what you make of it, my 10 year old has loved any cruise we've been on, they just need to make one friend and they're set! And to be honest if that didn't work he'd have a blast hanging out with us instead. I'd take some cards/board games for if it was too cold to be out by the pool and we always travel with his ipad for if he needs some downtime. I'm not sure which ship you're looking at but we went on Anthem on a colder cruise and he absolutely loved the table tennis, dodgems and video game area.
  5. I hate not having the full information - what if I book something in phase 1 Europe and then the cruise of a lifetime comes out in phase 2 Europe ?! And what if the new ship ends up doing a season in Europe for a steal of a price ? (I’m in the UK so once I put down the deposit I’m locked in)
  6. Hello, I'm getting a bit stressed trying to pick cabins on Jewel of the Seas as we're looking for connecting interior cabins with another cabin ideally next door, I got offered some on deck 9 but the third cabin was quite a way away or deck seven where the cabins are nicely together but it looks like they're underneath the cinema, it's 7553, 7555 and 7557, my boys will be trying to sleep about 10pm so unsure if this is going to be too noisy - does anyone on here have any experience of those cabins by any chance? Thanks for any advice Excuse the inaccurate title of the thread, I originally thought the cabins were located further down the ship and now I can't work out how to edit the title!!
  7. Thanks so much for the advice! Very much appreciated!
  8. Does anyone know if Oasis or Jewel currently have a craps table ? Was disappointed there wasn’t one on Rhapsody! Thanks for any info
  9. Couple of days ago rang the call centre and they tried to overcharge me by a thousand pounds on final payment, argued with me my figures were wrong, when I had her check the invoice again she agreed my figures were correct, no apology, wonder how many people are being overcharged!
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