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    Pedicure Choices

    Hi OP. I am not a RC regular, so I can't tell you the difference between the two pedicures. I do sympathize with having no pre-cruise time for a mani/pedi. It seems like most of my vacations start with a work or family crisis that keeps me in an absolute, nonvacation-y sprint right until boarding time. Best wishes. Vicki
  2. I have been in this situation: US citizen returning via Vancouver from an Alaska cruise. I declared fish for smoked salmon. I think I also declared nuts for some packaged, unopened trail mix or a Kind bar. I sailed right through customs.
  3. auntjoy036

    Broken ankle on the Harmony of the Seas

    First, my sympathies on your injuries. Second, if you have not used a knee scooter before, consider going to a medical supply store and trying one before your trip. Many people use them with no problem. I have mild trouble with my knees. (They only bother me walking up and down stairs. Not even then if I put both feet on each step.) When I tried a knee scooter while recovering from a broken foot, putting my body weight on my knee caused incredible pain. I chose to push myself in a wheelchair instead.
  4. auntjoy036

    Flight from Orlando

    I returned to Port Canaveral on Majesty the Friday after Easter. My flight out of Orlando was just after 1 pm. I was on the first Royal Caribbean transfer out of the cruise port, the first group to disembark that was not self assist. I got to the airport about 10 a.m. Check in and security were not too bad, but you never know. I had a long wait at the gate, but I would rather wait than rush. Vicki
  5. auntjoy036

    Sweat Pants in MDR

    CruiseKitty22, I am sorry your husband is having health difficulties. I cruised several times with my ailing Mom. Her condition influenced the clothing we chose for her. Best wishes for improved health and happy sailing. Vicki
  6. auntjoy036

    Holland America - question

    I am mid50s. I have sailed HAL in Alaska three times. I went twice with my Mom, mid 80s. The last time I took three nieces, teens and 20s. Every trip was great. My nieces were younger than most passengers but perfectly content. For me Alaska is about looking out from the ship at the scenery, not looking inward at the ship itself. Whatever you decide, have a great trip. Alaska is delicious.
  7. auntjoy036

    Starting to Panic -Interior Cabin

    I have never been in an Oasis interior cabin. I'm sorry I can't answer specifically. But I sailed in an interior (not hc) twice on the old Celebrity Galaxy. To echo a previous poster, it was the best sleep of my life. Vicki
  8. auntjoy036

    Alaskan cruise

    Here's my Alaska advice: Before even embarking on your first Alaska cruise, start saving for your second. I took a "once in a lifetime" cruise to Alaska about twenty years ago. I have returned four times, each time incredible. If a land tour or school schedule is not an issue, I recommend May. There is still lots of snow on the mountains. Picture book Alaska. Whatever else you do, go whale watching. Amazing. I have been to Hubbard Glacier and Glacier Bay. I find Hubbard Glacier more impressive than Glacier Bay. (I am in the minority on these boards in preferring Glacier Bay.) I was on ships that got close to the glacier when it was calving. I think that depends on weather, time of year, and maybe ship size. I like Vancouver departures because they take a more inside route, more sailing with land on both sides. Beautiful scenery. Oh, have a great trip! Vicki
  9. Alaska - Whales - Hubbard Glacier close up when breaching - A sunny afternoon in Ketchikan watching float planes take off and land.
  10. Sleep. The best night's sleep I ever got was on the old Celebrity Galaxy. I had an inside cabin down low in the ship. The pitch black darkness removed all concept of time passing. Lying in that little bed was like being rocked in a cradle. I had flown from the US east coast for a cruise leaving Vancouver, Canada. It is a three hour time difference. I expected to wake up extra early. I was so cozy in my floating cocoon, I slept through breakfast instead. Vicki
  11. Any idea what toiletries are provided on Majesty (ocean view) and Adventure (promenade view). I have no appreciable status. Thanks. Vicki
  12. auntjoy036

    New to Holland America

    My favorite things about the HAL ships are the friendly staff and the ship's being oriented toward sea views, not facing inward. Vicki
  13. My only Royal cruise was a group-negotiated seminar cruise. In other words I have no dog in this hunt. I am following the Royal board looking forward to a spring cruise on Majesty and holiday cruise on Adventure. One thing I notice is numerous reports of inconsistensies various policies among the ships and between Royal's written policies and what happens at the point of interaction. I do not doubt that those of you stating Royal's current policy are stating it correctly. But I also don't doubt some of you have gotten different results. As any of us who have worked a customer service job knows, it makes a difference who is manning the desk or answering the phone when it is your turn to ask for redress. Thanks. Vicki
  14. auntjoy036

    Help me ch

    Both dresses are beautiful. The second is my favorite. Have fun! Vicki
  15. auntjoy036

    Luggage valet cost ?

    If I am reading RC's website correctly, luggage valet is offered for a Port Canaveral/Delta combo. True? If so my cruise just got better. I love luggage valet. Vicki