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  1. We were on the Silhouette just 2 weeks ago and had a wonderful cruise. I’m so sorry for all of you on her now who are going through this tense situation!
  2. I was on the Silhouette last week in a concierge cabin so I used the body lotion and body wash. DH used the shampoo and conditioner. From what you are saying it will be the same in Aqua.. About using the Persian garden, do we just show our card and when they see we’re in Aqua they let us use it?
  3. Does anyone know who the CD will be on Silhouette for the April 17 transatlantic?
  4. That is what I was hoping! This is our first time in an Aqua cabin. Do they have different shampoos and lotions than in concierge?
  5. We will be in Aqua class cabin 1639 on the Silhouette in April. Does anyone know if the bed is by the closet or the veranda?
  6. Thank you for all your responses!
  7. Did you call celebrity ahead of the cruise or just ask when you got on the ship?
  8. Traveling with a friend who uses a c-pap machine. He needs distilled water for it. Can celebrity provide distilled water or does he need to carry it on?
  9. Thanks for this helpful info!
  10. Oh I’m doing that too. But I was hoping to find some info from people who had actually taken tours.
  11. I think you might be right!
  12. I did a search there but only came up with general info about Lisbon- nothing from individuals on these boards.
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