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  1. I had to Google a couple of the words in your quote. Not sure if your meaning to be funny, but your cracking me up 🀣🀣
  2. Fabulous Scottish quote. Wish I could send you a recording of how to say this in the Scots tongue HERE'S TAE US; WHA'S LIKE US? GEY FEW, AND THEY'RE A' DEID' Enjoy your cruise, and stop winding everyone up 😁😁😁
  3. Just off preziosa last month, and purchase 30 items of laundry. We sent this in 3 batches without any problems. There was 2 different packages if I remember correctly. One you could send in batches and one you had to sent altogether. I booked direct through MSC UK website.
  4. My DH and I are both Diamond members cruised on Preziosa last month with both my Aunts who are both silver members. There was no problem at all with them boarding with us. We didn't ask they just stuck with us and nobody said a thing 😁😁
  5. I only drink Bacardi superior white rum and diet coke. I've been on 10 or 11 MSC cruises and they have ALWAYS had Bacardi. Sometimes they don't have diet coke, only diet Pepsi. But I can cope with that. Hope this helps.
  6. Yep we're the same. Flying from Luton Airport tomorrow morning
  7. Also boarding the Preziosa on Wednesday. Might see you there Captain 😁
  8. I've found the best way to get your hand on the actual cash is to take the money out of the casino. Put you room card into one of the slot machines and add credit. I'd do this over a few days rather than in one go, say $300. Play a couple of $$ and then cash out. Take your slip to the cashier and they'll exchange for cash. If your daily service charge are not already included, you can use some of you once for that too. So win win
  9. JPR61

    MSC Preziosa

    We are on MSC Preziosa next month. Would you by any change have a copy of the drinks menu. We have the Premium Package and was wondering how restrictive it was.
  10. All of the YC on decks 15 and 16 have a bath/shower combo. The YC family cabins on deck 12 have a walk in shower.
  11. No one knows what age anyone on this sight is. Playing the old card is a bit low. You were a bit rude too with your post. This post is about 2 years old and I said the same then as I do now, YC should welcome all both young and OLD.
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