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  1. TUI Cruises just confirmed on FB that individual tours are allowed in France (Toulon, Ajaccio/Corse) and Spain (Valencia, Barcelona, Palma). Here´s a link to their website (in German, but have a look on the countries and the "hooks" in the second column - information for Canary Islands, Caribbean, Dubai cruises are still pending). For Italy there´s still no hook in the second column. steamboats
  2. Exactly, none of the Oasis class ships does tender. I´ve been on all four and have done the Med tour three times and the port is Naples. Nope, Naples is the port (of Capri - sic!). It´s a one hour ferry ride with the speed ferry over to Capri. Another nice one is "Warnemünde (Berlin)" - add the 3 hour train ride to Berlin... And of course "Civitavecchia (Rome)" is the port of Rome. But actually yes, I´ve seen it the other way round too like "Rome (Civitavecchia)". steamboats
  3. I have only been to Marseille... so I can´t say whether it´s countrywide. But... TUI Cruises and AIDA do call French ports (Cannes, Marseille) and they had only ship tours allowed (TUI Cruises is sailing with a fully vaxxed ship). I recently read that TUI Cruises can now allow individual shore tours in Spain and France. But so far I haven´t seen any confirmation by TUI Cruises yet. steamboats
  4. No, those restrictions regarding the shore tours were never lifted in Italy since the restart. RCI is saily with vaxxed pax 18+, NCL is sailing 100% vaxxed, TUI Cruises is sailing 100% vaxxed, MSC and Costa are mixed. RCI and NCL advertised the cruises with individual shore tours for vaxxed pax and then they had to step back. steamboats
  5. Yes, it is a regulation by the Italian government and it´s up since cruising restarted in Italy last year in August. And no, it´s no rule of a single port or the cruise line. There are long discussions on the RCI and NCL boards (Harmony of the Seas and Norwegian Epic). Both ships start in Barcelona and both ships call Palma de Mallorca where all vaccinated pax are free to roam around on their own. All other ports are Italian and you have to book a bubble shore tour with the cruise line. It´s the same for MSC, Costa, TUI Cruises, AIDA... and all others calling an Italian port. I just returned from the MSC Seashore and I couldn´t go ashore on my own in Marseille/France or Genova/Italy. We decided to stay onboard anyway as we only had 3 nights to explore the ship. BTW, you can´t go ashore on your own in Valletta/Malta either. Also a governmental regulation. steamboats
  6. There´s no cruise ship pier in Capri - just for the ferries. So all ships calling Capri have to tender. And yes, I only know of smaller ships calling Capri. I´ve been there onboard the MS Europa (400 pax). None of the Royal Caribbean International ships are small enough to call Capri. You pretty likely stop at Naples (which sometimes is listed as Capri in the itineraries). steamboats
  7. Just read in the news that they want do have an Oktoberfest in 2022 with 2G (fully vaccinated or proof of infection not older than 6 months). steamboats
  8. Actually I don´t mind... I haven´t been on the Oktoberfest for a couple of years. We had the "Summer in the city" for a couple of weeks where several booths were set up as well as a ferris wheel and more but that lasted only for August as we had the IAA Mobility trade show last week. There will be an Oktoberfest in several restaurants all over town. No, clubs are not open yet. We think about somewhen in October and under the 3G rules with PCR-test. steamboats
  9. That´s why I wrote "(sorry, Brits)" 😉 steamboats
  10. Thanks for the explanation. This type of home test is not available in Germany. steamboats
  11. A home test is something I do myself and the only person who can give a proof is me. There are of course video supervised home tests where the person supervising your test is eligable to give you a certificate with your name, date of birth, date of the test / time of the test. So for a certificate you definitely need some third party who is eligable to give you the certificate. steamboats
  12. As Pompeii is operated by the country of Italy all EU citizens (sorry, Brits) 65 and up or 18 and under should have free entrance... Worked for parts of my family in Herculaneum or the Greek Theater in Taormina as well as the Colosseum in Rome (back in those days my DD was still 18 and under). steamboats
  13. Unless you´re totally bored by old stones there is no regrets. Pompeii has a lot of history and is totally amazing with those mosaics and the paintings. Capri is my favorite island and I´ve been there many times over the last 38 years. As cruisemom42 said there´s always something different to explore there. Until last year I´ve never been to the Blue Grotto. Last year we´ve been there on a small sailing yacht and one other family wanted to go there (although our Captain didn´t want to). So we stopped right in front of the site, took our dinghies to get to the row boats and under the current circumstances it was sort of totally empty there. I guess that´s been the best we could do as we will never see it like this. But anyway the Blue Grotto won´t be my first choice in Capri. So many other things to do! steamboats
  14. I´d opt either for Capri or one of those Spaccanapoli strolls with a piece of pizza. We did that recently with Costa but the NCL prices are totally insane! I see more than 100 Euro for all those walking tours. We had a 4.5 hour walking tour including pizza and sfogliatelle plus an Espresso and it was 60 Euro with Costa (more here). steamboats
  15. Giggling about the "wheelchair" note... Last time I´ve been to Pompeii the site was definitely not wheelchair accessible 🤣! Yep, the Cameo factory was a constant on those Pompeii tours. But 10 min is o.k.. steamboats
  16. And a very important information: You need the Green Pass (proof of vaccination) to enter Pompeii. steamboats
  17. 10 days quarantine in a designated hotel is the regular procedure for tourists in Spain. There are many accounts of this from TUI Cruises, AIDA, MSC and now RCI. All contact persons have to quarantine too. steamboats
  18. Nope, it depends on what kind of fare you are booked. I fly a lot LH (as my home airport is a major hub for LH). Some flights I can chose a seat after/during booking. Some flights I can´t chose it until check-in time which is 23 hours prior to the flight. Some bookings are made by myself, others are third party booking and in both cases I was able or I wan´t able to chose seats right after booking. steamboats
  19. For the test at embarkation in Barcelona... it might be a good idea to do a self test at home prior to driving to Barcelona. steamboats
  20. It´s more a sun protection. Asians are not fond of direct sun. Therefore the Wonder of the Seas has much more sun covered space than her sisters. steamboats
  21. Spain has a strict 10 day quarantine. No way you can take your car and drive back home. Might be different for Civitavecchia. I read a couple of reports that cruise passengers were either driven home by private car or were brought to their embarkation location where they were allowed to pick up their own car and drive back home (no stops allowed). I can only recommend to take a self test prior to departure. That minimizes the risk that the test prior to embarkation is positive (still can happen). The embarkation test is an Antigen test. If that one is positive you are retested with a PCR test. steamboats
  22. The new rules are in effect by Sep 6th. As pretty likely all passengers arrived Sep 5th or earlier the new rules did not apply upon their arrival. But the ship was due to leave by noon yesterday latest (to apply with the 12 hours rule as all of the passengers have stayed in the US during the last 10 days). Marinetraffic shows her in Wijk as last stop yesterday at 10.48 pm (leaving time). So she must have left Amsterdam around noon. steamboats
  23. I doubt that any Europeans or Brits will be allowed on the TA (if it´s not cancelled). I don´t think that we are allowed to travel to the US. Lufthansa said today that they don´t expet the USA to open up for us until the end of the year. US airlines don´t expect the opening prior to Thanksgiving. steamboats
  24. As I said before... I doubt that the cruise will end in the Netherlands as the ship would have to do the return cruise through the Netherlands without any passengers (who can only board in Germany). steamboats
  25. Here in Germany I can buy them in every supermarket. Cloth masks are not allowed all over Germany. Paper (surgical) masks are o.k.. I can also order FFP2/KN95 masks on Amazon. The one my husband got in Greece was a cloth mask which won´t help you much on land. Unless they provide surgical or KN95 masks you won´t be able to use them on land. steamboats
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