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  1. For long term planning check the Allstate topic and the AARP topic on this thread. To buy some in the near future, some retail establishments have offered them in the past. I think I remember people mentioning Krogers, Publix, and maybe Home Depot.
  2. I have had both aft-extended and a spa cabins on the Breeze. My preference is the spa balcony but on deck 11. The balconies on deck 12 aren't covered. The view from the aft-extended balconies is awesome and the extra space is awesome. Downside is there is hardly ever a breeze. The cabins on deck 9 get some shade from the overhang of deck 10. These are my favorite. Bottom line, I prefer spa balcony on deck 11. Happy sailing.
  3. Elaine, no one has sailed on Carnival for a year. Last time i sailed it was still possible to cash out at the casino.
  4. I completely agree everyone has a right to choose whether to get the vaccinations. I go even farther in believing every cruise line and every country has the right to choose whether to allow passage on their ships or entry into their country.
  5. Of course I have a passport. So does every single family member I have ever taken with me across the northern or southern border, or on a cruise. Full stop.
  6. Moderna here. First shot no reaction. My arm wasn't even sore. Second shot, arm a tiny bit sore at injection point, but only if I touched it. Second day a feeling of fatigue and loss of appetite, but no fever, aches, or pains.
  7. I stalked Carnival's website religiously until spring itineraries for 2019 were announced. I then looked at the Freedom week by week. The first date I found with the Scenic Ocean View cabin for two available I booked. The Freedom is no longer home ported in Galveston. I got one shot and I jumped.
  8. On the Conquest class ships there are only 4, located on deck 9, designated as 6J. Only one of the four shows as a two person cabin. I caught one once by looking daily at various dates. I have never personally seen one of the Grand Scenic Ocean View cabins available.
  9. It isn't unusual for the site to sell out of any specific card. Check back and they will probably reappear in a few days.
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