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  1. PSahoy


    Thanks. And is it likely that far out the whole ship is really fully booked or that they’re holding cabins back? Just a guess is appreciated.
  2. I am on one for a 10/22 cruise. All cabin categories are waitlist. Does anyone know if/when it clears the fare is what was published when I was waitlisted or what it is at the time of clearance?
  3. One scenario that has occurred to me is that Seabourn or more specifically Carnival is waiting to see what/if government is going to bail them out in some way. Once they start to issue even one refund they’ll need to rollout all of them in a systematic way. Waiting to see how their lobbyists fare in DC buys them some time.
  4. Plus there's nothing in the letter Seabourn provided passengers with any deadline except if you elect FCC you need to do so by 12/31/21.
  5. Ditto. I am checking in with my agent about this too. Will advise what I learn. Seabourn’s messaging is at best inconsistent.
  6. I was on this cruise and thank you CatLover for describing the trip as accurately and entertainingly as you did. Pics are great. I want to say that despite the inconveniences in itinerary and CV 19 hanging over our heads both the passengers and crew were fun, courteous and thoughtful. The staff in Guest Services must be acknowledged for being unfailingly efficient and gracious on that, for them, harrowing last day.I felt like I was in a protected bubble and what we did get to see on shore was eye popping. My friends and family had urged me to cancel before I left and I’m so glad I didn’t. Best wishes to all on CC during these challenging days.
  7. Can’t seem to find current internet package pricing. I know Seabourn charges but do they provide any free time or is it cruise specific?
  8. Is there an upcharge on Kaiseki for lunch? Thank you.
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