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  1. Have a great trip! My husband's birthday is on the day we depart St. Martin on Wind Surf in December. I'm curious to know if they do anything for your birthday next week. Happy birthday in advance!
  2. We're also on this sailing. Your comment about Barbados and "bubble excursions" made me look at their requirements. According to the document showing the "ship's excursions" only (https://www.visitbarbados.org/covid-19-travel-guidelines-2020 - see pages 11 and 12), "in transit" (a day stop on island) visitors must also have a negative PCR test within 3 days of arriving on island. On board medical facilities are to perform the tests and confirm results prior to allowing guests off. Day 3 is Barbados; will our pre-boarding Covid test be a PCR? Again, I real
  3. We are on a December Wind Surf sailing from St Maarten. I have not yet booked any excursions as a) I already have a lot of money in FCC from a 2020 cruise to Alaska for which I'd bought excursions in advance and the money was rolled into the FCCs and I don't want to have more funds tied up, and b) I am hoping that as the summer trips happen, this rule will relax. As noted above, this is a complex situation. In the Caribbean, there are multiple destinations being visited. Each can set their own requirements and each can (and will) change requirements as local situations evolve.
  4. It's definitely confusing, but the update on the 24th applies only to travelers originating in Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire: https://stmaartenehas.com/travel-requirements/
  5. Hi SailMaine - Join our roll call! I'm just starting to review the excursions (December still feels a long way off!). RemPuck
  6. Pam - Enjoy your trip in July...and please keep us posted on how things work with testing and excursions and ship-board protocol...there are so many questions right now that really can only be answered once the ships are sailing with passengers again! Howard (RemPuck)
  7. The way I read the form is that they are offering both options so that travelers can get the test required for their specific destination. As you state, the US will accept the antigen test so (unless the requirements change), that should be sufficient. Many airports and resorts are offering the antigen test with quick turnaround for US-bound travelers.
  8. Logic would say that the Covid test ordering should be part of the "shore excursions" or "all in package" links. However, you have to dig: https://www.windstarcruises.com/voyage-plan/general-information/#BonVoyageGifts Friends and family can buy your return Covid test on the same form they can send you bon voyage Champagne!
  9. Fully Vaccinated Travelers Cruise ship operators, at their discretion, may advise passengers and crew that—if they are fully vaccinated—they may engage in self-guided or independent exploration during port stops, if they wear a mask while indoors. The cruise ship operator is additionally advised that foreign jurisdictions may have their own requirements. There are 2 critical points. 1. Windstar's discretion. They may still decide that they don't want people doing non-ship excursions. Though I agree that their excursions that include "free time in port" really defy their bubble
  10. I guess we got ours extended indirectly. We were supposed to have done an Alaska trip in August 2020. Just prior to the penalty phase starting in spring 2020, Windstar cancelled and we got an FCC and bonus. That FCC was good for sailings through the end of 2021. Later in 2020, we booked the same Alaska trip for 2021 with fingers crossed that we'd take the trip this year. The combination of the "7 day" rule (CDC guidance) and Canadian port closures, the trip was cancelled and our FCCs were re-issued with a new expiration of December 2022 (24 months after the cancellati
  11. Interesting....We are likely going to book a December trip which also stops at Virgin Gorda. Both of the excursions you have above are available for our trip then. And both still show the original prices. I wonder if it's a supply and demand issue ...with your trip coming up in June, people are starting to think "book excursions" and spots are filling up.
  12. Thanks @Ski Mom 2 for the suite feedback, especially regarding the bathroom. We see the definite pluses there! And thanks @SailMaine and @r&rd for the feedback about noise. It’s good to know that it’s not an issue. We will check with our TA this week to see how the #s work.
  13. We got the promo, too. Both of us have milestone birthdays this year ... would be nice to get a 42% discount! We are debating a Wind Surf itinerary out of St. Marteen on December 18 (husband's actual milestone birthday). It fits schedules and will get us away for a bit of Chicago winter. We also have a big FCC which we can apply. Combining the FCC and the discount, we are considering a suite. Any comments on those? Are the regular staterooms bigger than they look? Are there any noise concerns with the suites being under the lounge? We've only been on Star Breeze and have no ex
  14. We were booked for an Alaska trip in August; I'd noticed the "call for availability" several weeks ago and both our TA and Chris Prelog when he did the Q&A indicated that Star Breeze Summer 2021 itineraries were "under review." The trip was a re-book of an August 2020 Alaska trip using FCCs. At this point, I'm not sure what we'll do. The 2020 trip (11 days, Seward to Vancouver) included Prince William Sound and Hubbard Glacier. For 2021, the trip dropped Hubbard Glacier, adding a sea day. In 2022, both PWS and Hubbard Glacier are gone. Much to think about.
  15. Per my TA, Windstar is reviewing the full set of itineraries and will make a decision in the "next few weeks." Perhaps we'll learn more from Chris Prelog.
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