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  1. Do you get this on the cruise where you get to 140, or the one after that? Our cruise in July will put us over, so just randomly curious.
  2. I prefer a traditional seating. We just booked for this summer and it wasn’t available, we’re on the waitlist and we have MTD for now. So, it’s not always by choice that people have MTD.
  3. Try going on your cruise planner online, go to dining, CK is at the very bottom.
  4. So was Chops still free to gold card holders, or is it $15 across the board for anyone? This was one of our favorite suite perks. I hope it isn't too changed. We sail March 27 on Liberty.
  5. I asked when we booked our cruise; the rep told me that I would sign up for the Family dining once on board and it would begin the 2nd night of the cruise. I'll let you know how it works out when I return. 6 more days till departure!
  6. They must be jealous of our super fun group on the roll call thread. :)
  7. I have done it, and I plan on doing it again. The kids were fine (they are now 6 and 7, but were as young as 4 when we did this). They love AO and I can hardly drag them away! However, my caveat would be that I would always do a ship sponsored excursion while doing this. In that, I guarantee that the ship will wait for me if there is a problem and also could get a hold of me in an emergency since they know who I will be with. On our cruise in a couple of weeks, we are taking our boys on two excursions and leaving them on the ship for one.
  8. We have done this with our kids. Normally we do one excursion without them and the rest with them. They're fine, they love it and nothing has happened without us. However, the one thing I would do is make sure you are doing a ship sponsored excursion so that the ship knows exactly where you are if they need to find you. Our kids are now 6 and 7...but we did this when they were 4 and 5 as well.
  9. LOL....I'm with OP. 95 is better than 70. Can't please everyone! :) Thanks for the review....I'm getting on Mariner in 3 weeks. Just now starting to get excited. I was especially glad to hear your review of the Outdoor Adventure since we have that booked.
  10. Oh yeah, definitely register that first day though. They have that available right away when you get on the ship. We always walk up there in the afternoon and let them look around too.
  11. We have the same problem. I normally skip the show and have them start up there the next morning. They have never had an issue with this.
  12. We took our 3 year old and he definitely spent time in AO. He liked it, but didn't want to spend as much time as his older brother. He did have a good time though...I would give it a try and see how your little one enjoys it.
  13. I bet the kids would love the horses, are they old enough to do it?
  14. My husband and I would like to do a beach or resort day with the kids (6 and 7) in Cabo and/or Mazatlan on our upcoming RCI Mexican Riviera cruise. Normally we just do ship excursions because I enjoy not having to worry about transportation and knowing the ship will wait for me if we have a problem. However, none of the ship's excursions looked very good...and for a just a beach or resort day it was very expensive. Does anyone have any advice for kid friendly activities in those ports?
  15. Loved the AO compasses for Explorers...I can't wait to show my kids tonight! Thanks!!!!
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