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  1. As you guys might know, Royal Caribbean has a few more ships on order right now. A Quantum Class, 2 Oasis Class, and a new Icon Class with at least 3 of them on order. Of Course, at the time of writing this we know that the Quantum class will be Odyssey Of The Seas and the next Oasis Class Vessel will be Wonder Of The Seas. However, there is an additional Oasis Class Vessel and 3 Icon Class Vessels which do not have any names. Does anyone have any guesses of what they might be named? The Oasis Class we could probably narrow down due to the theme for the last five. Oasis, Allure, Harmony, Symphony, Wonder. Anyway, anyone got any ideas?
  2. Disney Wonder Been on it four times on a bunch of different itineraries and every time it was a very enjoyable experience. It is a decent size ship with a good amount of facilities that really give a unique experience
  3. The Dream is the larger ship and there are a whole bunch of cool features onboard but at only 3 days you get barely anytime to explore the ship and learn about it. The Magic still has a bunch of good features and with the day at sea that you get you would be able to explore the ship a bunch more and learn about it. Overall, I think which ever one you choose is still going to be a good choice and hopefully when you are onboard you get to enjoy the experience on either ship.
  4. Something I find odd is that they moved the logo from its original position to where it is on the voyager class not on the hull but instead on the stern higher up, with that it makes it look like Voyager of The Seas or at least a Voyager Class ship though. Freedom of the Seas Pre Renovation along with the white hull which looks much better Freedom of The Seas Post Renovation Looking at the back although very small you can see that they moved the logo over and shrunk it which we have only seen on the voyager class of ships.
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