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  1. Had #4044 on the Koninsgdam ( obstructed) . The only obstructed part was looking down on the port. Looking in the distance was ok. Due to the rooms "different" layout it was somewhat dark. The veranda was quite large. Not sure we would book that again , but depending on price - who knows??
  2. Actually received 2 surveys about a week apart - but would not let me reply to 2nd- said already done! Nothing booked - and will not till all passengers and crew booked!
  3. Filled it out Saturday and received thank you today. My comments will be forwarded . Nothing booked and we are 3 star. Will not book till all vaccinated . Have a feeling will never happen in our life time I am sorry to say.
  4. Yes - we received survey yesterday ( 3 stars) and my answers were same as above!
  5. Exactly - well said. !!! No way would we sail with unvacinated passengers!!
  6. We did have a large balcony - however still missed that promenade - especially on sea days and the old fashioned deck chairs. Just a different atmosphere sitting out there versus balcony. Always made sure to walk at least 6 times ( 2 Miles) around on sea days. Too closed in! Just not the same!!
  7. Missed a proper promenade with seating too much to sail K again.
  8. Will only sail on COMPLETELY vaccinated ships!!
  9. Will only sail on completely vaccinated ships. Even though I am vaccinated and probably should not be at risk of contracting - do not want another disaster with either sick , deaths and all that isolation when different countries would not allow to ship to dock. For those reasons will only sail when proof of vaccination is MANDATORY!!!! NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
  10. I agree ! Promenade decks are one of the best features of the ship. Will now only sail on the Vista and not the Pinnacles.
  11. A quick glance thru the door of 4042 , showed a more traditional layout with the balcony door on the side instead of the end, but just an extra window on the end. However balcony was large enough for the cabin guys to bring in a couple of lounges in addition to the furniture already there. Do not have pics of that one. Depending on which direction travelling and weather conditions of course might be very shaded, but very protected from the breezes I think. Good luck!
  12. Thanks for the suggestion - but not sure about that - ( there is that Senior suspicious thing again )
  13. We stayed in K #4044 for a 21 day Carribbean cruise in Mar 2019. Not quite the same as #4046. Room lay out for the most part is , but seemed maybe slightly smaller - however you are missing that extra window. If it had the extra window like #4046 you be looking at #4042 balcony. # 4042 balcony was huge So as you walk in the room there is a big blank space where that window would have been so nice. Made the room somewhat dark. We started leaving the TV on to the aft channel and it kind of took away your attention from that big dark space as you entered the room. Too bad they did not put a
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