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  1. On Symphony 2 weeks ago our luggage was sitting at least 15 cabins away from ours. Thankfully we were walking from the aft elevators and spotted them because we usually use the forward elevators and there we never would have seen them.
  2. I had surf+stream on Symphony the same cruise as the OP and it was more like surfing in a pool the last 3 days. Streaming was not even an option. I tried watching one 3 minute YouTube video and it took so long to load I turned it off before it started playing.
  3. We were on the same cruise as you and thought I'd comment on some of your thoughts as well.
  4. I knew you looked familiar and I couldn't figure it out until I read this! We were in the solarium hot tub together the first night and got kicked out because it was "closed" even though there were no signs or anything. I am one of the two girls that were in it with you and then we moved to the other one that was of course full. Anyways, hi!
  5. You just missed me! We were on deck 10 around 4-5 cabins from the second picture at the top left.
  6. Just got off Symphony today and donuts were in the Main Dining room, Park Cafe, Solarium Bistro, and Cafe Promenade in the mornings. Not sure about Windjammer as we didn't ever go for Breakfast.
  7. Same here. I was stressed for them just seeing it all go down.
  8. I’m on Symphony right now and saw the whole incident from my balcony. They came back at around 4:10 and our all aboard was 3:30. The ship announcements called for them multiple times before closing everything. They were about 5 minutes too late. We had another group of 14 people show up in golf carts super late too at 4pm. They all got on.
  9. Okay not worth looking into then as we’re Florida residents. Thanks for the info!
  10. May I ask what you mean about the insurance adjustment? We bought the insurance through the cruise line. Is that eligible for an adjustment? We are on a different sailing but the same itinerary where originally when we booked we were scheduled to be there longer and now it's the same as you. P.S. Great review!
  11. Where's the best place to watch sailaway from Miami? On my past cruises I would walk to the front of the ship and watch it from a deck that had an outside area which looks to be above the bridge on Symphony (deck 12 I think?). Would you recommend there?
  12. Super strange. Yeah, they might be as it's no where to be found on Cruise Planner. I guess I'll ask someone when we board where to book it.
  13. Did you book the Escape room when you boarded? If so, when and where did you do it? We haven't had it come up on our cruise planner and we're only a few weeks out now. Thank you and LOVE your review!
  14. Do you happen to remember which beach you went to?
  15. Oh no we're on the April 27th sailing
  16. Hi! I have a few questions if you don't mind: Were you able to swim in the tide pools of the lava rocks? Was there a lot to see in the snorkel area you went to? At the beach time, were you able to snorkel there too and if so, was there anything to see? How long was the rainforest hike and was that part interesting? Thank you for your help!
  17. Oh, good to know! The beach they took you to at the end, did you happen to snorkel and if you did was there much to see? I've heard St. Kitts isn't the best for snorkeling.
  18. Yeah definitely makes sense and that would be amazing as having to figure out the time is a bit of a pain.
  19. Did you do the Mad Max dune buggy tour in St. Kitts? If so, did you really go around the whole island on them, was it worth it, etc.?
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