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  1. UUNetBill, please tell you daughter Welcome Home! And thank her for her service and thank you for your service. My husband is retired from the USN after 24 years. I remember teasing him that I had to stay home with the kids while he was on a 6 month CRUISE! Enjoy the visit with your daughter!
  2. Thank you Jackie, after I asked the question, I logged onto RSS website and it was all on the page with our cruise. We were to be on the 4/16-5/12/2020 and used our FCC for the Caribbean cruise in January and a cruise in April in the Mediterranean and still have FCC to use while we are on board to book another trip. Our TA got us the new SBC that is now being offered. Very pleased we were able to have that added on both cruises that were already booked. Thank you for your information Pat
  3. Travelcat2, doing directly to you for a quick question. We are booked on a cruise on Splendor in January and just received the SBC that is now being offered. Are SBC able to be used for excursions and/or cooking classes? Thank you in advance for your assistance. Pat
  4. Thank you for your wealth of knowledge! I do have a question, where can I locate the information regarding passengers that will stay with their April/May bookings that include Italy will receive a 25% FCC. We are on the Splendor April 16th - May 12th, there has already been many changes to the itinerary that we are happy with. Enjoy your upcoming trip aboard the Splendor!
  5. Thank you for the pictures and great information. We are less then two months from our TA on the Splendor and truly getting excited. Enjoy the remaining of your TA and beautiful weather.
  6. Thank you to all bloggers. We will be boarding the TA 4/16 till 5/12 and so looking forward to our first time with Regent. We will be following along and are looking forward to it all. Safe travels to all of you and enjoy the beautiful new lady!
  7. Just wanted to let everyone know, as I mentioned in the above post, I had emailed Jason Montague complimenting the representative that assisted us the mixup on our return flights. I truly never thought he would read the email let alone respond. I did receive an email back from Jason Montague with such kind words and appreciation. Jason did give me the representatives full name and I will definitely put it one the survey once we are on the ship. Another reason we are sold on Regent even before we sail.
  8. Thank you again FlightTalker, as you mentioned we do have a trusted TA and I was able to have everything handled by the time the TA would have been open for business. I am not a person to use a middleman if I am able to handle myself. Just a little back ground...my husband was in the military for 24 years and if I did not handle things myself we would have been bankrupt, homeless and I can't imagine what else. I am grateful my husband appreciates my independence. Thank you again for your wealth of knowledge.
  9. As FlyerTalker mentioned, I do have a trusted TA and I was able to call Regent on Monday at 7 am CDT or wait until 9 am CDT to contact the TA, it didn't make sense to have the TA call Regent as the middleman. (our TA had contacted Regent early on in the booking to advise I would be able to act on my own and not through the TA for handling all flights). I knew what the problem was and had it all handled by the time I would have been able to call the TA.
  10. I have printed out the paperwork and it is currently with all of our docs. Thank you again!
  11. FlyerTalker, Thank You! Your information is very useful. I did locate the 13 digit number on the airlines website. Thank you again for your feedback.
  12. We are new to Regent and booked on our first cruise on the Splendor, April 16 to Venice. We have been reading a lot of recommendations and cautions from the board here on Cruise Critic, which as been very helpful. We have not seen anything like what we discovered this past week. Last Saturday I was reviewing our trip on Regent’s website. I was looking at our flights that we had arranged through Regent’s deviation (if that is what it is called) and the flights had all changed. The leg for my husband showed a flight from London to Phoenix but no flight from Venice to London, as previously booked. My flight was on a different airline ending in Seattle, we fly to Phoenix. The flights had been booked by Regent with British Airways, I went onto Brtitish Airways website and the flights were not even showing up. I told my husband there was nothing that could be done till Monday. Meanwhile, I looked up flights to see what else would be available. Patiently, I waited till Monday morning to call. I was not surprised I was on hold for over 30 minutes but was very fortunate to speak to a very professional, kind and helpful representative. She reviewed the flights and said “this is a mess, your husband doesn’t even have a flight to London, and you are going to Seattle”. She apologized for having to put me back on hold and contacted the airline or whomever. She found out British Airways canceled the flight from Venice to London. She also told me there was only one flight with one stop so we would not have to be traveling all day. It happened to be the same flight I had found. She also let me know she grabbed the flight with only two seats next to each other in Business Class and the second leg of the flight as well. I felt like I could not thank her enough. I felt like we truly witnessed the Regent Seven Seas experience. Within the hour, we received the confirmations and everything was updated on Regent’s and the airline’s websites. I did send an email to Regent’s CEO just to let him know what an amazing employee he has. I do realize he may never read the email but at least I feel better knowing I had sent it. We are truly even more excited for our cruise and looking forward to more bookings with Regent Seven Seas.
  13. pappy1022, what you are saying is exactly what our flight with Delta was like. We were assigned economy seats and when tried to move seat/upgrade, we also received the same message. After a few phone calls to Delta and Regent we learned we had to wait till the cruise was paid in full. Once the cruise was paid off, we then called Regent and was told to give it 2 hours for the update to process on Delta’s website. And it took exactly 2 hours. Good luck, we received the seats we wanted.....enjoy your journey!
  14. pappy1022, we also did the air deviation for our Regent cruise 4/2020. When we tried to change seats on our Delta flight, we found out we had to wait till the cruise was paid in full. Once our final payment was made, we called Regent travel to show the update, then we were able to select the seats we preferred. Instead of making the update on the airlines site, we called so we could upgrade the seats using points. The strange thing was our return flight with British Airways, we were able to change our seats prior to the cruise being paid in full. Hope this helps.
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