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  1. I heard the performers "Crimson Sky" were put off -- at one of the Bahama's ports. A couple nights before I heard the rumor, I saw one of the performers very intoxicated and still drinking... His performance had noticably declined from a previous show. Too Bad - we liked their first show, but left during their 'final?' show.
  2. There were umbrellas on 8 Dec - We used one!! Foot wash getting back on the landing craft was nice..
  3. Mary we missed the shrimp cocktails -- are we talking 'real' shrimp cocktails or the 'meally worm sized' shrimp cocktails they regularly served in the dining rooms? I walked through the buffets several times and never saw shrimp cocktails, soooo maybe I should have looked closer?
  4. We did much of this 'walking tour' on the morning of ~10Dec. Walking down queen's staircase is steep and steps are narrow -- glad we did NOT walk up them or have strollers/kids to tote. Nice legless man at top gave us the 'history' and earned his buck from us. We enjoyed this man-made canyon/escape route and it took us back down to 'hospital' parking lot and towards downtown. We found our way back to ship for lunch after straw market and walk along the waterfront and then took water taxi to atlantis walked around and saw the free stuff and took a taxi back. I forgot to go see cloisters and am still kicking myself. BTW: There are 'nice' people posted all over atlantis to keep you from straying into the 'guest-only or pay-to-get-in areas'. We were back to the ship in plenty of time for dinner. Three bucks a person water ferry to atlantis - four bucks pp taxi back to the ship. Total cost for two of us $15 - city walking tour/cheapo paradise island casino/shops/free part of aquarium. Felt safe mostly and people seemed friendly - even the ones not actively engaged in separating tourists form their money.:cool:
  5. We ate most of our dinners in Four Seasons, lunches/beakfast in seven seas, and we ate one dinner each in Le Bistro and Pasta Cafe. Pasta Cafe was just o.k. We saved Le Bistro for the last night and had a very good meal. (Although my lobster tails were slightly overdone - the appetizers (3each) and soup were outstanding!)... I don't think it was really worth the $40+ surcharge(15+15+10), but we enjoyed the splurge and we didn't really miss much on the regular dinner menu that night... The buffets were generally disappointing and to be avoided, as were grills and bbqs. Surprisingly had some very good seafood in the dining rooms and if I didn't know better I would have thought some of it was caught fresh daily! Enjoy!!
  6. BYO-pepsi and ask for glass of ice??:cool:
  7. Congrats all - we travel tomorrow - I doubt we'll see the rebate/credit for our cruise... Drat - timing is everything...
  8. We sail Saturday - so I was waiting until tomorrow to print in case they mailed them to me. I had an OMG moment when they went away. Refreshed - reregistered - refreshed -- NO JOY! Went to your magic link entered the info and WAM-BAM -- Thank you delco!! - I got them back, printed with luggage tags. Ready to sail away.:cool:
  9. I recall reading somewhere that after a certain time of day they stopped charging admission to the digs/aquarium area. Anyone know for sure the details?? We'll be in Nassau on Wednesday the 10th. Thanks...
  10. Wow! What a thorough and nice review. NOT alot of sugar coatings, but NOT whiney either. We'll be leaving Saturday and I found it very helpful. Hope we get all our port stops with decent weather and calm seas. Is there anything worthwhile to do in Freeport? Perhaps the Garden of the Groves or National Park or a real nice beach area?? We're NOT really big on shopping as a past time or as entertainment... Thanks I
  11. Thanks -- I think there are still open cabins - go both weeks - and I'll see you on board! OR you could visit us when you port in Canaveral. We have a beachfront condo in Cocoa Beach that week. Enjoy your cruise...
  12. LoL - I guess this is why sooo many are running amuk these days. My parents and their parents (etc) never had any trouble figuring out how to enforce their instructions. WE really didn't either. Sooo, I guess the only humane and Darwinian thing to do is simply to explain -- those children NOT wearing braclets are thrown overboard and chopped up in the ship's propellors. This is the environmentally friendly solution providing important nutrients to the marine wildlife, while NOT creating additional trash or destroying more standing timber by creating additional braclets.... Problem solved!!:rolleyes:
  13. bklynangel You mentioned hertz in Canaveral - Did you notice any other rental companies?
  14. Great, we'll bring some shovels & dig 'IT' up!:eek::eek: Thanks! Hope, we don't accidently find someone elses buried treasure!!
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