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  1. Agree with all of the above. Too many guests for the public spaces. The Lido and MDR are so busy. The promenade is very disappointing. Seems to be a bit less staff , therefore especially breakfast was challenging to say the least. Food was very good. Think we would go back to Vista Class
  2. Don t know about US credit Cards , but most Canadian C/C ( Visa - M/C ) will not cover anyone over 65. Don t know about AMEX Even under 65 from what I have heard is never depend on Credit Card . Before they even pay a claim , they will raise your C/C limit and put claim on your card while they investigate the claim. You would probably be responsible for the interest and hope and pray claim would be paid. No idea what their limit is, but suspect it would probably be low. Don t know if it would cover Medivac ( air ambulance), if unable to fly regular air. Have no idea about pre existing. conditions with C/C . When buying Travel Medical Insurance any reputable company spells out all the pre existing and better read their interpretation of pre existing. Might be different from yours. Seems like every Company thinks differently,
  3. We did enjoy the deeper balcony that belonged to #4044, but not as long as other 2. . We made the same mistake thinking we had a huge balcony. They need to hang a big mirror or picture on that big blank wall next to the TV. that hits you when entering. we started leaving our TV on to AFT channel nice music playing and looked like a picture when entering the room. Took your eyes off the wall. That wall even made ceiling feel lower and I am short person. Almost like inside cabin - however never have booked one of those, because too dark for me. Found bed too be close to the door (31/2 Ft) and could hear some noises at times, even breakfast carts it the morning.
  4. The towel trick makes sense, but never thought of it. One rough night it came right out from the wall as it was on a swivel .
  5. Correction ! We were in cabin #4044 not #4042. #4044 or #4046 would have been better choices than #4042
  6. We always carry our own night lights , so no problem at night. Found the room dark and dreary when we walked in during the day. #4042 and #4046 had an extra window along with patio doors, but # 4044 did not only patio door at the end of room.
  7. We had creaking in #4042 , another sideways room.. We found that room to be very dark.!
  8. Will be on HaL K Mar 17. We know we are allowed to have 2 bottles of wine in our carry on luggage. Can we take on anymore and just pay the $18.00 corkage fee and keep the wine or even take it to MDR if we have paid the corkage ? if that is allowed , would there be extra gratuity on that or would the $18.00 cover everything? Have seen some comments on other sites where it would be confiscated and returned at the end of cruise. Really don t want to have to fly home with 2 bottles of wine. Luggage heavy enough as it is. Has anyone found Lactose Free milk or even yogurt on the Koningsdam? Had the Lactose Free milk on the Zuiderdam a couple of years ago and sometimes in small containers, so could just take leftovers to cabin fridge which was nice, but no Lactose Free yogurt. Other times just poured out a glass full - not as handy, but still worked.
  9. What kind of Wine Pkgs are available and how much are the Pkgs? Would there be a discount for Mariner 3 on Wine Pkgs? Any other discounts for Mariner 3 anywhere??
  10. Have been reading about possible changes to Wine Pkg in MDR and wonder if 3* will still get their 25% discount as has been advertised. How much are the Pkg and how many bottle if available. Not looking for high end wines, just some pleasant enough. We all have different taste ( as well as wallets) Will be on B2B Koninsgdam 21 day in March starting and ending in Port Everglades Fort Lauderdale. What is the procedure when completing the first leg and returning to Port E .Under stand we must leave ship and clear customs/immigration, but are we along side every one ending their cruise or will there be a separate area for those getting back on for the 2nd leg. How about if one has a day tour in Fort Lauderdale and maybe not a Ship one. How difficult will that be. Will we end up spending hours in the port and miss everything on shore? As this is really 2 cruises , feel there should be some allowance made for taking on a second bottle with no corkage and not restricted to one each. Anyone had any experience with that one. Think I know what the answer will be. Thanks for your help
  11. Will depart from Ft. Lauderdale and return in 10 or so days and then start the next 10 day or so (B2B), we understand it is necessary to get off ship and clear customs/immigration even though we will be carrying on the same cruise. Is this still a requirement? If yes- how long of a procedure is this. Are there separate lines for guests returning to the ship later in the day to continue on their cruise, or is it one massive line up with people leaving the ship at the end of their cruise ? I understand only excursion guests will be allowed off first. Will this work if it is a private excursion and not a ship one? How bad is the last day of the cruise and how long should one allow to clear customs/immigration? I guess it depends on how many ships in port. Will be Sunday so may be bad. Have heard it could be 2 to 3 hours. Understand we are allowed 1 bottle of wine each without corkage being charged on embarkation day. Should really be 2 bottles as it is really 2 cruises B2B. I don t suppose they allow another bottle on the second leg of the cruise. Thank you for your help!
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