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  1. Thank you all so much! I opted for the 4:30 flight. There was a flight at 11:30 that wasn't direct, but y'all helped me realize I don't want any anxieties in case the unexpected happens. I think we will either check our luggage through from the ship if that service is available or find a place to store it and just walk around San Diego for awhile. Thanks also for the suggestions on what to do in San Diego. Lis
  2. Hi All - Another question re our Oosterdam cruise in December, RT San Diego. We always do Self-Debarkation. We keep our luggage in our room the night before and then just walk off the ship. I'm looking at air home on the 14th and there is a flight at 9:30 am or a flight at 4:30 pm. Given how close the airport is to the cruiseport, I'd like to think we could make the 9:30 am flight, but most likely that is cutting it too close, and this is our first time on HAL. Does anyone know what time debarkation usually begins on these one week Mexico cruises? Thanks! Lis
  3. Thank you all for your feedback, and, especially, dobieMom. I think the air might bother me and now I know that paper and masking tape will be my friends!! Lis
  4. Hi Maria and Norm - I'm glad you'll be on the cruise too. I don't know of any get togethers. I visited the roll call too, and yeah, not much action. :)
  5. Nancy - Yes, we will be boarding in San Diego on December 7th! I will try to find you! Lis
  6. Thank you so much for all your responses. You have put my mind at ease!! Lis
  7. Hi - We have never sailed Holland America for more than 1 night but have booked a December cruise on the Oosterdam. We watched this YouTube review and 2 things concerned me. 1. The reviewer said that there is constant air from a ceiling vent pouring into the room and 2. She complained of a squealing sound coming from something loose in the closet I think. If you watch the video you'll see what I am talking about. Have other people experienced annoying noises in their Oosterdam stateroom? And have any of you had issues with the ceiling vent? Thank you so much in advance. Lis https://youtu.be/YRCQpBxd6mA
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