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  1. rljan- Ditto, waiting since March.
  2. The best thing about staying in 2 rooms is having 2 bathrooms. Vantage's single room in on the lowest deck, and I think some other lines have it set up this way. If you wanted to stay adjacent your friends, then they would be in the aquarium class also...saving money along the way. And if you find a line waiving the single supplement as Franski says above, then great!, a larger room for the same price. Imagine the industry might be having cabins to fill when they truly get sailing, hopefully next year.
  3. I'm looking at a motorcycle trip from my home in upstate NY. According to the states web sites, I can travel to PA, and Vermont. Vermont has a map showing which counties in the adjacent states are reporting less then 400 active cases per million, if under that number there is no quarantine. New Hampshire doesn't want you unless you are from an adjacent state. I didn't see mention of waivers. Too bad as I love riding in the state, we've rented places in North Conway before. 30 miles from Thousand Islands Bridge to Canada, but that direction is definitely closed. Luckily many gorgeous roads in that NY-upper PA-VT bubble. I stay at the little park in front motels, and just putter along, keeping to myself except for ice cream stops. Pretty low risk, and high reward for sanity purposes. A solo motorcycle is socially distant by nature. Link to map allowing travel to Vermont: shows current covid rate by county, NE USA https://accd.vermont.gov/covid-19/restart/cross-state-travel
  4. On Vantage, there is an option to put a third person in a suite (just a bigger room, really). It's not a large room, maybe 250 sq ft. Probably some other lines have something similar.
  5. Thanks, I never understood why Vantage bused us to Trier from near Bernkastel for our day tour of the city, then on our 'free' day, the boat was parked in Schweich. It made for a nice bike ride to Trier, maybe 20 km's on the bike path, but I'm sure that the people who didn't pay extra money to go Luxembourg would have rather walked off the boat in Trier, and not Schweich.
  6. I figured people would laugh if I listed that, but yeah, that's a good burger, fries in the little basket, a beer and the best view on the boat in the Aquavit lounge.
  7. Our sailing on Vantage was canceled, and we agreed to a refund on 20 March. No money has hit our account yet. I've contacted them a few times, they say to have patience due to the backlog. What I don't understand is that we were on the first Tulip cruise of the year, and I would think that refunds would come in order of the cruise sailing date. I've had American Airlines refund money in about 10 days during this crisis, and United posted a voucher to our account the next day, as did Delta with a points flight.
  8. They really are...so nice to be taken care of. We do a lot of independent travel to Europe, so I enjoy a trip where I don't have to plan/think/worry. No packing and unpacking. And the spouse can go with the daily tour, and I can grab a bike and ride along the river, both of us happy.
  9. Thanks for letting us know, good news is a bit rare these days. Hope you enjoy your cruise.
  10. Yikes, I hope they do they right thing by you. It would be terrible for them not to stand by their word. I'm still waiting somewhat patiently for our refund....
  11. When going well, they gracefully meander from beautiful city to gorgeous city, effortlessly carrying you down the river to your next adventure. Times like now, they are tied up to a dock, useful as a horseshoe in Church. Or words to that effect.
  12. Please do a trip report when you're back. The Moselle is beautiful, I think you'll have a great time. Are you with Radreison?
  13. Thanks JP...'work to distract you'...if I remember correctly, you do some very important work, especially right now. Try and stay safe, hope you're getting the supplies you need. November: River cruise or Big boat?
  14. Unfortunately, Thom is probably correct. I could see some hope by September for their being local returns to 'normal', but not globally. Our Tulip cruise was supposed to visit Keukenhof today, 67 and sunny in nearby Leiden. August was visiting daughter stationed in Alaska, late September was going to be 2 weeks in Poland, Thanksgiving week in Portugal. Alaska may go, as it is domestic. Poland/September, I'm doubtful. Portugal/November, hopeful...but the pessimist in me wonders if that won't be when the second wave of infections hit, as happened w/ other pandemics. Stay safe, only thing in our control is to try and 'hunker down in place' best you can. (to make up for Keukenhof, I bought some small pots of daffodils and tulips, and put in a small planter inside, $8 usd investment. Lot cheaper than Keukenhof. 😉 Some nice color. We're up by Canada, so no outside flowers for a bit.
  15. For us, it was a bit nerve wracking, as we were flying out a week early, using Vantage provided airfare. We wanted them to cancel, didn't want to wind up in Ireland with no cruise to board....understandably they were going to hold off as long as they could. The President shutting down travel forced their hand. Good luck, I hope this works out for you one way or the other.....
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