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  1. Definitely not!! I do believe in the masks and I´m wearing my mask. And especially in my state we have to wear the FFP2 ones not just fabric or the surgery masks (the simple "paper" ones). I was referring to Germancruiser saying the people are getting "lax" in wearing the masks. The main problem regarding the rise of the numbers is that the current virus (we do have the British one on the rise) is very aggressive and just a short contact is enough to catch it. Over Easter there have been private family meetings where people haven´t worn masks all the time. I´ve been on a long walk
  2. I know, although I wouldn´t have a problem with river cruise ships and ocean vessels to have a "similar" name. But if I want to have a unique product I´d be a bit more creative with the name ;-). steamboats
  3. I´ve never been lax and I do wear my FFP2/KN95/N95 mask on public transportation, at work (unless I´m alone in my office room), for neccessary shopping (I don´t shop just for fun anymore) and whereever it is needed. And here in Bavaria we´re not lax at all as we are not allowed to use anything else than FFP2 masks for months now. Nevertheless the numbers are going up. steamboats
  4. Prima, Aura, Luna and Bella are names of AIDA ships. So this won´t be a wise thing even when AIDA does not object. The people will mix it up. steamboats
  5. Both, UK and US, although there are flights entering the EU - and Greece is part of EU and Schengen - is regulated by EU and not just a Greek thing. When you enter Schengen area you get a Schengen visa which allows you to travel all Schengen states. Greece can´t issue just a visa for Greece. So when EU does not allow UK/US into Schengen, Greece can´t allow it on their own. They can say due to the current pandemic situation we only let you in with a negative test or when you vaccinated (that´s a health regulation). But they can´t open up the border for anyone specific. steamboats
  6. Norwegian Prima? Really??? What about the AIDAprima?? steamboats
  7. The tourism minister announced this in early March and they still keep that date. It´s still very optimistic as the numbers are pretty high in Greece. Yes, the cruise lines are selling cruises out of Greece starting in June. But so far EU does not allow US citizens to come into EU and Greece can´t open up on its own. steamboats
  8. There is no "hard evidence" as this is no law or any kind of rule. It´s an agreement between the cruise line and the health authorities. The Greek authorities first dealt with TUI Cruises and one point was "only organized shore tours" to minimize contacts with the locals. So it´s pretty likely that they adopted this for all upcoming cruises. steamboats
  9. Barcelona is currently thinking about opening up in late June. But for cruises within Spain only - so Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Malaga might be a roundtrip (plus some days at sea). They are speaking about two cruise lines right now. But it wasn´t disclosed which ones. steamboats
  10. On the Douro river the ships are not allowed to cruise at nighttime. On the Elbe river they can cruise by nighttime too (as well as on the Rhine, Main, Moselle, Danube rivers). steamboats
  11. She misses out the other 3 cases... The 4 were detected on Feb 5th and the 3 on Feb 24th. So it´s a total of 7. Each time a total of 24 people were quarantined. steamboats
  12. I don´t think it´s a requirement by Celebrity but by the Greek authorities that you need a fresh test for the second leg. There were definitely no B2B cruises allowed last year with TUI Cruises and they do allow B2B on the Canary Islands. So it might not be a requirement by the cruise line but the country. steamboats
  13. Nope, none of those cruises do go to any US port. Therefore the CDC rules are not applying. As for Greece it was announced that there are no B2B allowed due to the PCR-test you need prior to boarding. As B2B counts legally as two separate cruises the test for the first cruise is not valid for the second one. TUI Cruises had the same in Greece. No B2B cruises. steamboats
  14. Hi Lisa, so far, US citizens can´t travel to Germany or Europe (EU). Nobody can tell you what´s going on in July right now. Itineraries on river cruises can change - low or high water can change the route. So booking individual tours is not really easy. Keep an eye on the cancellation rules. I´ve cruised once with A-Rosa but on the Douro river in Portugal. There aren´t many secrets to share. Just enjoy your trip! Watch the scenery, enjoy the cities and towns along the rivers. We can tell you more if you can let us know the exact itinerary. steamb
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