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  1. This was the case on Oasis and Harmony as well, and it was one of my biggest pet peeves about the CLS experience. It turned the private area we paid for into a public access area where people from all over the ship would wander in randomly. It also constantly let the steamy air from the elevator shafts into the suite hallway, making it a lot warmer than it should have been. We tried closing the doors every time we walked through saw them open, but more often than not we'd see them wide open again the next time we came through. Part of the problem seems to be a major flaw in the way the glass doors are designed. If you open them too hard, they prop open and don't close automatically, so anyone can float in and out. Conversely, you can't open the doors to go out without hitting the button beside the door. It would be better if the doors closed automatically and didn't require any button pushing from the inside, only keycard access from the outside. I also had the distinct impression the door was being propped by stateroom attendants for easy access, though I never actually saw this happening.
  2. You may disagree, but I've been in 2 Crown Loft Suites (Oasis, Harmony) and I can't go back to any other cabin type at this point. The GS pales in comparison IMO. Yes, it has more floor space but the airiness of the CLS and the location on deck 17 near the suite lounge and Coastal Kitchen, plus only 1 floor above Windjammer + 2 floors above the pool deck make it very convenient indeed. It's a long ride down to the promenade and boardwalk, but I didn't find this to be too much of an inconvenience. You are correct that there probably would not be a ton of room left with the couch pulled into a bed and another bed laid down beside it, but there will be some. Here's a view of our sofa bed folded out + floor space on Harmony, Oasis should be exactly the same: Depending on width, the bed could go by the phone - we brought an twin air mattress for our 4yo on Oasis, and it fit there perfectly. Also, be aware that the curtain on the 2nd floor is pretty flimsy, so there's very little privacy upstairs. We usually went into the upstairs bathroom to change when the kids were downstairs.
  3. Yep, Harmony. Hopefully someone in a suite on Oasis class can confirm soon. Maybe the email was worded incorrectly? I checked the letter that was in the suite folder in the room and it did not mention drinks were for purchase from 11a-11p.
  4. Here's what our email said on the topic: · Bar service is available from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm in the Suite Lounge, serving a wide array of beverages for purchase. · Hors d'oeuvres, petit fours and complimentary bar setup with a selection of wine, spirits, beer and soft drinks every evening from 4:30 pm to 8:00 pm. We never were in the lounge before the evening hours and had packages anyway, so we never really tested this out or asked. This was on Harmony last week.
  5. According to the concierge email we received, drinks are for purchase now in the suite lounge except for 4:30 to 8.
  6. The only other option after Windjammer closes is Cafe Promenade, which is open 24 hours. Sorrento’s was open until 3 am each night on our recent sailing.
  7. Those suits were walking around without anyone in them? 😱
  8. Can Tortola handle Harmony? I was under the impression that it’s a tender stop and Oasis class ships can’t tender. Last week on Harmony, they simply cancelled our port stop and sailed on to St. Maarten.
  9. Strange that Symphony has the new (cheap) ones while Harmony as of this week had the old, sturdy ones. Didn’t even see a single example of the new ones aboard all last week. If you dislike the new cup design, probably best to make a point of it in your post-cruise survey. That’s what we are planning on doing.
  10. Coming soon to Oasis cla$$: new Deck 0 in$ide cabin$ with virtual balconie$. 😁
  11. They also replaced the Dreamworks-themed TV channel(s) with channels themed to toddlers, middle kids and teens, with programming from random networks for each. The experience for families has definitely suffered since the Dreamworks theming was removed. Without the characters, the experience is extremely generic and boring, especially for younger kids like my 6yo daughter. Not that we didn't have a great time on our last cruise, but we did miss the character meet and greets, the parades and DW channel. Kinda surprised they haven't teamed up with Nickelodeon to get their characters on board (ie, Spongebob, Dora, Ninja Turtles etc.) as a replacement...seems like both companies would benefit if they did.
  12. The week before your sailing, you should receive an email from the suite concierge. Just reply and request your preferred dining times, and they will confirm prior to the sailing. Probably best to make plans for whichever shows you want to attend prior to requesting CK reservations, though. I did not see any opportunity to make CK reservations via the Cruise Planner on our recent Harmony sailing, fwiw.
  13. Harmony's rooms have fridges. Ours kept things very cold and we stored milk in there all week. It was fine the entire time. See the video below @ 2:57 for a typical fridge onboard:
  14. Following! We just got off Harmony this morning, saw all the lines of people waiting to get in the terminal. Hope you have a great cruise and have a ton of fun! It's an amazing ship and we had an absolute blast. 😀
  15. On Harmony this week, Love & Marriage was on Day 5, 10:30. The 2nd ice skating show is iSkate, which was on Day 5, 8:30 and Day 6, 1:00 and 3:00. No reservations for both, but you'll want to show up 20 or so minutes early for iSkate if you want to get good seats (Note that there are poles in Studio B - where the ice shows are - which partially block the view of the ice for about half of the seats on the sides). L&M is in the Royal Theater and has way more seating available.
  16. Here is a video of a deck 3 OV on Harmony: It does not appear there is a divider.
  17. Had no problem bringing 12 bottles of water onto Harmony in PC this week, in carryon bags.
  18. Seconded, we ate there every night this week with the exception of our one specialty dining night. If we hadn't had a comp dinner for 2, we would have been in CK that night too. And yes, the menus are on the app...made it real easy to plan ahead early in the day and know what we'd order for dinner.
  19. We were very excited about the Wonderland concept on Harmony...until we saw the menu. Too weird and not at all suited to our tastes, not to mention very unfriendly to kids. If they revamp the menu to have more options and be more accessible to families, they probably would make much more money and have better overall ratings from people who do go there. It really seems like the kind of place people either 100% love or 100% hate...which isn't good for business.
  20. On HOTS July 14, they had the guy dressed up in the Wonderland suit pushing hard at Windjammer practically the entire cruise. Only saw one person talking to him the entire time though, kinda felt bad for the guy.
  21. Had no problem bringing our cooler bag with 5-6 bottles of water back on Harmony from SXM. We didn't buy them in port but brought them off the ship and were bringing back the leftovers, but security didn't even give them a second glance. YMMV.
  22. Just announced on Harmony, we’re skipping San Juan. Apparently this situation hasn’t improved, and there is a protest in Old San Juan scheduled for 5:30.
  23. We've been sitting under a PA speaker waiting for the next update. 😀
  24. Onboard as well. When did this get announced? Last word @ 10 am from Captain Gus was that they would be conferencing with RCI headquarters and would make an announcement by 12:30 if not sooner. Plan was to continue to San Juan unless otherwise announced.
  25. We received the email last night for our 7/14 sailing and immediately responded for dinner reservations + questions but haven't heard back yet. I gather that they answer these emails as they can around other guest business during the current sailing, so it's probably not surprising at all. Our last cruise on Oasis, we didn't hear back until about 2 days out.
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