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  1. I completely agree. I went on a 3 day Carnival cruise September 2018 and a 7 day DCL New Year's cruise 2018. The clientele was completely different and if I based my opinion solely on those two cruises, I would have to agree with the stereotype. But a$400/3 day cruise on spring break for any cruise line is going to be different than a 7 day $5000+ cruise on any cruise line. I am reading this thread because Royal is one cruiseline that I have not tried and I want to do so. I am sailing Carnival Panorama in 2020 and researching for an extended family cruise for 2021. We have done two extended family cruises in 2017/2018 on DCL, but are looking for a DCL alternative in 2021.
  2. We Not necessarily all is in the control of the traveler. Many scenarios lead to people getting there before they need to. Example, on our latest DCL cruise, we were in Galveston. Check out time was 11:00am and port arrival was 11:30am. We received notice to push back 4 hours and we killed 4 hours in the hotel lobby/restaurant. Many didn’t know of the delay and were at the port 4 hours. On my most recent Carnival cruise out of Long Beach, there were people complaining that they arrived as scheduled PAT and then waited 2 hours to board. I believe that kind of thing is easily influenced by more priority showing up early to board than expected. I think the staggered check-in is helping and that might be even a way to make progress in their loyalty program. Diamond shows whenever they want to board and platinum picks their PAT before others can. Then maybe gold they can guarantee a 1pm or earlier PAT. In my opinion, cruises are doing better at educating people on port arrival. That said, I think many still treat cruise travel like the airlines and assume they need to show an hour or two before their flight time to get through security. But this is getting off topic. I would like to see changes made in the loyalty program and believe they have no choice but to change their high level perks to include fewer people.
  3. We will hit gold soon. I would love if they gave us some more water, but don't expect anything. I feel like they will have to make some changes before I ever get close to platinum. The number one thing they need to address in their loyalty program is the embarking and disembarking of their platinum+ cruisers. The people without priority will start to think that Carnival doesn't appreciate their business when they can't get onboard before 3:00pm and then the people with priority boarding will see that it is not much of a perk anymore when they can't get on before 1pm or not have their room ready or get off the ship quickly to catch an earlier flight.
  4. I too hope it is supported. We are in Arizona and did the Carnival Miracle Mexican Riviera cruise October 2016 and our group didn't love the itinerary enough to repeat right away. Instead, we did a few Disney cruises since then (Western Carib. from Miami and Bahamas from Galveston). Last year, we were able to do a 3 day on the Inspiration in September that we really enjoyed and decided to try Carnival in 2020 (no cruise planned in 2019) and so we booked 3 Havana cabanas. I think the Panorama will be more repeatable for us with the spa rooms, Havana, etc. I think you can have a different type of cruise on Panorama just based on where you stay? The biggest Carnival ship I have been on is the Miracle, so this will be new to me and I hope we like it. My oldest graduates in 2021 and I could see my wife and I start taking multiple cruises per year out of Long Beach when the kids leave the nest. We have always enjoyed our Carnival cruises but some in my family cruising group have had bad experiences and prefer other lines. I am to the point where I am going to convince them to try it again or sail without me and my wife 😉
  5. My opinion mirrors this one. I spend a little less if I go without Cheers, but I get more drinks on Cheers that I typically will not splurge on. On a normal non-Cheers cruise, I am not getting specialty coffees or any soda and I tend to drink more beer. When I did Cheers, the Alchemy and rum bars were more fun, just trying things I normally wouldn't order.
  6. We booked yesterday for March 7, 2020. Exciting to have this ship on the west coast.
  7. We booked yesterday and were told that The Havana pool area is ages 12 and up during the day and all ages are welcome once it opens up at night to the rest of the ship. We have 3 rooms reserved and my 14 and 16 year old will be with us. I do not know how much time they will actually want to spend in the area. We have never cruised in the Havana area or on a Vista class ship.
  8. ourmagic. The Havana area is open to all guests 12 and above. Sorry about any misunderstanding. It's a pretty far way from the waterpark though. For the record, we didnt see anyone even close to teenage there. More later Thanks for the info and review. We booked 3 cabana rooms this morning for Panorama spring break 2020. Grandma and grandpa ,(age 70+) me and wife (45+) and two kids (14 and 16). Super excited even if it is a year away and living your info and review on the Horizon.
  9. I just started reading your review and it is very informative. I do have one question about this: I guess the biggest “first” besides just being on a new ship was being in the specially designated Havana suites. 65 Cabins that share a private pool/Jacuzzi/bar area. No children allowed. Really looked forward to having that area till 7pm every night. More later. We are going to book Panorama for March 2020 and the Havana rooms we are looking at say ages 12 and up. Is that what you mean by no children (no small children) or are you saying that kids can stay in the room but you have to be 18 and up to use the Havana pool area?
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