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  1. Our Ovation July 2 Alaska cruise was just canceled and we have already received all but $1000 cash refund! I feel for those of you having issues, but for whatever reason our refund has been painless and fast.
  2. Looks like you will be holding off on cruising for the near future, as I expect some/most of these things to be part of the reopening strategies for cruiselines. I totally understand the need for these strategies, and am willing to wait as long as it takes for a better cruise experience as Covid treatments and vaccines are developed. No way am I going on a cruise if masks are required.
  3. I am the OP and thank everyone for their responses. I have some clarifying information and further questions and am hoping someone has information. let’s say for the sake of argument that Ovation 7/3 gets canceled due to Covid. I have $400 OBC as goodwill from RCCL and $100 OBC from my TA on that cruise. My understanding is that the OBC goes away if I take cash refund, regardless whether I cancel or Royal cancels. If I take FCC instead, can I apply it to 1-2 cruises that I already have booked (deposits only) in 2021? The same TA has both 2021 bookings, so will the OBC also transfer?
  4. Does it matter if I cancel vs they cancel?
  5. Does it matter if I cancel vs they cancel?
  6. Does anybody know what happens to OBC if either I or RCCL cancels a cruise? I have about $500 OBC on July 3 Ovation cruise, but fully expect it to be canceled. I will likely seek refund vs FCC due to volatile cruise conditions over next 12-18 months.
  7. It was originally a 120 day ban and it was changed to 100. The 120 day ban was withdrawn. The 100 day ban stands as far as I know.
  8. We will likely take cash refund if they cancel.
  9. Watching and waiting. It’s anybody’s guess but not holding my breath.
  10. Will definitely wait for them to cancel. We shall see.
  11. Thank you. As I suspected. Will wait and see how things pan out.
  12. Has anyone heard any updates regarding Ovation Alaska cruises in July? I was looking at cruise planner online via app, and it said the July 3 cruise was canceled.
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