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    Thank you!
  2. faze41


    Haven't sailed Windstar for the last few years, so sorry for this question, but can you take a bottle or two of wine on board when embarking? Old age is affecting my memory on this subject.
  3. For those who could not watch it, go to www.my5.tv and use a VPN set to the UK. It is the first one listed under features. Enjoy!
  4. Does anyone know if the free specialty dining is honored on a 4 day cruise? Thinking of doing an add-on to our current booking and it's for 4 days only.
  5. Sorry, no. It's treated like a specialty restaurant.
  6. We do the same as Cruisergal. We tip our butler, room attendant, and several of our servers who have gone above and beyond at the end of the cruise.
  7. in February we had lunch in the sushi bar, so yes it is open, unless they have changed it since then.
  8. faze41

    Ta obc

    I think ours appeared on the second day.
  9. we received a card in our stateroom on Seaside, which we brought with us to the restaurant when we showed up for dinner.
  10. So we're booked on the 10/28/18 cruise and our itinerary is still showing Colon and Limon, but interestingly enough no excursions are shown for Colon in Panama. Now I'm wondering what this means.
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