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  1. We were there last month and went to Maya Chan resort. We had a wonderful time, great food and drinks but you do need to make a reservation. Have fun!
  2. Having done Radiance a few years ago I completely agree to get a balcony, but also plan on being up top to get other views. We did a northbound out of Vancouver and enjoyed the build up but we also did a land tour after the cruise and while I understand what people say about relaxing on the cruise after the land tour it doesn't make that much of a difference. In my opinion, the most important thing was doing a land tour. If I was going all the way to Alaska I wanted to see more than just the coast. Our 2 days in Denali were absolutely amazing!! I actually most regret not doing a longer land portion. Whatever you decide though, I know you'll love it!
  3. We're sailing on Empress for the first time the end of August. I'm loving your review and all the photos!
  4. I found that price also for my cruise which isn't until Nov. of 2020. I was sure that I was misreading something. I hope they honor it seeing as they've already charged my credit card. Fingers Crossed!
  5. Thanks for updating us on the condition of the ship, I'm so glad your sailing went off without a hitch and that the ship is in good shape. How was the weather? It looks like it might be cooler than I had thought. We sail on the 19th. Thanks
  6. I couldn't figure out how to DM you on cruise critic, I'm not sure if its allowed. But hopefully without getting into any trouble, the cruise compasses are in the group "Oasis of the seas Cruisers past, present and future". Hope you can find them.
  7. We are sailing on the 19th as well. I haven't seen anything from the May 5th cruise on cruise critic, but I have seen a few posts to an Oasis facebook group. One gentlemen has been posting the cruise compasses from each day which has been very informative. He hasn't mentioned seeing any remaining damage so hopefully we'll have a great sailing!
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