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  1. We took a 10am flight out of FLL, we were there with plenty of time to spare. (I’m assuming you are talking about going from the Fort Lauderdale port.)
  2. If you have a lot of hair, long hair, or thick hair....pack your own! It would take me forever to dry my hair with the supplied dryers.
  3. Our last cruise on Allure, we had two concierges, we tipped $40 each. I would agree 0-100 is good. I’ve had cruises where the concierge didn’t even deign to introduce himself to us. But, usually we use them for a few things. And a lot of it is just how welcome we feel in the lounge.
  4. We stayed on on aft facing CL on Allure. We would definitely do the side facing ones (booked one on Iasis for next summer). We like the aft facing, but we missed the ocean view, and it got loud sometimes.
  5. We just got off Allure a couple weeks ago in a Crown Loft. I had to use my card to get in about 90% of the time I’d say.
  6. We found them knowledgeable on everything we needed. But, it was all basic stuff. Didn’t ask for anything out of the ordinary.
  7. I thought it was pretty accurate from what I had seen before we boarded, but I can’t speak to it being exactly correct.
  8. We were on Allure last week. We stopped. The protests are all happening in the late afternoon into the evening/night. There were no protests while we were there, but we could see remnants of them, graffiti, broken windows, etc. I never felt unsafe in any way.
  9. Just for variety. We had no issues getting reservations in CK. We had early seating for MDR, we just let them know the night before if we weren’t coming the next night.
  10. Forgot to mention our suite attendant Cynthia. She went over and above. Went so far as to clean our shoes after the hike because they were so muddy they were unwearable. She was super friendly, a notch above the standard attendant.
  11. Hi everyone! I wasn’t sure I would write this, but I loved reading other people’s reviews! A little about us, family of four, two teenage boys, aged 15 and 16. We are diamond cruisers and usually sail in suites because we do like hanging in the room quite a bit and reading while lounging on the balcony. This was our first time on anything bigger than Freedom class though. I’ll start by saying we had an amazing time, and already booked for next year on Oasis. Stateroom We had a Crown Loft on deck 17, it was rear facing overlooking the sports courts. It was our first time having a suite other than a Grand Suite. The room was awesome. We were blown away when we went in. It had two bathrooms, which really came in handy at one point. So much storage was available, with four people we didn’t even come close to using it all. And we loved being on the 17th floor next to the suite lounge and Coastal Kitchen. However, nothing is perfect, right? The shower downstairs did not get very warm, stayed more like a step above lukewarm; and the shower upstairs had some pretty severe temperature fluctuations. It would scald you one second and go kind of cold the next. It was also overlooking the sports deck, which got pretty loud at times. People watching was fun, loved watching some of the awesome stand up riders on the flowrider, but sometimes you wanted peace and quiet and you just couldn’t get it in that room. I also missed the sounds of the ocean going by. So, overall we loved it and booked another for next year, but we made sure to book ocean view instead. Suite Life We loved the suite lounge and Coastal Kitchen, what a fantastic perk. None of us got drink packages because the bar was open 11-11 serving beer, wine, water, and soda. With it being steps from our room, it was so convenient to get it there. There was something saying that drinks had to be consumed in the lounge, but that was never enforced. It also said that kids had to be accompanied while in the lounge, but my boys had no issues as long as they just went to the bar to get a drink and then left (they never tried to stay, so not sure if they would’ve been kicked out or not). We never witnessed kids misbehaving. There was always seating available, that was never an issue. There were 17 pinnacles aboard. We talked to one great pinnacle couple, they were so much fun. Nancy and Claudine were our concierges, they were great. Not only did they take care of our needs, but made a point to try to get to know us. Not all others have done this. Coastal Kitchen was amazing. We ate three dinners, breakfast 5 days, and lunch on embarkation day. Food was always good, and our waitress most of the time (Leilani) went out of her way to make sure we were good even when we weren’t in her section. We ate dinners on night one, night 5 (lobster), and night 7 (filet). The rest we went to MDR. Other food venues MDR was good, some food was okay, some was really good. Service was good. Nothing outstanding, nothing truly bad. Hubby and oldest son really liked Boardwalk Dog House. And we all loved Patk Cafe, that roast beef sandwich was yummy...and the made to order salads were great too. And just in general, Central Patk was our favorite area on the ship, less crowded, and so pretty and peaceful. Only went to Windjammer once for breakfast, and then off times for a little snack. The lines got pretty long sometimes, but if you went to other places to eat there was usually not a wait. We also ate room service breakfast once, it was fine. Shore Excursions Here’s where our one problem was. I’ve never made a complaint on a ship before till this sailing. We took RCI sponsored shore excursions (makes me more comfortable when we’re with the kids). St Kitts We did the hike up the volcano. It said this excursion was Very Strenuous, but it should’ve have also said Very Dangerous. The hike was hard, yes, but we felt it was also treacherous. The strenuous part was fine, we all made it to the top. But, I wish it had said hiking boots required, it was very slippery with large rocks you had to climb down. Everyone fell more than once. Our guide kept taking off so fast, that at one point, I couldn’t see him, and went the wrong way. And the bad part was, my youngest got dehydrated, we had five bottles of water between us, he drank two plus the rest all gave up some of our one bottle for him. But he had heat exhaustion so bad, that he doesn’t remember the trip down, he blacked out for it. The guides had nothing to help with this situation except a little lemon juice. My husband had to hold up my wobbly 15 year old, and get him down the mountain. We all made it (a little scaled up and very dirty), so no permanent harm done. I told the concierge about it, and she told the shore excursion manager. He left a message for us giving us a 20% discount and saying...it did say very strenuous. He ignored my actual complaint about unprepared guides and the danger of the hike. But, I didn’t care if we got any compensation, and I had said what I wanted, what they do with my feedback is up to them. In my opinion, it is not if a major injury happens on this excursion, it’s when. San Juan We weren’t sure we were stopping here due to the protests, but we did. We went zip lining. We had fun, it wasn’t the best zip lining tour we’ve been on, nor was it the worst. Guides were great. Port felt safe. Protests were scheduled to occur in the evening, but nothing happened while we were there. I felt fine about the decision to stop. If they had made the decision to skip it, we would’ve rolled with that too. Nassau Just looked around the port shopping area, got a drink and relaxed. Bought some rum cakes, yummy! Other stuff Hubby isn’t a big show person, so we didn’t do much of that. I watched the aqua theater show from our balcony. I found it very entertaining. I had intended to go see Mamma Mia for the last show, and spaced on it. The Comedy show was great though, intimate setting, and I enjoyed the comedians (I was kind of drunk for it though, makes everything funny). Tried to go to Harry Potter trivia, but it was so packed we couldn’t get in😞😞. We did do Star Wars trivia. Went to the meet and mingle. No one from Royal showed up. They forgot about us. Finally, someone came in about 35 minutes after and apologized and raffled off two bottles of wine to the few people who were left. I had a 90 minute massage on the last sea day, it was amazing! We bought crazy expensive photos from our photo session, they turned out nice, but the price was ridiculous. I think that’s about it. Any questions, fire away.
  12. Can I ask what you bid? I’m so hopeful for this same upgrade!
  13. Just got my RoyalUp email for our July 14 cruise on Allure. We’re currently in a Crown Loft. Put in a minimum bid on a Star Loft, $800pp, and more than minimum on a 2 BR AQS, $650pp. We’d be fine where we are, but getting a Star Class Suite would be amazing!
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