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  1. We are not sunbathers and did not used the pool deck area other than to cross from side to side and our experience during the thanksgiving week 2019 on Encore changed our love for NCL. We will sail again on NCL but never ever again on Encore. If you had small children and counted on the camp for some free time, forget it unless you want to make a line on deck 5 at least 30 mns prior to camp time openings. I spent so much time making lines so my son can have fun in camp and diminished my rest time during the cruise. So many parents upset that camp was full just 15 mns every time after opening. Learned that on Encore, the excess areas available on Bliss and other sister ships was changed to concierge so that meant once at capacity, you were out of luck. My son required special food needs which I had previously informed the helpdesk and was granted. On Bliss never had an issue with my son's needs. On Encore, it was a mission. Got denied a few times as per" the galley is closed" but the food for him was available thru room service. Yes I spoke to the assistant Maitre'd and still had to be very persistant to get my sons food. Even at the buffet, I was told, not we cannot get it for you( chicken tenders). Overall, the food ( other than Onda) was not to par with other NCL ships we have sailed. We do agree that both show productions were outstanding and would see CHoir of Men again. We never were able to get comedy tickets as they sold out minutes after getting on the ship but the comedian performed a late night set on the main theater so we were ok with it. We are venturing out this year with Celebrity Edge and Princess for Alaska as my son is always our priority. I have read others that said they had a great time on Encore but had no kids under 12 which the race track was useless( 2 car seating is slow and very limited) and Laser Tag broke both times we tried to go. It was a stressful cruise that should have never been.
  2. Hi Any has details on the dry dock for Pride of America May 2020? I have been searching without success on the details. thank you
  3. We sailed Encore on the thanksgiving first sailing from Miami. Having an 9 yr old on this cruise and dealing with the kids activities took most of our free time. From having sailed on Bliss and many other ships, the crew was not yet at is best. First with camp. We have not had any issues ever in any sailing to drop off my son. On this particular sailing, the ship had aprox 1400 kids and deck 5 had most of the time a line with very angry parents that could not drop off their child as it was always to capacity. For us to get his space, we did the line 45mn prior to camp opening. Corporate had a lady there dealing with complains the whole time. I heard many frustrated parents scream cause not having enough space. I asked why this ship had these issues and was explained in the rest of the fleet, they have overflow areas but the Encore does not. Camp capacity was 108 kids ! If you did not made the line, you were out of luck. My son was told not to come that often to let other kids come to camp. Next issue- laser tag. It was sold out for the whole cruise before sailing but we score some night spots. Once we got there, the computer program was down and had not time frame to repair. Since the whole cruise was already booked, we were told that we just get a refund so my family never got to experience laser tag. I listen to others that the system broke often and no reschedules were available. Next issue- My son is in the autism spectrum and NCL has always work with him to make sure he has the foods he only eats. I even had it already pre- arranged prior to sailing. I had the hardest time getting him tenders outside the dining room. Took a lot of asking and one night i was denied the tenders by the hostess and maitre'd. We were at the local and my son was hungry. Please understand other foods are not a choice, he has a taste sensory and he will not try new things yet. When i told him tenders were part of the room service, he replied I can order them in the room and have them sent to the local. Oh that was just wrong. We did the get tenders 30 mns later after i complained. For my son, I go to the moon! On the bliss, we had opposite care and was made sure he would get them anywhere he was. The shows were amazing, the food was great but the ship felt taken over by rude kids everywhere and nobody controlled them. We will sail NCL again but never a first sailing or a major holiday either. We did have a good time just felt disorganized and poor trained personnel. We never met or saw our room steward. ROom was taken care of but never met this person......
  4. Hi We sailed twice a year with NCL and RCCL for the last 5 yrs but this would be our first sailing with Celebrity. We booked Edge for spring break 2020 and our concern is for our 9 yr old son coming with us. He is an aspergers child( high functioning autism) and my concern are meals. He is great at camp and loves it but he has taste sensory issue and his food selections are very limited. For breakfast, he must have Pediasure. On NCL we get permission to bring on board ahead of time but not sure if Celebrity has the same rules. Our other big concern is his daily food. We need to have chicken fingers/ nuggets available for lunch and dinner. On the other cruise lines we travel, this item is on all the regular kids meals and it is not hard to get but I was looking at the kids menu on the Edge and cannot find anywhere chicken fingers/nuggets and fries. They all have burgers etc. Please understand that is not a choice we have for him to try other things, he just cannot get himself to eat a variety of food( we have tried). Can someone let me know if they have seen tenders on ship or do I need to request them. Any information is appreciated as final pay is coming up and if he is not able to have his food needs met, we might have to cancel. thank you
  5. Hi everyone. We just got off Encore this morning. We had a very smooth debarkation. Made the line at the Local 645am and was off the ship by 720 am. All great. On our personal experience, the level of care and attention my son had on the Bliss Alaska sailing did not materialized on this cruise but we understand they still need to get things better. Splash Academy was chaotic as this cruise had over 1300 kids and they only had capacity for 108( i believe). So what happen is most of us had to make line on deck 5 about 30-40 mn each time on sea days. NCL had this corporate representative ( Janet) that listen to all the complains parents had. Many were not able to drop kids and by this ruining some events. After talking to Janet, we learned that the other NCL ships have overflow rooms when they need to split them but on the Encore, they took that space and gave it to concierge. This meant there was no overflow for more kids. The best they were able to do was move the 3-5 ages to the guppies room to free more space for the 6-9 group. Some future sailings will have this issue( next one is christmas week). What we saw also was that kids 10 and up that did not made it to camp, were running around races on decks, pressing all the buttons of elevators and over all disruptive to the rest of the passengers. Some cruises were very upset with this, we just moved along to another location. As for our only failure was the accomodations requested in writting months in advance. My son ( been autistic) only eats tenders and fries. Also we carry pediasure which we had approval to carry. Starting at the port, we were told no liquids. I told them I had approval to sail with pediasure and they did not believe me. I showed them my boarding paper showing fluids approval but that did not fly. After talking, we were finally were able to go. Now on the ship, I Had a very hard time finding Tenders. They only had them one time at the Garden Cafe. You can get them in the dinning rooms but when we asked for them on days the buffet did not have them or at the LOcal, i was given run around. At Bliss, my son was given tenders no matter were since we had made the arrangements. On Encore, we were denied several times and given excuses. I persisted but it felt it was a burden since they had to go to another kitchen. We got them but this was a challenge just about every day. One night, At the Local, the maitre'D told us he could not get my hungry child tenders. I got upset because i knew that the room service menu had them. He had the nerve to tell us to order it in the room( got his card). Did not give in and finally got them thanks to a hostess. Other than those bumps above, we had a great time. Onda was by far the best meal we had- do not miss having dinner here. Choir of Men was spectacular. In all, we loved the ship and will sail again soon.
  6. Spoke to NCL and they apologize for this email sent to everyone. It only applies to international guest flying in and the panama canal sailings. Those that are in the US and returning do not need to be adding the middle name.
  7. Thank you ! Smart comment. In our case, I look for ships that have good camps and plenty of fun for my son. I recently booked on Princess because they revamped their camp with educational activities and fun things. I booked this ship and Bliss in the past because of the addition of activities, amazing camp layout and activities my 8 yr old enjoys as he is into tech. You are correct on Disney, when my son saw the water slide around the ship, he had to go. Now he sees laser tag all futuristic with holograms and he is very excited( so is my husband). I know Escape has the free rope course but some of us are not into those activities and prefer the tech ones. Different strokes for different folks.
  8. It is not dumb! It is what is popular now and technology advancements is the future. I am over 50 and my DH is also . He is looking forward to the laser tag and galaxy pavilion. My oldest son also is looking forward to it as we move with what is trending. No need to be so negative cause is not your thing. Im sure there are other areas, like the waterfront, to hang out and drink.
  9. this sale was very productive for us. I moved from a deluxe balcony to a mini suite for $60 difference. 🙂
  10. I love your post. We actually sailed Symphony of the Seas on spring break after an amazing cruise on the Bliss last year and returned to NCL in a heartbeat. I have young kids and camp is a salvation for us. I booked cruises depending on the activities my son will enjoy and at the same time, we can relax. Never used Vibe or the Spice place and still had an amazing experience aboard a huge ship. My favorite place to hang out was the waterfront couches with my mojito. We did the race track once and laser tag once. That was enough as our little one loved loved loved camp at Bliss 110% more than Symphony or the other RCCL ships we sailed in the past. This thread has been a huge amount of opinions but all a bit premature. Cannot judge without even trying it. Go with an open mind that you are going to enjoy and stop trying to nag about those things you cannot change. It will dampen your cruise. -----Counting my days till first sailing Nov 24th ! out of Miami 🙂
  11. Thank you so much for your information. The view in the pic is amazing and my husband loved the idea of total darkness on forward rooms. Im iffy about the cold blowing but last year it was very warm when we went on the Bliss.
  12. Hoping to get opinions on those who have sailed NCL Jewel after the dry dock- either Aft or forward penthouse. Which did you choose and why? Is there much more motion forward? We have sailed AFT and loved it but would be more amazing with a forward penthouse. My hesitation is motion as I need a patch to sail. Hoping the get opinions on which you sailed. Also interested in the Pre Cruise Tours- 11 day that visits the resort in Alyeska. We are not athletic and prefer to be relaxed so asking those who have done the Cruise Tours- where you rushed? did you do a lot of walking? Any experiences welcome. thank you
  13. We have sailed several times on RCCL and liked it. Then we sailed on NCL Bliss last summer and would call it the best cruise ever. This past march 2019, we sailed on RCCL Symphony of the Seas. Had been on Allure of the Seas twice thought would be as great but NCL spoiled us. After our NCL cruise going to RCCL was a huge dissapointment in so many levels. The windjammer food was dried and reheated. We bumped into the captain of the ship on the elevator and he was not in a good mood. Took a picture with him and without any smile. The cabin was not taken care off like NCL did. We were so looking forward to the Loco Fresh and after one meal, never returned. Had dirty silverware with left over shrimp when i unwrapped a silverware wrap. When we had out last stop in Nassau, we parked next to Bliss and we both wished we were on that ship. I do give RCCL good points for the shows but the staff has a lot to catch up to. We are booked on 3 NCL with no desire to return to RCCL.
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