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  1. Got a note from BS from LAX during the night and in the meantime he has arrived at Papeete. I wasn´t really able to sleep thinking that I can do online check-in for my flights past 1 am... So I got up at 2 am and checked-in and printed my boarding passes for tomorrow. Have to get up at 4 am, get out to the airport for my 7:15 am flight to Paris and then 11:35 am flight to Papeete arriving at 9:45 pm local time (or 9:45 am Saturday morning German time). Still not really looking forward to this flight adventure. Save travels for EJ & Mary! steamboats aks Carmen
  2. At least we can go back onboard... Although it won´t be for long ... for me... BS left last night for Paris and might be back at the airport for his flight to Papeete. I´m following on Friday (but don´t stay overnight in Paris). steamboats aka Carmen