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  1. Apparently you have arrived at the party somewhat late. We are way past the allegations stage, past the pled guilty stage, past the first probationary stage, past the found to be guilty of not meeting probationary terms and conditions stage.
  2. As of the last hearing it was obvious that Carnival had learned nothing and as a consequence was assessed a hefty fine. They have yet to satisfy the court's order.
  3. I believe you are correct, assuming Carnival continues to offer $600 for cancelled cruises of at least 6 days.
  4. I have read too much and at this point Corona related issues are akin to scrambled eggs in my brain. However I think somewhere during the summer Carnival offered a sort of book with confidence relaxation of cancellation rules. It would sure be worth a call to ask.
  5. It's good to put to rest the uncertainty over November and December.
  6. Agree with the 2 posters above. If you take no action before sail date it will probably be there the evening before.
  7. Not only were their major theories proved correct, no one's health was hanging in the balance in the meantime, and no one else would have suffered damaging medical consequences if those theories had been proven wrong. Interesting anecdotes but not applicable to the topic.
  8. Gives me a little hope for my last expected refund. I have received, in 3 separate fed ex shipments, gift cards representing everything but one lone excursion. Have not called to check into it but would like to close out my spread sheets.
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