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  1. I find deals and have plenty of time to save and plan for cruises by booking 18 - 24 months in advance. I wouldn't be worried. Just don't pay anything more than the deposit until you have to.
  2. We have a cruise booked for March 2021 and I hope it sails. We had one in OCT that just got cancelled so that was a bummer, we would have gone with no fear.
  3. Does anyone know how long it normally takes to get the email from Carnival on the cancellation? Our cruise friends goign with us got their email yesterday and they were paid in full. I haven't received anything for the 10/31 cruise but I only paid the deposit so far. Thanks.
  4. Our cruise leaves from San Diego on 10/31 to Cabo. I think they are going to cancel but I just hope it's before the final payment is due. It's a 5 day so it's due around 8/15 or so. Mexican borders are closed to the US as of now except essential goods/workers and CA is a "hot spot" right now with restaurants and bars closed for dine in or closed completely. It just doesn't look good. If it's cancelled, I think we will still fly to CA and stay in the airbnb we got for a few days before the cruise. I've flown during the pandemic and I would cruise as well if they would let us!
  5. I have a 10/31 cruise booked for 5 nights and we're waiting to see if it's cancelled. We have another one for 3/6/21 that we sure hope will sail. ES rates on both. Side Note: My parents had a ES rate on a sailing to Hawaii in October that they were able to transfer their deposit to another sailing next year in October. They didn't buy trip insurance yet at the time they called to cancel. Maybe they're being more lenient with fees with ES rates?
  6. I won't book an aft balcony or wrap again. The miracle vibrated 24/7 back in 2017 so I just can't do it. We had the aft wrap for that cruise and the steward had to remove all the glassware because it clinked together so much. The dining room also vibrated the whole cruise on the aft. I would book anything else besides the aft.
  7. All of these items were delicious! App: Burrata Cheese Entree: Short rib with side of linguine alfredo Dessert: I can't remember the name but it was a lemon polenta cake with a sorbet and cream. really good!
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