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  1. Two very excellent Posts - thanks. We first came to HAL because HAL has a priest on board every one of its cruises, and we continue to cruise HAL because of this "perk". Thank you, HAL!
  2. Jacqui, So sorry to hear of your loss of Kazu. I wish there were some magic words to ease your sadness but there aren't, so I'll just say I am sorry for your loss. Take care. R
  3. Spot on, Kazu!!! Too bad that some CCers just don't "get it".
  4. Sorry to hear about the cancellation but do hope y'all have a very Merry Christmas at home!!!
  5. Right you are - I am one who has "left and not returned", as a result of a Saturday massacre that occurred on here a few months ago. I am not intimidated by The Clique (and we all know who they are) but rather choose not to post and share my expertise with people who do not deserve it.
  6. Tanya (& Rick), Sorry to hear of your Flightease travails, but very pleased that everything worked out well in the end - sort of like the AI schedule issue, eh? I don't have any "you-think-that-was-bad" stories to 1-up you, nor do I have any after-the-fact "coulda-told-you-so" advice, so I'll conclude by wishing y'all Bon Voyage and Happy Anniversary. God speed and smooth sailing!!!
  7. Not to put too fine a point on it, but you did not say "booked directly with HAL." In your Rule #5, you said "It cannot be booked through a Travel Agent"; and in your post, you said "a Travel Agent cannot book the shareholder credit." Hence my "confusion".
  8. Now I am totally confused: If your Rule # 5 had said that the s/h benefit cannot be booked with a TA, I would agree with your correction of RuthC. But it said that since the s/h benefit "cannot be booked through a Travel Agent ... [y]ou are required to request the credit directly with HAL" Does this not mean that only a passenger can book the s/h credit? If so, specifically how does a person "book" the s/h credit? Or does your correction of RuthC turn on the definition of the word "book" If so, please let us know how you define that word and, in turn, how "book" is different than "request". Thank you for clarifying this matter.
  9. Bon Voyage & Happy Anniversary, Tanya & Rick! I hope you have a great (anniversary) cruise and many, many more.
  10. Please provide the source of your information about HAL union membership, as I'm certain SKIFTTAKE (whatever or whoever that is) would appreciate having correct information.
  11. The link was included in my quote of crb663's post ... here it is again: https://www.hollandamerica.com/cruise-vacation-planning/PlanningAndAdvice.action?tabName=Cruise+Preparation&contentMenu=Baggage,+Packing+%26+Dress+Code&contentSubMenu=Is+There+A+Dress+Code?&WT.ac=PopTop_Dress
  12. If you want to see the "new" HAL Dress Code, after logging in to the HAL web site, go to: For Booked Guests, then to Frequently Asked Questions, and finally to Dress Code ...
  13. ... since cbr663's "information" was posted on another CC Thread, I seriously doubt that he/she was trying to "make [me] look guillible.". :confused: In any event, I fail to see any reason that I should apologize to you ... and I will happily forego your forgiveness ... :( Your comment "because it's on CruiseCritic, do[es]n't necessarily make it so" demonstrates (again) your keen insight into the obvious ... :) ...
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