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  1. I have a B2B (Serenade of the Seas) out of Sydney this October that I would like to Lift and Shift to the Fall of 2021.  Problem is, I can’t find any RC cruises out of Australia for next fall to switch to.  

    Has RC dropped Australia from their schedules?  Or is it possible they just haven’t finalized their schedules yet?

  2. It's been a few years since I sailed with HAL.  Recently on my RCL cruises, I chose My Time Dining, and then a couple months in advance, go into my reservation and book some dining times.  I realize that I don't need to do this, but I never have to wait when I show up at my desired time. 

    Anyways, I was wondering if HAL Koningsdam offered this option as well?  I haven't been able to find anything, so maybe I just need to show up and wait my turn?


    thanks for your help


  3. It seems to me, that you are over-thinking this. 

    It comes down to this:  If you would be happy with any room that you got with a guarantee, then book one. But, if you have any concerns at all over the location of your room, then forget about the guarantee and spend the few bucks for a room of your choice.   No point about fretting over a terrible room location, when you could have spend a few dollars and gotten a great room.



  4. 6 minutes ago, LXA350 said:

    It's a bit of a difference when planing a cruise to visit cultural and enriching cities such as Boston and one of the most amazing cities in the world, New York together with an overnight which is something very rarely offered by RCCL compared to a already South bound itinarary which will stop in the canaries instead of Azores and add a Caribbean destination. The only real loss on this route is maybe Lissbon. let's face it, you as most others chose the crossing because it is offered at very low prices compared to other itinararies, hence no need to ask for even more.

    Boston and New York cultural and enriching?   Not in my books.  I would take the Valencia and Lisbon stops any day.   I guess it depends what side of the pond you live on and what you want to see!

  5. 28 minutes ago, driftersdream said:

    Navigator had to make an emergency stop for repairs.  Passengers were at a stop they had not planned on for a couple of days while the ship was being repaired.  They continued on but missed 2 of their planned stops.  So I think the compensation was very fair.  That's different then finding out that your itinerary has changed before you leave on your cruise.


    Actually Navigator passengers did find out their itinerary changed before they sailed.   In fact, the TA doesn’t even start until tomorrow (Nov 5).   I also see no difference between those two sailings.

  6. It would be real tight. It took us an hour to walk to St. Marks from the ship the first time we did it. There are many turns and corners that you have to make correctly, otherwise you could be doubling back, adding to the time it takes. Also.... keep in mind, that the rooms usually don't open until 1pm, so if you have carry on luggage, you would need to do something with it. If it was me, I would spend some time in the Cannaregio area. Its closer to the ship.

    As for the St Marks area, you will be able to see some of it on the sail away our to Venice.

    I would also plan on being back on the ship by 330.



  7. We will be onboard the Vision for a Mediterranean cruise this fall. Just wondering about the slot machines and whether they take your onboard card, credit card or cash. If cash, will it be USD? Also, how about other purchases onboard, for example the shops.

    Thanks for your help!



  8. I have bought a $1000 USD OBC (for $1100) thank to the OP.


    However, have a question about using it. My intention is to book a couple ship excursions for our European cruise this summer. If I reserve the excursion online (now) does the cost for the tour go on my account (and then I can use my OBC)..... or do I need to wait until I am onboard the ship to book my tours?


    Also plan on using it for drinks, photos, casino, speciality resturants, spa.... will this work? Any other suggestions?


    thanks hova

  9. Done this itinerary twice. Once in the past year. The men carried suits because we had been told it would be more formal and more men in a tux. We thought the first cruise it was just a fluke that there were so many men in shirt and ties, rather than suits so on the second European cruise, we hauled the suits. Don't get me wrong, you'll see many men in suits, but you'll also see many men in shirts and ties. We could have easily gotten by with shirt, tie, slacks. There were MANY more men in shirt and tie than tux.


    thanks for your help. I believe that I got the information that I was looking for.

    Shirt and tie for me!


  10. This September, we are booked on a 12 day cruise out of Barcelona (first with RCCL). As we plan on travelling in France for a few days on either end of this cruise, I don't want to be dragging along a full suit to use on formal nights on the cruise ship. I plan on packing some dress pants & dress shirts (maybe a couple ties). Also, I am not interested in a tux rental.


    So.... my question(s) are, on European cruises, how are the guys dressed in the main dining room on regular nights? How about on formal nights? Will dress pants/shirt/tie cut it?


    If needed, we can do the Windjammer or speciality dining, but prefer main dining room.


    thanks for your help



  11. Just wondering if there will be any differences between a regular RCL Carribean Cruise to a RCL Rhapsody of the Seas European Cruise (Greek Islands). I am planning on doing my first European Cruise in 2015.


    Are all annoucments made in English, or is it done in multiple languages? Is the menu the regular one? How about the entertainment? thanks for your help... hova

  12. Just wondering if regular phone service will be available in San Juan. We use Verizon, and would like to catch up on some calls on our day in port. thanks for your help. hova

  13. Looks like I will walk down to Govenors Beach. I can stop off at Jacks on the way there and the way back for refreshments.


    Actually.. one more question.. when I look at Google maps, it looks like I can walk straight down the beach to get there.... but is that the case, or do I have to walk down a road part way? hova

  14. We are not huge fans of crowded beaches and overpriced drinks... so we are thinking of going to Govenors Beach for the day. Just a few questions about it though:


    1) Do you need to take a taxi? If so, what would the cost be, and would their be cabs available for the return trip?


    2) Are their any facilities at Govenors? like a bar & restruarant and a public washroom?


    3) or... is their a store that we could stop off on the way their, to pick up some refreshments?


    thanks for your help


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