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  1. Once you submit the L&S form, you can track the canx and rebook on the RCI website My Account. You can also get the new Vacation Receipt by using the automated phone options... I recently did a L&S online with RCI and never received an email notification. I had to call in a couple of times to get it all completed. Squeaky wheel theory...
  2. I've used it for my past three POM to MIA transfers, but current RCI website indicates it is not available for POM. Could it be related to POM terminal changes?
  3. You can check your Upcoming Cruises to see if the old cruise is gone and the new cruise assigned. Once your new cruise/cabin is assigned , use the reservation ID to check the account balance to ensure the L&S was completed properly. Once the new cruise is assigned, you can go into the automated phone line and request your new Booking Confirmation... I just did a L&S with RCI that I started online. I had to call several times to get all the details worked out. Squeaky wheel approach....
  4. You can also purchase a non-alcoholic beverage package (refreshment package) that includes soda, fresh squeezed juices and mocktails for $18+tip/tax ish per day. Alcohol drinks would then be charged by the drink.
  5. I received a passport book yesterday that was received for processing on March 2nd. The passport card and documents have yet to be returned, but I expect them any day..
  6. I live 60 miles north of Nashville and fly out of BNA for all my cruises. I believe American Airlines has direct flights to FLL, and one stop flights to MIA. Delta flies into both MIA or FLL, probably all of their flights have a one-stop in ATL. No surprise there. Everyone seems to go thru ATL at least once in their lifetimes!! lolol. You've made an awesome choice for a two day visit. Lots of great places to visit, and incredible dining as well. Have a wonderful time!!
  7. My father rarely spoke of his time in Korea. However, he did put a Rakkasan bumper sticker on his car after attending a reunion. He figured the only ones who knew what it meant were those that served in the unit.. Umbrella Men... I was born in Hopkinsville not too long after my father was discharged... When we laid him to rest in 1997, he was wearing his 187th regimental tie, his blood wings, and his jump boots.. One last jump into heaven... Thank you for your service, LT...
  8. Thank you for your service. My father was an Airborne (187th ARCT) and Infantry (31st IFR) officer in Korea 1950-1954. God Bless You, Sir.
  9. I realize that... I have requested and received a medical fridge for each of my sailings in an interior stateroom....
  10. If you request the Medical Fridge for insulin storage, they will add it to your stateroom.. It is much colder than the normal room cooler. I would imagine they will be very accomodating for an Owner's Suite cruiser. Have a great time!!!
  11. I'm not 100% sure on that. There was no specific CV test on my lab bills that I could see. I am planning to get an antibody test ASA it is made available to those without current symptoms. I did have many of the CV symptoms except fever at the time of my admission...
  12. I got off my 10 day Southern route cruise last Dec 8, and was admitted Dec 15 with socially acquired pneumonia. I was on IV antibiotics for 10 days and discharged with no further issues. I had zero symptoms while on the cruise. My point is, you can catch about anything while on a full cruise ship. Washy, washie...
  13. I'm considering for my Nov 7N Western trip, but Delta doesn't seem as interested... I may try them again next week or once I've made a final decision....
  14. Booked 11/29/20 (ok cruise) and 3/8/21 (awesome cruise). I will take zero risk. I only have $450 NRD at risk. My charge card ins covers nearly everything EXCEPT pandemic cause. I'm 64, so I can always rebook everything. Bottom line everything must be reopened and vaccine available. I got off 10 day cruise last Dec 8 and was hospitalized with pneumonia for 10 days. Not going thru that again.....
  15. Could one roommate "buy out" the other and take the entire refund/FCC?
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