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  1. Celebrity Silhouette, Mersey Ferries terminal, Liver Building.
  2. In Liverpool for the weekend; excuse the quality as these are from my phone whilst out on a run.
  3. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the thread. I have now booked an S1 for Summer 2022.
  4. AB Parking Southampton, for RCCL; Celebrity; Fred Olsen; Norwegian; MSC and SAGA
  5. Whilst this is what I would have expected, there was an interview with an ICU Dr on R5 that suggested that most ICU in patients were in their 50s.
  6. I have just spent an "enjoyable" hour trying to determine the Ts & Cs I would be booking under in the UK for a Summer 22 sailing. As far as I can establish Cruise with Confidence does not apply as Flexible Cancellations and Best Offer Guarantee applies only to sailings through May 4, 2022, and Lift and Shift applies only to 2021 sailings. Now I have established the Ts and Cs that do not apply, does the forum have any thoughts on the Ts and Cs that do? For cancellation, I assume the previously standard terms (5 days or less before departure 100%; 6 to 14 days before departure
  7. Many thanks everybody; really good advice. So I'm thinking Deck 7 or 8 (for better stability in rough seas, to avoid the window wash equipment and reduce noise), starboard side to avoid any drifting cigarette smoke.
  8. I am hoping to book a warm weather cruise in 2022 and wondered if there were any opinions on merits/demerits of the various S1 cabins on Silhouette? I know they are all located at the aft "corners" and understand the "pole" layout. Would I go far wrong with one located between other passenger decks, or does the forum have a firm favourite? Thanks in advance.
  9. I think the “approved” method is to remove the stabilisers and pedals, and lower the seat so the child can comfortably put both feet on the ground. Then encourage them to “scoot” until their sense of balance is increased, then re-introduce pedals and gradually raise the seat height. None of which I did of course, preferring the aforementioned husband holding seat running behind approach!
  10. If I saw a price for a cruise in Aug 20 significantly less than the broadly equivalent cruise in Aug 21 (same ship; embarkation and disembarkation ports; duration and most ports of call) is there anything stopping me booking the Aug 20 cruise and immediately lifting and shifting to Aug 21? Grateful for pitfalls I may not have thought through.......
  11. Two deaths last week in the river near to us; young men swimming. Very sad.
  12. I apologise for saying this on the P&O board, but there are a number of other cruise lines that offer cruises from UK to Norway, including Celebrity (a sister cruise line of Royal Caribbean). I don't know the exact itinerary you are looking for, but if Celebrity offer something similar it might be worth asking the same question on the Celebrity board. I for one would offer my thoughts having cruised to Norway on both P&O and Celebrity from Southampton, UK.
  13. In my personal view, based on 2 cruises on P&O from Southampton, and 5 cruises on Celebrity also from Southampton in a mixture of cabins, I wouldn't say it is too American nor too brash. The cruisers are more international than P&O but the ship and its staff acknowledge it's home port for the season is the UK, and make subtle changes to accommodate our Britishness - including kettles in cabins, and - the times we have sailed - British Cruise Directors and some entertainment styled to our taste, without losing - for me - Celebrity's benefits over P&O (friendlier crew, more live musi
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