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  1. Didn´t say anything else. Just said that ESTA is no visa and just a pre-check. Entry can still be denied by the immigration officer. And as @Griller said there are a lot of people even from UK and Europe who don´t need ESTA due to other reasons like having a real visa. steamboats
  2. Nothing different for Germany... anyway it´s not a visa but a pre-check within the visa waiver program. The immigration officer still can deny entry. steamboats
  3. But don´t be disappointed - it´s not the pig island known through media reports. That one is too far away. It´s just a place where they put some pigs. steamboats
  4. eTA is only required for flying into Canada. It´s not required for cruise ship arrivals or passing the border by car (ESTA is also required for cruise ship arrivals). Anyway, neither ESTA nor eTA are a visa but just a pre-check. steamboats
  5. First of all there´s another political crisis in Italy and nobody really knows how long this government will last and in case it breaks up there will be a new minister... and new discussions. Second CLIA said that the media reports are not correct. They did not agree with any plans proposed by the minister but still favor the Canale Vittorio Emmanuele to be dug out so the ships can reach the current Stazione Marittima from the Marghera side (via Canale dei Petroli). So there will be a lot of tides going up and down until something happens in Venice... steamboats
  6. Steinweder? Either take a taxi or the cruise lines transfer. Public transportation is almost non existant at this terminal. You need a shuttlebus taking you to the train station (suburban train) at Veddel. Then you have to change the train to another line to get to the airport. Altona and Cruise Center are much easier. steamboats
  7. I´m a cross-stitcher and we had a crafts group on the Oasis TA in 2014 with all kind of crafts (including a lady with a spinning wheel!). No problem at all regarding the needles. And actually I do have a sewing kit in my baggage which of course has a needle in it too. No problem ever. steamboats
  8. First of all this was a talk between the minister of transport and the CLIA. The mayor of Venice does not like the suggestions made there. So we have to wait and see. The suggestions are that starting in September a couple of ships should dock in Fusina and Lombardia. But the major problem is that those are ferry terminals and they are located on the Canale dei Petroli which is already pretty busy with oil tankers and more going to Marghera. It´s a one way traffic so it´s closed for hours in the other direction. Then by 2020 30% of all ships should go there.... Even more problems. Ships with 40,000 BRT or under can still go into the port. I think the last agreement was 55,000 BRT or 95,000 BRT. I´m not sure about the number (it has changed so many times). So when the mayor opposes those plans I´m not sure whether they can be realized. steamboats
  9. There must be definitely something like a print out which you have to carry with your passport as you can travel all over Europe (almost all over - within all Schengen countries) as soon as you´re cleared at the first point of entry. I won´t be able to try it as I´m German ;-). steamboats
  10. NDR announced a live stream here. And you can watch it on the Meyer Werft website too (the camera is only online when there is a live stream). steamboats
  11. The minister of transport made some suggestions but the mayor of Venice does not agree... So according to the minister they will start by September 2019 and reroute some ships to ferry docks along the canal to Marghera. By 2020 this should affect app. 30%. Smaller ships up to 40,000 BRT will be still allowed to sail into Venice. steamboats
  12. No more rumors... undocking will take place on Saturday, August 17th starting by 8 am (German time). https://www.meyerwerft.de/en/meyerwerft_de/medien/presseticker/pressemitteilung_detail_33473.jsp Of course weather permitting... steamboats
  13. No, ETIAS won´t be a visa but just a pre check like ESTA for the US or eTA for Canada. For US citizens there´s no visa needed for any Schengen country. Spain and Portugal are Schengen countries. You will receive a stamp in your passport at the airport you fly into the Schengen area and this is the "visa" for 90 days for all Schengen countries. Even with ETIAS it´s still a visa waiver program. steamboats
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