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  1. I hope it's a reassuring sign 🤷‍♂️
  2. Took me ages to find it, but I think it's halfway down this page: https://www.pocruises.com/travel-health-advisories/flexible-cancellation-policy If you have a cruise booked, entering your details here: https://www.pocruises.com/balance will confirm the date payment is due.
  3. Congrats, how exciting! There's some footage of it in this YouTube video, if that's any help:
  4. I would say yes - there is a good chance it'll come available closer to the date, as people change their minds for whatever reason (maybe they booked a couple of cruises as they were undecided on which one to go for).
  5. On the P&O booking website 🤔 (Balcony cabins, I should have added)
  6. Thank you all for your comments. The deposit on the potential Southampton school holiday 2021 cruise I was looking at has amazingly dropped by about £600 today, so that was an unexpected surprise (needed a cabin for 3 and there were only 2 left).
  7. Hi, any speculation on whether the 2021 summer cruises from Malta will sail? Or is it safer to book a cruise from Southampton? 🤔
  8. I can finally see mine on the P&O Booking website! It shows at the top when I log in.
  9. Hi, there are 2 YouTube videos of D736 and D737 on her sister ship Azura, which you might find interesting. Also, have you seen the tomscruiseblog post on the Ventura and Azura balconies? He goes into detail on the stanchions. A really useful page - it's here: https://tomscruiseblog.com/2012/05/04/ventura-and-azura-balcony-resource/
  10. Not sure, but I've just found it on page 10 (Can you tell I'm also looking at the Azura that month! 😄)
  11. Hi, the 4th and 11th August itineraries are on page 8.
  12. Mine isn't showing either - very frustrating after all these months.
  13. Hi, does the 'registering interest' procedure happen every year? Is there an advantage to registering as early possible? I've just noticed it says this on the P&O website: Tuesday 3 November 2020 - Register your interest from 8.30am on Tuesday 3 November to 8pm Sunday 8 November 2020 (on Sunday 8 November, you will only be able to register your interest on our website.) I was surprised by the bit in bold, as I thought you could only register your interest on their website anyway - do people phone them up to register? Thanks.
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