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  1. I too have been following this thread. Our cruise was cancelled Mar 13. We received our refund in two payments. Final payment amount was received on May 24 and deposit amount was received on May 29. Also the excursions we booked were refunded by Azamara in 5 days. The money was deposited directly by Azamara to CC account. We did use a TA but the agency always takes our CC info and gives it directly to Azamara and they do the charge. It is always recommended in the US to never use a TA that takes your money and puts into their account. I have never had that happen. It is basically considered unethical but not illegal. We are in the US. It seems a lot of the refund problems in the U.K. are related to TAs holding back refunds. Good luck to everyone. Very frustrating for all.
  2. Update regarding our cancelled Mar 28 Quest cruise Dubai to Athens Cruise cancelled Friday Mar 13. On March 16 spoke to TA indicating we wanted cash refund. Within a week we were received refund on credit card for all shore excursions. April 29 we received refund on credit card for final payment. No deposit credit. I waited a week and then called TA. Azamara informed her that the refund had been processed April 25. I called CC company and they had no record of it so I initiated a dispute on May 3. Called TA as she wanted update. She recommended holding off on dispute as that could further hold up refund. I did May 9 the $1100 deposit was credited. Have no idea why it took from April 25 to May 9. Bottom line is everything has been credited but it did take 52 days. It wasn’t easy being patient!!!
  3. I am confused that you are able to dock in Dubai. Our Azamara cruise was cancelled from there due to leave March 28. Supposedly Dubai is no longer allowing cruise ships to dock. Interesting...........
  4. This!! So enjoying your writing and your zest for life. U r my heroine also!!
  5. Works great on Celebrity also. Just saying. Lol.
  6. Again thank you so much. U answered my question in perfect detail. We really appreciate all that u do. Sue
  7. Hi Anne!! Another hotel question. We r considering Conrad Dubai or Sheraton Dubai Creek Towers. I am leaning towards Sheraton because of location, close to airport, cruise port, and Ho Ho bus had a stop there. We r in Dubai for 2 days before cruise. What r your thoughts? TIA Sue
  8. Does HAL initiate the upgrade offer or does one have to apply for an upgrade? TIA
  9. Also Game On. Another fun venue is The Bleacher Bar. It is situated under the Bleachers with garage like doors that open up so u can c the players warming up before the game. You enter the restaurant from outside Fenway.
  10. We were told 6 years ago when we received our Global Entry cards we would only need to show them when traveling into Canada. However we had to show them at Port Everglades after cruising. So it is a good idea to have it with you. Also when traveling to New Zealand there was a separate line for Global Entry and we needed the card. Never could figure out why NZ honored it but was happy.
  11. Thank you so much Anne. One last question. Is it easy to access hop on hop off bus from here?? Sue
  12. Another hotel question Anne. We Will be in Dubai the end of March. The two hotels I have narrowed it down to are Hyatt Regency Dubai and Sheraton Dubai Creek Hotel. We like being close to airport and cruise terminal. Also we would like to be able to be fairly close to the main attractions. I realize there are many. We would probably start with hop on hop off bus to give us an overview. Is this doable and are the hotels nice? Again thanks so much. We all appreciate your help. Sue
  13. I did check them on YouTube. It appears most of the singers are female. They all had great voices but I found the songs really boring. I can understand people walking out as I would probably fall asleep listening to them. Too bad as the performers seem very talented.
  14. Oh my. Do they rotate entertainment on long voyages?? We have a 32 day cruise booked. Not liking what I am reading.
  15. Thanks all for this. I couldn’t figure out how to log on to CC on my iPhone. Never had a problem before over many years. Curious how this all of a sudden became a problem.
  16. Have been on many cruise lines but not HAL. We do have one coming up in a year. We r church goers. Go to mass every Sunday so when on a cruise if mass is offered on Sunday we will usually go. In reality the numbers of people attending are pretty low so this obviously is not an important priority to most people on the ship. When there are thousands of passengers and about 40 show up I can certainly understand why the cruise companies are phasing these services out. They just aren’t important to a lot of people. The new order.......
  17. The entertainment was excellent from ice show to Mama Mia to diving show to schooner bar and much more. The solarium was great including the very nice buffet for lunch and breakfast although we did have breakfast also in MDR and Johnny Rockets. Also the Park Cafe was good. Surprisingly the service and food in MDR were quite good. We did not do any specialty dinning. Another surprise was the availability of deck chairs. Obviously with 6000 people on board you would expect some log jams. Really didn’t affect us at all except for the Windjammer which we just avoided. Embarkation and disembarkation was best we have ever done!! all in all RCL seems to have figured out how to manage these mega ships. We were skeptical but glad we experienced it. That being said our next cruise is on 680 passenger Azamara ship. Lol 😂
  18. Not to worry. DH and I did Allure at the ripe old age of 75 and 73. Did it just to experience a mega ship not expecting to be impressed. Wrong. It was really enjoyable. Only thing we did do was avoid the windjammer. However there are many other options. Have a great cruise!!
  19. What is the benefit of buying one of these dining packages precruise? It appears you can’t make precruise reservations.
  20. First I would like to thank you for all the wonderful knowledge you so generously share with us. Secondly I would like to ask your advice. We will be arriving Dubai on Tues Mar 24 at 11:45pm and will spend the next 3 days touring Dubai and possibly visiting Abu Dhabi. Then we leave for a cruise. I was considering The Grand Hyatt or The Hyatt Regency. The Hyatt Regency is quite economical which worries me!! Lol. Thanks for any help. Sue
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