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  1. Sailed on the Mariner on a 4-night cruise just after it was "amped" - just as a quick get-away. Did not enjoy it - at all! The ship was too small & crowded for my taste. The cabins were worn and dated. The crowd was too young & rowdy and the crew didn't manage or handle things very well. It was a booze cruise. If you are young, looking to party, and not concerned about good food or level of customer service...you will probably have a great time.
  2. Congrats to those who got through! I received the offer too. Still not booked however - cannot get through on phone but did get a response to request using designated email, only confirming receipt of my request. Seems they are overwhelmed to say the least... Not helping that now any/everyone who sees these generous offers and all the booking details posted - is curious and will be calling/emailing Princess Casino too: "just to see if we qualify"...further delaying response to folks who were targeted to receive the offer! 😒
  3. Will I book another cruise on Princess? Most definitely!
  4. Love to hear the words "Welcome aboard" Also loved *Hearing the ship's horn play the "Love Boat" theme song for the first time - Regal Princess *Watching a gorgeous sunrise on a warm spring morning as we entered the Panama Canal -Coral Princess *Experiencing New Year's Eve on Royal Princess 2017' - best NYE ever! *Early morning Irish Coffees on deck of Ruby Princess as we entered spectacular Glacier Bay - Alaska *Encountering two most favorite Princess crew members(Rob & Ramel) again onboard four years later *Having the Enclave on the Regal all to myself one evening...I could go on. Cruising is my "happy place" too. Have sailed other lines - but am happier when sailing with Princess.
  5. I'm puzzled too by NCL's port/taxes/fees...and why NCL port charges/taxes/fees are higher than other cruise lines to start with, and can fluctuate?. Never seen this practice on other lines.
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