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  1. Just email accessdesk@ncl.com and let them know your conf # and what you need to bring. They'll note it and your e-docs will show "Liquid Policy Exemption".
  2. I've used GL-AR750's on several NCL ships (as recently as July), and all over the world. I've been using various GL.iNet products for years, and they're great and inexpensive! https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07GBXMBQF/ One other trick - connect to the NCL wifi with your laptop, and sign in on the ships captive portal. Then connecr your laptop to your travel router, and have it spoof your laptop's MAC address. Finally. have the router connect to the NCL WiFi, and it'll 'think' the laptop has connected and you'll already be logged in. Your phone can be used instead of the laptop too. I know the MAC address spoofing works on the GL units , not sure about the others you listed.
  3. Thank you! Do you know what fare bucket they booked you into?
  4. How did you book Business?? Did you have to call NCLto book vs booking online? Was the business fare competative? Thanks in advance..
  5. Everyone doesn't get an invitation.. I booked directly through NCL's CAS last year for the EPIC TA in November 2018, and I got an invitation to bid. I had already booked and paid for a H4 using the Caesars discount, so I didn't bother bidding. I wanted the H4. I'm sailing on the Escape on 06/30, booked directly through NCL's CAS, and I didn't get an invitation to bid. I booked and paid for a B9 using the Caesars discount. I asked CAS why I didn't get an invite, and they said it was random.
  6. Just to add - with the Casino Drink Card, you can get bottles of Gatorade, bottles of water, and energy drinks at the Casino bar too.
  7. Do you know the promo code they add? They're typically listed on the confirmations. I figure it's a no brainer for them to add it if I give them the code. Thanks again.
  8. Can you tell me the procedure to get the Amex OBC? I know I can get it if I book direct with Amex Travel, but I'm booked using NCL's website, and I paid with my Amex Platinum. Thanks in advance. 🙂
  9. I added someone two days before my Transatlantic cruise in November. It was harder to book a last minute flight to BCN than it was to get her added. A quick phone call to NCL with a credit card is all you need - as long as there's enough room on the lifeboats!
  10. I've been to Helsinki several times. My last visit was in October 2018 - not for a cruise, though. I flew in/out of HEL. UBER works in Helsinki. I used it to head into town, and to visit the Fazer shop. So, give UBER a shot!
  11. I was running the slot pull for the Epic TA in Nov 2018. We had about 140 people sign up, but had about 35 people actually pony up the money at the M&G. Many folks just didn't show up to the M&G, and we had some 'walk ons' who attended the M&G that hadn't signed up in advance. I've been involved with other slot pulls as well, and it's been a similar turn out. So, my guess would be that you won't have everyone show up who who signed up.
  12. Search Amazon for GL-AR300M and GL-USB150. I've got several of each, and all work well. On the ship, we plugged the GL-USB150 into a charging brick and brought it around with us, so we had use of our phones while on the go. We used the GL-AR300M in the room. Both units are small and portable. I travel the world for work, and use these two routers everywhere. They integrate really well with Azire's Wireguard VPN service, as well as any OpenVPN compatible service. If you get one, upgrade to v3 firmware if it doesn't ship with it!!
  13. I bought the best internet package they offered on the Nov 2018 Epic Trans-Atlantic. I got the package because I needed to be accessable due to some important projects I was involved in back home. Of course, it wasn't as fast as the cable internet at home, but it worked fine. I brought a mini vpn router and everyone in my cabin shared the bandwidth over the VPN. We had (4) phones on wifi calling, and all of us were able to make and receive calls and texts at the same time with T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon service. I was also able to view my security cameras and stream video to check on my house. I can't think of anything we weren't able to do that we would normally do at home. Anything specific you want to know?
  14. I did this when I sailed the Epic TA in Nov 2018. I had a Haven H4 booked for my myself , my wife, and her sister. My wife's friend expressed interest in going with us 3 days before our cruise left from Barcelona. I called NCL, and had her added to the reservation. As long as there's capacity on the board and in the cabin, you should be good to go!
  15. On the Epic, the Haven bar next to the pool opened at 6am.
  16. I just got off the Epic TA from Barcelona and wanted to add my experience. I bought the Unlimited Premium WiFi package. Everyone in my cabin was able to use the WiFi calling features of our respective carriers. My wife and I have T-Mobile, and the two others had Sprint and Verizon. All of us took and made calls, and texted. No problems at all and good call quality. Although I did bring and use a travel router, I didn't need to enable the VPN in order to use any features. I was able to use an OpenVPN link to my house , and I also tested a Wireguard VPN service, and both worked fine.
  17. In New York, the locals give you the finger... * I was born and raised in NY, and I'm kidding about the sendoff, btw.
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