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  1. Latest update is that we get to wait another hour to get an update. The stringing along continues. Since 10:30am, it has been we will update you later.
  2. Frustrating day. Twisting the knife is that my credit card has Cheers and $200 hold put on it today.
  3. I apologize for derailing this thread. It was a great review and I hope you get off safe and sound, Greg. I will take my comments to another thread. You do a wonderful service to the community with your reviews.
  4. That doesn’t apply to us, because the terminal and parking is closed right now. We are sitting in a parking lot in Anaheim. That does help the people that were at the terminal for 4+hours before this email went out.
  5. The CDC hasn’t charged me anything for the cruise 😉 My credit card has been charged for the full cheers package, they have already put the hold on it for incidentals and I racked up a big bill at lunch and am looking at another bill for two hotel rooms. That is just today. The 3 Havana rooms are already paid for before today. I am a big Carnival fan and turn gold on this cruise. I just feel like they could have made a call at noon to help their customers when the CDC told them they needed to test the patient and minimum delay was 6 hours.
  6. They could tell us to get a hotel room because the soonest we can realistically leave is tomorrow. They could tell us that if anyone wants to cancel, they will issue a full refund. There are people that have been told it is too late to cancel and take them up on the future credit and there is no one to call. Our agent says she was on hold for two hours and then disconnected. I think they could have told us some of these things hours ago. I have 6 people in the car and need a few hotel rooms. It is a big expense (to us)that we have not budgeted; we will do it if we need to, but it is hard to pull the trigger when Carnival just keeps dragging it out. If they would have said a few hours ago that there is no chance we leave tonight, we would already be in a hotel. But they just keep saying to wait.
  7. What a mess today has been. We have been up 12 hours and the in-laws are struggling. I know the situation is not Carnival’s fault, but I can’t help but think they should have had much better communication throughout. We have been sitting in a parking lot in Anaheim for hours waiting for them to cancel the cruise or tell us if/when we will board. So much misinformation and no solid answers from anyone. We have asked our travel agent for advice and she called Carnival and can’t get answers. My mother-in-law is handicapped and we can’t just keep roaming around. No way we can turn around and head home at this point. We can’t rent a hotel because they keep acting like we are actually still leaving tonight. I am not blaming anyone and know it could be worse, just venting at this point.
  8. Yes. That is what I am upset about. Last communication said to be there one hour later, then to have a nice lunch and not to come to the port.No updates to the text notification since
  9. Then say that they don’t know anything? They have not told us anything except there is a delay and to enjoy our lunch on them in the form of OBC. They have told us not to come to the port and no more updates
  10. The $15 is for people waiting to get on the ship. They have still not told us not to come to the port. We were supposed to be there in 10 minutes, but are waiting about 45 minutes away
  11. I know this is a developing situation, but the lack of info from Carnival is frustrating. They have not updated us since telling us to show up an hour later and telling us that we get $15 OBC to cover lunch.
  12. We are on our way and just received an email to push our arrival time back one hour. They say it includes everyone: FTTF/diamond etc.
  13. We are driving from AZ to get on the Panorama today. Excited!
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