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  1. I agree the service in YC is hard to beat- they bent over backwards to help you. The Concierge is alway there, always helpfull. Speaking of the Seaside!
  2. I have never sailed in the Retreat Area on borad X- I love X- ships though- obviously - since I cruised with them on over 20 cruises. Just 5 days ago I debarked the MSC Seaside. I was booked in a YC Suite. The YC experience is really really great- I loved every minute of it! Yes- it is a bubble- yes leaving YC is a little like a Culture Shock. I loved the YC so much- that I will book again- in YC- NOTHING ELSE with MSC. The service was top notch- the suite very spacious and nice! My best suite so far!
  3. Hi Betty, thanks a thousand times for taking the time to post the great ship pictures- and the food ones of course, too! Your are so wonderfully naughty eating through the whole dinner the other night. LOL! All looked really yummy! Us on a cruise together- they would have the run for their money. LOL. I know the feeling all toooo well- the last evening - packing - hm- kind of surreal to get back to normal life! I always tell myself, that soon I will the cats again ( we have three) - that helps to keep the after cruise blues in check! I don´t have anything WHITE- no becomming in my size! LOL. So i have to skip white night- other then that- my jackets have to do the trick! Tux stays home- have to take that one for my cruise in March- on board QM2! Thats is soon enough. Have a great trip home and thanks again for all the effort you took in letting us follow you around! Okay- will work on my Bavarian - not sooo easy for Swabian Guy- even though Ulm and Munich are not that far appart! How you cope in Berlin is beyond me- mit di ganzn Breissn do dob! Hehe! Greetings Michael PS. I am thinking about doing a " Live from" , too!
  4. Hi again, I forgot: Jo freila raumsd du sauber auf wenns d´ hoam gehst- bist ja a saubers Boyrisch Madel ned? Dia hindalossn koin Sauschdoi- that was the Bavarian version here come the Swabian one: Nadierlich hendrläsch du koin Sauhaufa- des wär ja au no scheener - a saubers Boyrisch Mädle! Translates as: Of course you leave a tidy ship- you are Bavarian Girl - they never leave a mess! LOL. I am a big supporter and fan of German dialects. My own is - of course swabian- schwäbisch- it is still not decieded which one is the worst- the Swabian or the Bavarian. Hehe! Oh my - now THAT was a real brain farth on my part. Sleep in again- sleeping beauty!
  5. Oh I thought that might be a door of some kind - so I do hope they patch it up propperly. I presume there was some machinery to change or repair.
  6. Hi Betty, thanks for taking the time to answer my silly questions. Here just come another one- was in aller Welt trägt man denn zur White Night? We had that once a hundred years back on Enchantment of the Seas - we all got ( well those wo wanted to participate) white bed linnen ( at least they looked like it) to wrap around us. Very funny, indeed! Here just comes another request- can you do a few interiour pics of your surroundings- just when you have the time and the opportunity, of course. Another one: Do i have to bring my tux or will a nice jacket ( have dozens of the them- so that would be easy) suffice? Sorry those where a lot of questions. I am a reall foody myself- so I sooo lock forward to nice meals - good hint about ordering two Mains in YC. Have a great remainder of your cruise and thanks a thousand times for answering my questions. Greetings Michael
  7. Ah thanks for those great pictures- she truly looks great again now! Can´t wait to board her in early March!
  8. Hi Betty, for your English speaking " followers " on your wonderful, funny journey I keep it in English- LOL. Noooo - do not kill Alex- he might come in handy for the remaining cruise. Hehe! Seems the dinning room stuff needs a little bit more training! I also was plain lazy and bought the Covid insurance through MSC- or better I booked it directly with my online TA- KFB. What do you think is the average age on you cruise? Do they dress up for formal night? Have to take care of some bits and pieces - odds and ends- then on monday I am on my way. Can´t wait! Have a great day- enjoy- enjoy - enjoy- but you are doing just that- and i love it how you enjoy your cruise! Greetings Michael
  9. All I saw is pictures on Insta, of the QM2 in drydock getting her new ( and desperately needed) new lick of paint! Nothing about any changes interiour!
  10. Hi Betty, oh my - you made my morning a smiling- no laughing- one. Well done- just what it needs to get going. I just imaginged how you whipped the floor with this overbearing guy at the airport and him still crying there. Kudos for helping the couple getting their insurance- I am sure they have been quite thankfull for the help they got from YOU other then starres from other onlookers. If the food in the YC is half as good as the one in the MDR looks- I am happy as the cow elsa! I bought the insurance - which is mandatory I think- through MSC. I print out everything- and really everything and keep it on hand at all times while boarding. Have to check the MSC webside today if my stuff is already ready to print out. Oh Betty, I find your own private salt and pepper thingies so cute- and a good idea! Have a great day- later! LOL. Greetings Michael
  11. Hi, and first of all- thanks for the info about the tea. Oh I like how you write your review. Seldom to meet people who are that straightforward and honest. Love it! The incident at lunch- well- all I can say- you handled it just great. What happend to the broken chair on your balcony - at whose head did you throw it? Or did you just throw it over board and asked for a new one- no you wouldn´t do that- that would have been littering and WE don ´t do that. LOL. How long did you have to wait for the resault of the C- Test at embarkation? Was it a zoo? Oh I know what you mean talking about Germans one wants to throw over board. Had the same experience on board MS 1 and MS 2! Unbeliebable rude behaviour - well , sometimes. I look forward to you nex installments. Have a great time! Liebe Grüße Michael
  12. Oh- Tea Cocktails- I have a " Tea- Gin" for creating a nice G&T- nice idea. You paper- roses look stunning! Thanks again for taking the time to write your report. Following you on your voyage is great way to prepare me for my own journey. Starting Monday, the 27th. Staying in Genua until Satureday. Will visist Mailand and Florence- both city´s excaped my travel list so far. Have save journeys to the ship!
  13. Thanks a lot for all the great pictures- I soo sooo love Berlin! I live down south- and I mean very very down south- so it is quite a way to travel to Berlin- but still! I love your dog - so cute- we have three cats... ! Thanks for the effort and finding out. RCI ships are great, too- in fact I ( restarted) crusing with them back in 1997- back then Enchantment of the Seas ( Maiden Voyage) was considered one of the biggest ships out there. Then I switched to X and Cunard.
  14. Oh, but no- I have no sleap difficulties- LOL. I have to be in the office since we run a family business- a little bakery chain. So those are my usual work hours. LOL. So I can sneak over to Cruise Critic from time to time. Neeee- das dauert doch nur noch zwei Tage- it´s only two days now- cheer up! I am sooo ready to go at ONCE- and have to wait another two weeks. Ich finde deinen Humor wunderbar- I love your sense of humor! I have booked two tours- and I hate quided tours- but they are only short tours so I had to bite the bullet...! Questions- okay let me fire away: 1. If you there how many passengers are on board and how does the ship take the passenger flow? 2. It will be my very first MSC cruise- cruising solo also- there were good bargains in YC so I booked a YC - cabin. I am usually cruising with Celebrity or Cunard- so I am really curious to experience MSC. I love the prommenade deck they installed on the Sea- Class ships. Freu mich auf deine Bilder- look forward to your pictures. 3. Ich liebe TEE in jeder Menge - I love tea - in gallons. LOL. So in which lounge can get a propper cup of tea- preferable served in propper china? LOL.
  15. I am not afraid of staff holding or touching my cruise card- as one poster already mentioned- Covid is almost always carried on by air. I am more afraid of people no adhering to the rules- esp. wearing their masks propperly. Holding ones mask in ones hand or wearing it right UNDER ones nose is not how it should be worn. I am still not sure is it just ignorance or plain stupidity.
  16. Oh I love, love, love your report - you haven´t even boarded as of yet- and already I can´t wait for your next installments. I so agree with you about the attitude of some people, regarding smoking etc. I am boarding the Seaside at October 2nd. Two voyages after yours. I am looking forward to your pictures. Have a save journey to Genua. All the best from a fellow German, with a very similar sense of humor as yours. LOL. Gute Reise!
  17. I don´t even know Lauren, but I know Guiseppe- he was on the Apex in July at her Maiden Voage- he was the just great! Along with Amanda Reid ( Cunard- QM2 mostly) the best CD I have experienced.
  18. I wish you a wonderful holiday- Miaminice- as you are familiar with the Edge- I am sure you will like the Apex as well! I am just three weeks from my " MSC- Yacht Club" Adventure. I have to admit - I never would book MSC outside the YC. The pictures I saw gave me goosebumps. LOL.
  19. Or some tools and stuff that is needed during the refit.
  20. Oh those carpets - i almost forgot them. LOL. Well I could do with them- if they get rid of those ugly shower curtains. A complete change of the bathrooms will maybe be done in the mentioned 2023 refit! As I have seen on X- ships- here the Millenium Class- ships can be refited and end up beyond recogniton . I sure wont want that for QM2 to happen.
  21. I agree- the SV cabins are the best balcony cabins. Some may like those IV cabins- I certainly don´t! The should have mixed the balcony´s in regulars and IV´s. I see the fact the majority of balcony cabins are IV´s as a major design flaw with the Edge Class! Thanks for these great pictures of the " porthole balcony cabins" . For just a quick breath of fresh air those may suffice also.
  22. The almost total silence of Cunard about the dry dock is - i think- an indication that not much will be done inside the ship. If they would do more- they would much more of a " Song and Dance" about it. As they did in 2016! At a closer look one can see that she needs a new paint- job from top to bottom.
  23. Oh how happy I am- my hair is short and thick and gets verrrrrrrrrrrry wet. So I am allowed, too! Thank god for small mercies.
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