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  1. It´s not totally speculation. The newspaper referred to an internal company newsletter. They were asking the workers to increase the work hours to 45 hours per week to get back into the timeline. Spectrum is the next ship to be delivered. They still can make it for sure. Of course AIDAnova is a new prototype ship and therefore there are still some kinks to be worked out which take longer than expected (I remember the Quantum....). But usually Meyer is pretty well known for keeping their delivery dates. So this is something to worry about. steamboats
  2. steamboats

    Everything... Norwegian ENCORE! Launch Nov 2019

    Steff, I think one cabin was confirmed but there were rumors about more. Anyway one or two or three - that wouldn´t be the reason for the delay. Yep, all cruises until Dec 19th including the maiden cruise starting Dec 2nd have been cancelled today. steamboats who should have been onboard right now
  3. steamboats

    AIDA's New Helios Class Ship

    The hand over should have been taken place yesterday but has been cancelled. Yesterday it was confirmed that the ship will be ready for the maiden cruise on Dec 2nd. Todays announcement is that all cruises til Dec 19th are now cancelled. steamboats
  4. steamboats

    Everything... Norwegian ENCORE! Launch Nov 2019

    The fire did not cause any further delays. It was only one cabin. steamboats
  5. Today in the German news is an article about delays at Meyer Werft. Todays hand over of the AIDAnova has been delayed until later this month with the first cruise now Dec 2nd. First cruise should have been today. Another newspaper talks about delays concerning the Spectrum of the Seas and the Spirit of Discovery too. steamboats
  6. steamboats

    Everything... Norwegian ENCORE! Launch Nov 2019

    There´s an article on a German website speaking about big delays at Meyer Werft in Papenburg. The hand over of the AIDAnova was scheduled for today (and actually I was supposed to fly this afternoon) but has been delayed. Now the inaugural cruise on Dec 2nd will be the first one. They had to cancel all pre inaugurals which were booked pretty well. Another newspaper is even speaking about delays with the further newbuilts like the Spectrum of the Seas and the Spirit of Discovery. Hopefully the Norwegian Encore will be ready in time. She´s the third ship to be delivered in 2019. steamboats
  7. Sorry to correct you, but the Bayern Ticket is valid weekdays after 9 am (not 9:30). steamboats
  8. Language onboard all Phoenix Reisen ships is definitely German. Crew members do speak English too. But there won´t be any announcements in English, no daily program or anything else (maybe except for emergency announcements). I´ve only been on their river cruise ships but DH has been on one of the blue water ships (but we are German). steamboats
  9. steamboats

    Celebrity Edge's Blocks Are In The House!

    That depends on the shipyard. Especially the Italians do have various ceremonies in the ship yard including the christening when the ship first gets water under the keel (float out). Here in Germany (Meyer) there´s no ceremony for that part of the construction. It may be more correct to call it "naming ceremony". steamboats
  10. steamboats

    Everything... Norwegian ENCORE! Launch Nov 2019

    Oct 31st til Nov 2nd - that´s a 2 nighter ;-) - for media and travel agents. steamboats
  11. They did change quite a bit for Spectrum. And all the changes are to please the Chinese customer. Remember when they closed the Solarium on Ovation and made it suites only? It´s been just for the China cruises not out of Australia. Now we have a dedicated extended suite area. No Star class but Silver and Gold. So they definitely made some adaptions specifically for the Chinese market. More gambling space and VIP rooms for high rollers are also specifically for the Chinese market. The Diamond Club on the Ovation was turned into the VIP gambling room (and changed back for the Australia cruise). A hot pot restaurant in the aft part of Windjammer... another Asian restaurant on the lower decks. I didn´t look on the cabins. But on the Norwegian Joy they´ve added a lot of connecting doors and triple/quad occupancy cabins as the Chinese prefer to travel in larger groups/families. steamboats
  12. steamboats

    Excellant cruise line

    Welcome to CruiseCritic, Tom! You should be a bit more precise with your posts and tell us more about your cruises ;)! steamboats
  13. steamboats

    Excellant cruise line

    Two posts... one bashing ACL and the other one praising AQSC. Not saying on which boat he was cruising (in neither post). Welcome to CruiseCritic! steamboats
  14. Sorry, but this ship is designed for the Chinese market (and optimize the revenue there). There are a lot of differences to the sister ships which you won´t find on any other RCI ship. They didn´t do that much with the Ovation so it´s easier to refurbish it back for the US market. There is more space for gambling, there is a different suite system and areas (Solarium is suites only), there are more Asian restaurants. steamboats
  15. steamboats

    American Cruise Line is terrible

    Two posts... one bashing ACL and the other one praising the competitor AQSC. Not saying on which boat he was cruising (in neither post). Welcome to CruiseCritic! steamboats