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  1. JP: Heading up north on RT 26 to school...was it up in Potsdam? Wife went to Clarkson. I started college late due to Army, so graduated in 1999. Didn't know many students as I already had 3 kids and was a commuter. ESF really is a very good school. College/Army disconnect: A youngster was talking about Panama City. I asked him a question about why he would go there, and how they were recovering, I had been there a year after the invasion. Turns out, Florida has a Panama City as well. Another time, they were talking about Ranger school...but the one up in Wanaken
  2. Thanks folks, the world is so small! JP- If you had stopped in Sackett's, you could have toured Madison Barracks. It an old Army base, US Grant was stationed there at one time. The Navy had a big shipyard also, and it played a role in stopping a British attack during the 1812 war. Here is Molly from the same photo shoot, in front of one of the old buildings. The housing has been converted to townhouses. The local High School use to hold a haunted house in the old hospital, which was abandoned for years. Super creepy, and due to liability, they can't ho
  3. Well, it's not a fancy Audi, but she'll do for me. Traded in the 2012 Ural for a 2021. The dealer is in Ohio, so picked it up Friday morning, am putting miles on it (500 so far) with a return to dealer Monday for first service then return to Upstate NY. Kept old windscreeen, and of course my Irish sheepskin. The river is the Ohio. I didn't see any cruise ships but did see a barge. Trees are blooming. Spent yesterday bombing through the Kentucky hollows, great curves. And here is Sweet Molly Malone, just last Tuesday. Wound up with 59,000 kms with no m
  4. Concur, I've inquired about early retirement at work, and I'm not in the medical field. Hard year all around.
  5. Gloria (Gloria), I think they got your number (Gloria)I think they got the alias (Gloria) that you've been living under (Gloria)But you really don't remember, was it something that they said?Are the voices in your head calling, Gloria? Jazz- Not this Gloria, right? Because this certainly isn't the one that Sister Mary Helen taught us...although with her singing voice, Laura Branigan's version may have sounded better. 😉 And they use so much holy water as they can make more easily, just have to boil the hell out of it.
  6. Wow, super big respect for 97 year old Budapest Doctor guy. Same apartment for 91 years, still treating patients, made it through WW2. Amazing. I'm sure he has enough life stories for 2 or 3 books. Doc Istvan probably takes the trams still, unless his practice is in the same building, which would add another layer of coolness to his story. What a stud. Thanks for posting the article link. JP Albany, Dr Istvan Kormendi, has set quite the high bar for you to meet or exceed.
  7. I grew up in suburbia outside of DC, I much prefer the cows and 6 acres we have now, versus a 1/4 acre lot and neighbors. A bit smelly at times, but you don't have to lock your doors and cheese is plentiful.
  8. Here's a story about small town vaccine tourism, in Potsdam NY. Interesting to read about 'city folk' coming to upstate NY for the shot, it's 350 miles away from NYC. To many of them, upstate is Newburgh, but no, the state keeps on going. Overseas, when people ask where we are from, we say NY, they think city, yet we have more cows than people in our county. I'm glad they get both the vaccine, and a nice (hopefully) introduction to the North Country. Good thing they didn't interview anyone who drove up during a white-out snow storm. That would really change your impression of
  9. Ditto, but on the eastern end of the lake we share, they're talking 3" - 10" of snow. That's a pretty big range, so time will tell, as it always does. At least it won't last.
  10. Those guys, pound for pound, kilo for kilo, are some of the strongest animals out there, and will not back down from anything. Pretty amazing video out there, they'll take on animals much larger and win. They're the crazy guy in the bar fight, who really enjoys a good scrap, so you just avoid at all cost. Buffalo- there use to a farm near us that raised them for meat, I would take my kids out to watch them. They always seem pre-historic to me. In the brutal winters out west, they survive with a super thick coat, and they use their strong neck and horns to dig through the snow
  11. If you were to serve as the hostess/tour director, I believe this web group could fill/charter one of the 110 passenger boats quite easily, for a nice week to 10 night cruise. Board in Wurzburg or Nuremberg, sail to the Rhine and then Mosel. Try and visit some of the smaller towns. But I would be open to wherever you direct our Captain to sail. I think it would be nice! I'm sure that your fare +1 would be gratis for all you've brought to this board. Thanks. Brian
  12. New York State has just dropped down to those above age 60 are eligible for the vaccine. Syracuse is using the State Fair facilities and have been running 24 hour operations, I believe it was Moderna during the day and J&J at night. They gave 2,000 shots on Friday. Light at the end of the tunnel.
  13. I did a little checking, a canal boat is rental is roughly $3500 usd for 7 nights. That's for a boat that will sleep 4, includes gas, tolls, linens, etc. Several places offer rental, at various spots along the canal.
  14. And I messed up, Lockport and Brockport are both west of Palmyra, not east. Buffalo way on I-90, not Albany way (for my fellow NY'ers)
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