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  1. Looking to book a cruise with Oceania through the Suez Canal in 2019. Oceania is saying that they will be calling into 2 Egyptian ports. Did anyone cruise with them 2018 in this region and did you call into any Egyptian ports?. We cruised in 2016 with them just to go to Egypt and the Egyptian ports were cancelled on day of departure. Just do not want to get caught again. TIA

  2. If docked in Haifa. Suggest you do a food tour. We booked ours through the website "Viator". The best one we have done around the world. So easy to find the starting point once get off the ship. Get to taste great foods and learn the history of life in Israel with an excellent guide. You will visit places you may never go to on your own, except with a local. Highly recommended and very safe

  3. We are currently on our first Oceania cruise. We signed up for the basic drink package and after 5 days on board could not be more pleased. We normally do most of our drinking with meals. So, we have not purchased the upgraded drink package. We might have a drink in our room or purchase a drink before dinner if we want more.

    Most importantly all of the wine stewards are very attentive, they will discuss the wines, let us taste the wine, and most importantly keep our glasses full. There are no short pours and there is no difficulty changing wines during the course of the meal. They do collect our cards every time we have a meal with wine.


    Overall, great cruise on the Sirena in a PH. Room is beautiful, staff great and food excellent.


    Would like to see softer towels and outlets beside the beds. We very much dislike the tender ticket system which favors the cruise tours and prevents independent groups from easily disembarking.


    After reading all of the posts regarding alcohol packages, I worried about my choice. Hopefully this will help others with their decisions.



    Glad to see you are enjoying Oceania. We believe it is the best cruise company and have cruised with Oceania for the last 3 years and have 4 cruises booked for this year. I am a non drinker and find that Oceania offer the best deal for non drinkers, its all free. This includes all non alcoholic beverages, canned soft drinks and in room refrigerators stocked with bottled water and soft drinks. Have been on other cruise lines and non drinkers have to pay for bottled water, canned soft drinks and non alcoholic cocktails. All that is free is post mix soft drink. Not to my liking.

    I am like you also find the towels in the rooms to be a bit hard, easy to overcome that is use the pool towels which are larger and softer. Your room attendant will also leave you these in your room if you ask or you may get them from the pool yourself.

    The tender system ticketing is no different to other cruise lines. Company tours get first preference but at times independant travellers are also able to get one of the earlier tenders, all depends on how many going on the tours. They always try to fill each tender, so add independant travellers where available space. Hope this also helps others trying to choose a cruise line.

  4. There is a difference in cost between the 2 ships. But also a big difference in standards and food. Oceania is for couples only, children not encouraged. You can choose your own room when making a booking and has a lot of inclusions in the price. So overall would assume there is very little difference in price. Rooms are larger on Oceania, dine when you like, more other restaurant choices at no cost, free shore excursions, free wifi, free bottled water, canned soft drinks and non alcoholic cocktails. Therefor you have more choices.

  5. You can get as much water as you like on board and free

    You don't need bottles but if you do for an on-shore tour, you can fill bottles with ship water. Also sometimes Princess will give out bottles prior to tours.


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    Thank you for your reply. My bug is that it is tap water only that Princess will supply not free bottled water.

  6. We are travelling Princess in December also. Am also disappointed regarding water and having to pay on Princes. This will be my first and last time with Princess. Usually travel with Oceania. Where all soft drinks, cans and post mix and bottled water and non alcoholic drinks are given out freely at no cost.



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  7. At least we know that Oceania did not wait to final pay to cancel these ports. I never believed that they only waited to cancel to keep people from canceling. They did the right thing as soon as they knew that was what they had to do.


    We booked this tour when on Oceania June 2015. We had to pay in full by 22 Jan 2016. I could change or alter our reservation up to that date. What did Oceania do, change itenary 23 Jan 2016. Without even mentioning to us on the day that the cruise had been changed. Today, we still have not been advised of any changes, on found out when B.I.L was doing a search for a future cruise. Think it certainly is not fair on Oceanias part, not to inform guests directly.


  8. Just read you input to Cruise Critic. We also booked while on board our GV x 2 starting in Instanbul. Can you tell me what O Life is. Will look at this myself.

    As have found that I can get my trips cheaper by booking here in Australia. There is a travel show in Melbourne weekend 11 Oct. Oceania will be there. Was going to talk to them then about my rates. They have told me that if I can find it cheaper in Australia before I make the next payment I will receive it at that rate. Would like to look at O life. though

    Thanks Robyn Clarke

    Bendigo, Victoria

  9. How do we find out who is a preferred Agent. I would love to find one here in Melbourne.




    Oceania had a half page ad in the travel section of Sunday Sun this last week. It listed 4 TA's names. One in Brighton. Think it called Brighton Travel. They usually have the Oceania book with discounted cruises in it. I get this book from them and then get my TA in Bendigo to do the booking. She rings Oceania in Sydney & asks for the same rate as Brighton offering.have no problem getting that, so assume my TA is booking direct with Oceania

  10. If you give Oceania a deposit on board you will never see it again despite their promises that you can roll over the deposit to another cruise. DON'T TRUST OCEANIA.


    Am from Victoria, was thinking of paying a deposit on board at my next trip in July with Oceania for 2016. Who has advised you, that you cannot receive a refund or change your cruise. Oceania office in Sydney or your local travel agent?

    Just wondering what reason you were given.

    Maybe I have to think carefully before I pre pay also.

    Any information would be great.


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