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  1. bury me at sea

    Breeze inside cabin

    I believe there are no couches in the interiors on the Breeze.
  2. bury me at sea

    Smoking on the Carnival Dream

    Deck 5, a small area with no tables or cover, outside the nightclub. Or you can go out the Red Frog Pub and it's a very few steps. Deck 11 starboard, from the midship elevators all the way to the aft. Unless they change it.
  3. bury me at sea

    Question About Carnival Cloud 9 Spa Balcony

    We had spa interiors on deck 12 of the Breeze. Motion was no issue. We loved the location, the quiet hallways due to practically no children, and the close proximity to the saunas and the T pool. The T pool alone is worth the premium paid for spa cabins. We loved the location and would book there again on a Dream class ship.
  4. bury me at sea


    If someone cancels, that one will be released. Near final payment date it is possible Carnival will release more. Just keep checking.
  5. bury me at sea

    YTD on Breeze

    No, it's very easy. Simply request it each evening. Hope you have a wonderful cruise.
  6. bury me at sea

    16oz cans okay? Please reply ASAP leaving today :)

    Since the policy states 12 cans or cartons of 12 oz or less, my guess is they mean 12 oz or less. Whether they would confiscate larger cans, I don't know, but the language isn't ambiguous.
  7. You have several options in addition to the 5 person cabin mentioned above. Call Carnival for available cabins and pricing. For total pricing remember to ask them to add the daily gratuities so you're not surprised at the end. Currently tips are about 14.00 per person per day, or around 350. for a five day cruise. You could book two connecting ocean views, there is a door between the two that you can open and close. You can book an ocean view for two and an interior nearby for three. Or two interiors. The layout on the Dream has scads and scads of public deck areas. A balcony isn't necessary to enjoy outdoor time. If you either you or your husband is a moderate drinker and you think the Cheers package would benefit only one of you, book you in one cabin with 1 teen, and your husband in the other cabin with the other two. That way only one of you will need to purchase Cheers and the other can pay by the drink. You can move into whichever you like after boarding. Get an extra key from Guest Services. There is no difference in classes on the Dream. Passengers in the least expensive cabin have full access to all public areas and to all included food venues. Venues that charge extra are clearly marked and you can easily enjoy good food without ever spending extra. Ask questions about different rates. Early Saver is always the cheapest, but there are very strict limitations and penalties for making any changes at all to your booking, such as cancelling entirely, changing dates, or cancelling one or more people. And do move over to the Carnival board. People ask questions you haven't even thought about yet. Also check the Carnival Dream website for information specific to that ship. Welcome to cruising!
  8. bury me at sea

    Assigned Dining on Breeze, which dining room?

    The aft dining room is used for assigned dining. I believe the upper level of the mid-ship dining room may also be used.
  9. bury me at sea

    Looking for Spa Prices

    Look in your Cruise Manager on Carnival's website.
  10. bury me at sea

    Carnival Magic, 2020

    I haven't sailed on the two other lines you mentioned, so have no way to compare. The Magic is a great ship. The decor is a little gaudy, but fun. It is extremely family friendly, with lots of activities scheduled and lots of "free play" areas. Cabins are a fairly generous size. Mid-ship pool is generally crowded, aft pool not so much, though I don't remember whether children were able to use it. There are several included lunch options, most on the Lido deck, but also check the outside area on deck 5. Food in the MDR, and for seaday brunches in the MDR, is consistently pretty good, and of course you can order multiple appetizers, entrees, and desserts. I think the Magic would be a good choice for your family, especially if it's an itinerary you want.
  11. bury me at sea

    Spa Balcony

    Someone else will have to give you specifics on the Horizon. On the Dream class ships, Dream, Magic, and Breeze, the Cloud 9 spa is delightful. There is a series of saunas, ending in a tranquil room with an amazing view and heated tile loungers. Next door is the thalassotherapy pool. Jetted water throughout several different depths of heated water, seating down the inside of the pool, and fountains of cooler water spaced along the sides. It is an experience like none other I've ever had. Included is a facial product and soft, fluffy towels, and unlimited access. I have read reviews on the Cloud 9 Spa on the Vista and the Horizon that were not enthusiastic. I can't remember the specifics, only that some people didn't compare it favorably to the Dream class. It's a quiet, serene area, with direct access to the Serenity Deck. My 25 year old granddaughter expressed it perfectly when she said after out first trip there, "This takes cruising to a whole new level."
  12. bury me at sea

    Spa Balcony

    If there are only two people in your cabin you both get spa privileges if you're both18 or older. If there are more than two, only two, 18 or older, get the spa privileges.
  13. bury me at sea

    Wow! Big mistake--Learn from me

    That's rough. Glad you got your cabin back.
  14. The information you need is all on Carnival's website. Basically you need approved forms of id; a passport is gold. You need a notarized letter signed by both parents giving you permission to take the child out of the country, permission for the child to go ashore in specific ports and participate in excursions, and authorizing you to make medical decision's on the child's behalf. Aside from proper documentation, based on reports posted here it's a good idea to have an understanding with the other parents regarding who will be responsible if the child decides not to go after final payment date. Someone will eat the loss.
  15. bury me at sea

    Alcohol questions šŸ¹

    Yes. Except of course water, coffee, tea, lemonade and fruit juice are available all around at no extra charge.