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  1. JP- Yes, I have been able to visit a few times, it is an interesting area. Better yet, these were spots I visited on my motorcycle trips, and this time was able to share them with spouse. Comment from Rock City, 'so this is why you go on about the place', yeppers, dear. Very surprising that the Kinzua Sky Walk, which incorporates the portion of the bridge that didn't collapse, is a free attraction. From their web site "The Kinzua Sky Walk extends out 624 feet into the Kinzua Gorge offering panoramic views. The skywalk features a walkway with a set of railroad tracks leading to the end of the overlook which has a partial glass floor. At a stunning height of 225 feet above the valley floor, visiting the Kinzua Sky Walk is an exciting opportunity to “Walk the Tracks across the Sky.”" and the fallen down part.
  2. They're 'pudding stone', or Conglomerate rock. Looks like concrete, and then the softer particles got washed away in the various ice ages. Really neat area. Thanks for giving me another place to check out. We've stayed at Grantown on Spey and Dunkeld, loved them both, and your spot is kinds in between them, so has been added to Maps. Both kids/spouse have stated that Scotland needs to be high on the return list...maybe even before Ireland, so that's saying a lot.
  3. Notamermaid- Here are some pictures from NY, so East Coast, but inland. From the Adirondacks. To the Pennsylvania border, 'Rock City'. and Kinzau Reservoir in Northwest PA. And my 4 friends from nearby Adams, NY. Enjoy Fall! He's only lost the foot in 250 miles, so doing good. Bob told me he didn't even feel it.
  4. T&M- Good luck with your trip. I 'think' that Portugal really wants tourist dollars so that leg hopefully holds up. If your France leg cancels, you can scramble and find plenty to do in Portugal. I was lucky enough to go twice in 2019 and fell in love with the place. Guimaraes is about a 50 minute drive away from Porto, and would be nice for a few days. Safe sailing.
  5. Crikey, were = where, you = you're. I think I'm proving my lack of typing ability/clarity. Folks who have English/American as a second language are doing better than me.
  6. Sorry, we lived in Lindflur, 10 km's or so outside of Wurzburg. I was referring to the picture of the main square in Wurzburg were we'd chase the pigeons. I think I was typing before my coffee kicked in. I'm sure your correct about German pigeon chasing etiquette, as I said, Christina's German mom wasn't always happy with me. But could you have told little Christina no? Such a sweetheart. And here is a view of the Main at high water, looking down from the Fortress.
  7. I agree, if you can spend the night, it's pretty magical after all the day trippers have gone (like Bruges). And the Nightwatchman tour is pretty great. Not my video, but you get the idea: Notamermaid- Thanks again for the pics of our old home. The main square, early in the morning, we'd go into town with friends and their infant daughter. I take her in her stroller and we'd chase after the pigeons. My buddy's German wife would shake her head and pretend she had nothing to do with us, as my behavior just was 'appropriate' maybe? Her daughter and I were having a blast though, and I never did it on market day. Christina (the infant), later did a 10km volksmarch with us, it was so cold she stayed snuggled against my chest, under the jacket, chilling and sleeping. Dad was working, so I got the job. Great times.
  8. Sounds very nice, I'm heading to Alaska tomorrow to visit daughter, so I appreciate that you are putting in the effort but doubtful I can dial in. Wurzburg is quite the place to visit, and between the splendor of the Residence, to the imposing views from the Fortress, to the wein gardens along the river, she certainly punches way above her weight. A good sized pedestrian zone and tram system to get you around. As you are facing the Fortress with the river to your back, there is a very nice international garden and Wasserspielpark, behind the Fortress to the right. Very nice walking trails and different gardens arranged by country. The ring walk was also nice, you could pick it up from the back of the Residence formal gardens. If you go 10 km south on the B-19 to the 400 person village of Lindflur you can visit the 'Christmas tree' we planted next to our apartment. It was a Blue Spruce with root ball that we used as our tree in 1988, and visited it in 2014 to confirm that it is thriving. We were so lucky to stumble on a small attic apartment in a brand new building, no railings or lights in stairwell when we moved in. Pop open the roof windows and look out over fields of sugar beets....just a beautiful spot, no TV, German or American. Loved that blissful ignorance of youth, no clue what was going on outside our little bubble. My wife and I agree that the almost 4 years there (pre-kids) was pretty magical, so Germany will always be special to us.... Enjoy!
  9. Canal Archive- My wife would concur. My daughters would get the sock so far, then wife would swoop in to help with the heel. As I was the beneficiary of many of these socks, I definitely noticed the precision going up over the years. And if interested, Arnhem has a great yarn shop.
  10. Functional for the enjoyment of the passengers paying the bill, how's that? Having a boat that doesn't clear bridges in high water isn't very functional either, but they roll with it. 😀
  11. Notamermaid- you know it! My wife would be in the rocking chair, drink at her side, knitting her socks, and the most serene happy smile on her face.
  12. Near us in NY is the village of Copenhagen, which is in the town of Denmark. That fits, unlike the town of Poland with no Warsaw, or the nearby town of Russia with no Moscow. We were in Athens, Greece back in the late 80's. My wife had her Syracuse sweatshirt on. Thanks to Rony Seikaly, people knew she wasn't representing for SIcily. Rony, who was playing basketball for SU, and had been on the Greek National team as a teenager. Good way to meet people.
  13. Traditionalists don't like the looks of the bow on Viking as it is not a 'pointy' shape? It might not look nice from the shore, but sitting at the front of the Aquavit Lounge, in one of the rocking chairs with a cold drink in your hand, it looks pretty amazing. My favorite spot on the ship. Function over form in this case, at least to me.
  14. Lois- Have a great cruise. Who are you sailing with? I showed the spouse some of the Greece only sailings and she was really interested. For the time being, I like the idea of only visiting one country, versus multiple. Thanks
  15. My train story from last Tuesday: In Alaska for my daughter's promotion, Army Captain to Major. Solo trip to Fairbanks as wife was just up to teach a class. Daughter gets a 4 days pass, D/SIL and I drive to Valdez stay 2 nights, and get to cruise up and see the glaciers, orcas, porpoises, seals, great weather day...amazing experience, highlight of the trip, right? Nope, a night in Wasilla, then D/SIL drop me in Telketna to take the Glacier Express from there, past Denali, and up to Fairbanks. Supposed to be 9 hours, takes 10 wonderful hours. I splurged for the Gold Star, which gets you the two story car, lower is dining for your included lunch/dinner, upstairs is seating with the domed glass roof, and rear open sided deck about 15 feet long for photo taking and enjoyment. The web site and brochure said 2 drinks included along with all soda/coffee/tea you'd like. We got an open bar. Great scenery for the 4 hours to Denali, then everyone in my car got off, there is a line of people getting on in car C, but no one comes forward to my car. The bartender is cleaning up, and asks if I want to move back...Nope, I'm just great up here. They bring me my dinner and check on me for drinks, which is easy as I'm on water by now, I want to remember the amazing views. And the view from Wasilla B&B at 1130 pm, a few days before solstice. For D/SIL, about 1,000 miles of driving over frost heaved roads. Definitely made the train a much easier choice. We had a bunch of podcasts for the drive, and kiddo is still great with the snacks, so a real fine time was had by all.
  16. Mildred- Glad it worked out for you. We were also supposed to be on Tulip Cruise, the first sailing of 2020. Decided to roll the dice and rebooked as a 2022 Holiday Cruise. Part of the reason was we had a bunch of credits we used for the Tulip Cruise, and those would have become useless it we asked for a $ refund. So our 9 night tulip cruise w/ airfare has transformed into an 8 night Holiday cruise w/ airfare and 3 nights precruise in Prague, only $200 more and it's not due until June 2022. I know the precruise packages are overpriced, but I didn't want to leave any money as credits, and the dates worked with wife's schedule. So we'll either be feeling real smart or dumb in 550 some days... agree that the front office is hard to deal with, but they haven't had the best of situations to deal with. Never expected this to last as long as it has.
  17. Notamermaid- People ask my wife if she is nervous in the sidecar, and she tells them she has more steel around her than if we were on a 2 wheel bike, so she's good. A sidecar bike has such a weird profile, it doesn't register in peoples brains, so I think they actually 'see' it more. 2 wheel bikes, I have no idea why, but cars make left turns in front of them all the time. Ritabob- several of my coworkers grew up in Ogdensburg and Morristown, both right on the river. They tell of the olden times, when they could take the boat across the river, stock up on the higher % alcohol beer, and be back in 20 minutes. It wasn't going to Canada to them, it was just visiting the next town. Good old days. Daisi- I try to wave to everyone who initiates, especially kids whose jaws drop as they've never seen a 'hack rig' before. Really nice how many thumbs up you get, folks hollering 'where's it from?', etc. Just yesterday I was trundling along, came to a stop light, and smelled weed. Ok, a few cars around me, couldn't ID where it was coming from. A few stops later, it's only 1 of the vehicles left. Same distinctive smell. Guy rolls down his window, 'Who makes that thing?'. I tell him, he says nice bike, I say nice weed, he grins, I laugh as I am now going in a different direction than him. On a motorcycle, you are truly immersed in the natural world, smells and all! Don Beyer, didn't know that, pretty cool. They sponsored our youth football team. Their cars were much better than my team. Sigh.
  18. JP: Heading up north on RT 26 to school...was it up in Potsdam? Wife went to Clarkson. I started college late due to Army, so graduated in 1999. Didn't know many students as I already had 3 kids and was a commuter. ESF really is a very good school. College/Army disconnect: A youngster was talking about Panama City. I asked him a question about why he would go there, and how they were recovering, I had been there a year after the invasion. Turns out, Florida has a Panama City as well. Another time, they were talking about Ranger school...but the one up in Wanakena, Adirondacs. And that one doesn't have a mountain phase, or call for fire training, or.... I really was impressed by the younger students intelligence and passion for the environment, gotta say that. At the time, lumber competitions were the only school sport! Capriccio- Where in Northern VA? I grew up in Falls Church, suburbia, where the police drove Volvos (only dealership in city limits, and it matched their yuppiness). Spouse from the Salt City itself, the rust belt city known as Syracuse.
  19. Thanks folks, the world is so small! JP- If you had stopped in Sackett's, you could have toured Madison Barracks. It an old Army base, US Grant was stationed there at one time. The Navy had a big shipyard also, and it played a role in stopping a British attack during the 1812 war. Here is Molly from the same photo shoot, in front of one of the old buildings. The housing has been converted to townhouses. The local High School use to hold a haunted house in the old hospital, which was abandoned for years. Super creepy, and due to liability, they can't hold it there anymore. Our German exchange student could not understand what was going on and bailed, not sure if they have them in Germany? Cortland is very pretty, I love the rolling hills. To the east of you, those valley roads, 8, 12, 26 are great riding. To the west, the finger lakes. Not a bad place to be from! There's also some college nearby, Cornell, maybe you've heard of it? (Stupid 'The Office' reference.) Daisi- we reciprocate, Kingston is a favorite spot for us to 'pop over' for an afternoon. It's actually a bit embarrassing how nice Kingston is compared to some upstate towns. Caught an old time movie being filmed in front of all the limestone buildings once. They covered the asphalt with dirt, brought in hitching posts for horses. Fort Henry and the prison museum both are worth a stop. Neat thing to do, is take the ferry from Kingston to Wolfe Island, it's free. Then you can take a second ferry from the island to Cape Vincent NY. That ferry you pay for, maybe 10-12 cars can fit, but they still have the Customs checkpoint. That's gotta be cush duty, compared to the main crossing where you go from the 401 to I-81 in states. Fun fact, NYS flies the Canadian flag alongside the US one at the Watertown and A-bay state rest areas off I-81. I think that's pretty cool, my family has always thought we have more in common with southern Ontario than NYC. Cappricio- And Binghamton won the Golden Snowball this year, which is pretty rare. A lot of noreasters came that far inland but don't make it to Syracuse or Buffalo. We really didn't have a lot of snow either (comparatively). Youngest daughter just graduated from SUNY Binghamton, and I went to ESF (environmental/forestry), which is co-located with SU, even took some classes with SU. Almost 800 miles down, another 70 to the shop for that first service.
  20. Well, it's not a fancy Audi, but she'll do for me. Traded in the 2012 Ural for a 2021. The dealer is in Ohio, so picked it up Friday morning, am putting miles on it (500 so far) with a return to dealer Monday for first service then return to Upstate NY. Kept old windscreeen, and of course my Irish sheepskin. The river is the Ohio. I didn't see any cruise ships but did see a barge. Trees are blooming. Spent yesterday bombing through the Kentucky hollows, great curves. And here is Sweet Molly Malone, just last Tuesday. Wound up with 59,000 kms with no major issues, which is real fine for Russian Iron. Myself, spouse, kids truly enjoyed her company, bouncy down the back gravel roads. The looks we would get when we stopped, and people would realize that spouse was knitting socks. Waterfall is 1 mile from house, Talcott Falls. Really neat when the ice forms in winter.
  21. Concur, I've inquired about early retirement at work, and I'm not in the medical field. Hard year all around.
  22. Gloria (Gloria), I think they got your number (Gloria)I think they got the alias (Gloria) that you've been living under (Gloria)But you really don't remember, was it something that they said?Are the voices in your head calling, Gloria? Jazz- Not this Gloria, right? Because this certainly isn't the one that Sister Mary Helen taught us...although with her singing voice, Laura Branigan's version may have sounded better. 😉 And they use so much holy water as they can make more easily, just have to boil the hell out of it.
  23. Wow, super big respect for 97 year old Budapest Doctor guy. Same apartment for 91 years, still treating patients, made it through WW2. Amazing. I'm sure he has enough life stories for 2 or 3 books. Doc Istvan probably takes the trams still, unless his practice is in the same building, which would add another layer of coolness to his story. What a stud. Thanks for posting the article link. JP Albany, Dr Istvan Kormendi, has set quite the high bar for you to meet or exceed.
  24. I grew up in suburbia outside of DC, I much prefer the cows and 6 acres we have now, versus a 1/4 acre lot and neighbors. A bit smelly at times, but you don't have to lock your doors and cheese is plentiful.
  25. Here's a story about small town vaccine tourism, in Potsdam NY. Interesting to read about 'city folk' coming to upstate NY for the shot, it's 350 miles away from NYC. To many of them, upstate is Newburgh, but no, the state keeps on going. Overseas, when people ask where we are from, we say NY, they think city, yet we have more cows than people in our county. I'm glad they get both the vaccine, and a nice (hopefully) introduction to the North Country. Good thing they didn't interview anyone who drove up during a white-out snow storm. That would really change your impression of our part of the state. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2021/03/28/covid-19-vaccines-new-york-available-potstam/7040787002/
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