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  1. Did any of you returning from Adventure’s first Nassau itinerary need wheelchair assistance at the airport? How did it go? On the return trip who do you tell or where do you go to get a wheelchair?
  2. Grandma Gail, as part of their Covid protocol, the Bahamas require a health visa for travel to or within the Bahamas. There is a fee (mine was $40. I have also read $60). You apply on line at the link jean87510 posted. Click the X on the “timed out” pop up to reach the home page. The process includes uploading a photo of your passport id page and vaccine card if you are vaccinated with approved brands of vaccine. Unvaccinated people have to provide proof of negative Covid test shortly before entry into the Bahamas and again a few days later. The website reads as if all travelers must get teste
  3. In preparation for an upcoming Adventure cruise out of Nassau I applied for a Bahamas health visa tonight. I received approval one hour later. I am impressed with the efficiency of this relatively new system.
  4. BirdTravels, Thank you for live posting. I am on this itinerary later this summer. I enjoyed pre-cruising through your posts.
  5. Hi. On Coco Cay is the path from the pier to the Oasis Lagoon paved the whole way? I cannot walk on sand. I have posted this question on other boards not knowing the best place for it. Please forgive the duplication.
  6. Hi. I am going to Coco Cay this summer. I cannot walk on sand. Is the path from the pier to the Oasis Lagoon paved the whole way? Thanks. PS: I posted this question on the Royal Caribbean and Bahamas forums, but got no clear answer.
  7. Is the path from the dock to the Oasis pool in Coco Cay paved or paving stoned the whole way? On another board someone said it ought to be, but I am hoping someone knows for sure.
  8. Does anyone who visited Coco Cay in late 2019 or early 2020 know if a person can get from the ship to the Oasis pool on a paved path. I have a permanently broken foot and cannot walk on sand. I am traveling solo, so a beach wheelchair is not a solution. Thanks.
  9. I can’t walk on sand because of a perpetually broken foot. A cruise allows me to see the ocean and feel the sea air in a way that is safe for me.
  10. I don’t have a list of favorites. I appreciate the variety of choices in the MDR. My niece and I enjoyed trying dishes we don’t have at home.
  11. I canceled a February 2020 Caribbean cruise because I had bronchitis. I started watching an October 2020 Caribbean cruise as a replacement. Then Covid reached the US. For a couple of months now that October cruise has cost the same as the pre-Covid February cruise I missed. Finally, a couple of days ago, I got a resident special email that reduced the price by about $1,000. I haven’t booked it yet (not sure about cruising before a vaccine), but at least the price is tempting. Maybe Celebrity is only repricing its cruises that are close in time?
  12. Hi med_cruising. Early happy birthday. I am sorry your plans got postponed. I am am not a good person to answer your question. Most of my cruises have been a getaway from caregiving my late Mother. I typically boarded the ship exhausted, slept the first day and a half, sat and stared at the scenery for hours, and enjoyed someone else cooking and cleaning. Those cruises were exactly the recharge I needed but don’t translate to a party very well. I hope someone more vivacious will come by soon and give you some great ideas. Best wishes.
  13. Of the choices I prefer the staff-served buffet. My true wish is that the main dining room were open for all meals. I don’t like fighting for my table or my food. I got the evil eye at the buffet a time or two. I was traveling with my late Mom, who was mobility impaired. Each meal I settled her at a table, went through the buffet fixing her plate, took it to the table, then went back for my food. If I chose the same stations for both of us, the second time through I got some ugly looks and skimpy servings. Oh, for the days when those were our biggest problems.
  14. I wasn’t in a hurry for the cruise to end because I was enjoying time with my niece, but after a spring break in the Caribbean cruise I promised myself I’d avoid spring break season in the future. Nothing vile happened. The ship was just uncomfortably crowded compared to similar cruises my Mom and I took in January and February.
  15. I’ll choose three. My first cruise was on the Celebrity Galaxy, so she’s a sentimental favorite. More recently the HAL Veendam, smaller by current standards, was the perfect ship for traveling with my elderly, arthritic Mom. My last cruise and current favorite is the Celebrity Equinox.
  16. Hi all. First, thank you for your well wishes. I am in the US. I purchased travel insurance from my TA, a large 1-800/online firm. I have used this TA many times and always been happy with them. The travel insurance company requires a doctor to certify that the illness/injury “precludes” the person from traveling. I went to a walk in clinic because my personal physician does not work on Saturdays. To the clinician there, I was only “precluded” if I had a fever or the flu. She thought it made sense for me to sail feeling awful and risking other people.
  17. I was supposed to be on today’s (Feb. 29) Summit sailing. I have an upper respiratory infection and bronchitis. I canceled my trip. I went to a medical clinic today. The practitioner said because I did not have the flu or a fever, she would not sign my travel insurance form. Her logic seems to be it’s bad to spread the flu or Coronavirus, but fine to share a plain old cold all around the plane and ship. I’m out thousands of dollars. To the travelers I’m not coughing on: You’re welcome.
  18. I have booked several times with the same (large) travel agency. For each cruise they give me some extra onboard credit in addition to whatever perk the cruise line offered. I would transfer for that reason, but it depends on whether your TA does/offers anything the cruise line doesn’t. Best wishes, Vicki
  19. First comes sleep. Then brewed tea from Cafe al Bacio served over ice. Then, on Equinox, a nice sit and sip in the big wooden chairs just outside Cafe al Bacio as long as no one is smoking. I’m hoping to soon discover a similar spot on Summit.
  20. Thank you all. There is a Walking Company store not too far from me. I will see what they have. I knew I asked the right people. Vicki
  21. I recently started wearing custom orthotics. My doctor prefers that I wear lace up athletic shoes, but those aren’t great with dresses. I have found one pair of Propet ghillie tie sandals that fit my orthotics reasonably well. I know several of you wear orthotics. Have you found a brand or style of sandals that accommodate your orthotics? I cannot wear pumps or ballet flats because those styles cross my foot in a painful spot. Thank you in advance. Vicki
  22. My first cruise was to Alaska. I fell in love with cruising and Alaska. Have fun! I can’t speak to the land travel, but on the cruise portion whatever else you do, go whale watching. For me seeing whales -so big but so graceful - was tremendously moving. If there is a shopper in your group, my favorite place for local, unique products is Creek Street in Ketchikan. You won’t need a bulky coat in August. Bring layers to choose from: tee or polo, sweater or fleece, waterproof shell. Cruise Critic has a sub-board devoted to Alaska. (I don’t know how to link.
  23. SMSACE6, I traveled solo on the Equinox last summer. I had select dining in the MDR and had no trouble getting a table for one. I went relatively early in the evening, before the busiest time. The host seated me at a nice table near a window. As I left that night I asked if I could have that table the rest of the week. The host booked my reservation and I stayed in the same spot with the same servers all week. Some nights I chatted with the folks at neighboring tables. Some nights we nodded and did no more. Have a great trip.
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