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  1. Sunday, December 22 - Mazatlan. Learned a lesson here. When you speak to a cab driver, make you and he are on the same level. I asked a cab driver how much it would be to go to the cliff divers. He said $5. Sounded good so my wife and I went with him. When we got there he said it was $5 each! Mazatlan had a big police presence. The cliff divers harassed visitors for tips after each dive. We didn't tip - wasn't really all that exciting. We walked backed to the ship. We hoped to see the cathedral but couldn't find it. There was the usual trivia on the ship. Pictionary was also played - this was fun! Entertainment director Lee led an interdenominational church service int late afternoon. He gave a great sermon after we had prayed and sung a couple of hymns. We ended the service with another hymn and prayer. Lee is really led by God! A "High Seas Heist - A Night of Mystery" was held. I wasn't too impressed with this. The rules were not really explained too well. "Spiderman Far From Home" was the Movie Under the Stars. It was at 9:45 p.m. At 6:15 p.m., a football game was shown on MUTS. A volunteer was solicited for Hanukkah Service on this day and the other days of Hanukkah. The ship doesn't have a Rabbi on board. All amenities were provided by the ship. On deck six, near the customer service desk, was a menorah that was lit each day with the appropriate number of (electric) candles.
  2. Saturday, December 21, 2019. Cabo San Lucas. We'd been to Cabo before. It's okay, No different from any other Mexican port. As soon as you get off the ship you are verbally assaulted by hoards of sellers. Not my cup of tea. We stayed in the port area for about an hour. We played Goofy Golf in the Piazza. It was fun. We then had the opportunity to bowl in the Explorer's Lounge. Of course it wasn't a real bowling - it was done on Wii. Still a lot of fun! Not too much else was done on this day. One thing I don't think I've mentioned is that each day there was a meeting point for independent travelers. I thought this was great. There seem to be a lot of passengers who weren't sailing with a companion. Movies included "Blinded by the Light" and "Ad Astra", both in the Vista Lounge, and "The Peanut Butter Falcon" on the Movies Under the Stars screen. There was actually only one showing on the MUTS. Football was shown earlier. Many football games were shown on this date and the following two days. Too much for me (I'm not a fan of people being overpaid to play a game) but I know there are many out there who do enjoy watching games. The vocalist on most nights in the Wheelhouse Bar was Michael Kneafsey. He was average singer. The Wheelhouse Bar was a great place to go if you wanted some peace (music notwithstanding).
  3. to those who would prefer a more organized review, this isn't going to be the review for you. Although I'll get to all days, the days won't be in order. On to another day of the cruise This time it is Friday, 20 December, a sea day. The ship's navigator gave an interesting lecture on the general operation of the ship with, naturally, an emphasis on the navigation part. Throughout the cruise there was notices about meetups for knitters, AA and NA members, and gays. On some days, there were meetup notices for service organizations (Lions, Rotarians, etc.) and the veterans. Bruce Vancil, the steamship historian, gave a lecture on Art Deco and Ocean Liners. There was more trivia - one of my favorites activities. A Mexican trio played today, like all other days. The group is called Los Brillantes. They played in the Piazza. This venue, in my humble opinion, is not a good place for music. It is difficult to hear anyone nearby when a group is playing. Of course, there were numerous "health seminars," Effy presentations, and other stuff to separate you from your money. Movies today were "Blinded by the Light" (Movies Under the Stars) and "Judy" (Princess Theatre). Some pictures from this day. Carnival, possibly the Inspiration Sunset
  4. Now that I'm home 😪 I will do a full review on the Grand 2019 Christmas cruise of December 18-28, 2019. It won't be in chronological order. This posting will be an overview and what we did or what was available to do on 26 Dec 19 (I'm going by our marked-up Patters as I come to them). We opted for the photo package. It's not a bad deal if you get enough photographs. For $250, we receive 58 pictures - that brought the price per photo to about $4.33. The cruise staff was great. We didn't get to see the actual cruise director that much. (His name is Steve.) The assistant cruise directors were great. They are Judy, Olivia, Jodie, and Siskia. The latter was the best. The food in the Horizon Court was average. I was disappointed that there wasn't even one Mexican buffet. Curried food was served every day. We started this day with a lecture by Bruce Vancil, an expert about steamships. He did several lectures during the cruise. Today's lecture was "Disasters, Losses, and Losers: Shipwrecks Famous and Obscure." There was a Boxing Day sale. I got a decently priced Aloha shirt. We attended the morning trivia. Assistant cruise director Siskia did most of the trivia questions. She was great. (Her picture with my wife and me is below). The afternoon saw Bar Wars. This was a battle of the sexes between female and male bar tenders. We left not because it wasn't interesting but because the music was too loud and had an annoying beat. We skipped a Turkey Carving demonstration and one of way too many art auctions. The sales staff on board had the annoying habit of putting their sale tables along the banister of the 7th deck. This meant a prime area for viewing the Piazza on deck 5 was not available. Missing spaces game show was great! This was their form of the Match Game.
  5. It's been a while since I was on the Grand so my memory may not be so accurate. There were a couple of more options at the deck 15 pizza place. The grill has hot dogs, chili dogs, and tacos now.
  6. Yes, they had Voice at Sea. The trivia was fantastic. There was a mystery game. Pictionary, a version of match game, and other games were played. Judy, Jodi, Olivia, and (especially) Saskia are the assitant cruise directors and are fantastic!
  7. Sorry - I didn't go to the gym so I'm unable to confirm or deny your question.
  8. Fast except during the time of about 9:00 p.m. to 11:00. Then it was very slow.
  9. The food in the Horizon Court is average. We ate in the Michelangelo dining room on last night (19 Dec). I had the country chicken. Not too bad. I also finally remembers to order the Princess Volcano. It tasted good. It wasn't has tall as I expected it to be, though.
  10. Okay, I had hoped to do the review daily. However, I'm having too much fun to make time for the review. Hopefully I'll be able to make a fuller review when I get home. As many of you know, Princess got rid of the 2nd chair in the balcony cabin. I had to ask for a second one - we got it a few hours after embarkation. Also, in the name of "saving the environment," (actually, saving the bottom line), Princess no longer has straws. They do, if you ask, give you a piece of rolled paper. It's a piece of crap! It led me to invent my copyrighted straw rating system: 1. Best - plastic 2. Okay - anything else but number 3 3. Paper straw - piece of crap! The production show last night (Thursday, 19 Dec) was Starburst. Great songs from the great singers like Perry Como and Doris Day. Sunset, courtesy of Grand Princess.
  11. So far the movies under the stars have included Ad Astra, Judy, and Blinded by the Light. Cruise director Steve and his assistants Olive and Jody are fantastic! They really get the audience engaged.
  12. I don't have a scanner. Here's the information Captain Jon Paul Bryant Staff Captain Salvatore Macera Chief Engineer Officer Jonathan Pritchard Hotel General Manager Adam Gorst Entertainment Director Lee * Senior Doctor Nadia Nair Customer Services Director James Eaton Food & Beverage Director Steve Britton Cruise Director Steve Campbell Staff Engineer Officer Rosario Ientile Chief Electrical Officer Richard Carpenter Environmental Office Daniel Miron Executive Housekeeper Francisco Uzetal Leal Executive Chef Johan ANtes Maitre d'Hotel Oana Ionica
  13. I'm currently on the bumpy Grand Princess. If any one has questions then let me. Check in went really quick! Dropped of the luggage, went through security, checked in, and boarded in about 20 minutes. As always, my first night on a cruise is a long night so I won't have too much to say now.
  14. I'll be purchasing the AT&T cruise package. It includes Internet, voice, and text. Does anyone know if the Internet piggybacks on the ship's Wi-Fi? Thanks.
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