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    HAL,RCCL,CARNIVAL,Any Cruise Line. Never had a bad cruise.
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  1. We also just got off the cruise this past Sunday. We showed up at the port around 11ish. The people working the front line ask what time is your boarding time. We said 12noon and where told to get into this line and not that line. When we where finally let in. It took less than 30 minutes from front door too getting on the ship. Very well organized. The reason for the back up after 1ish was there was a computer issue that had them shut down for about half and hour causing the back up.
  2. Outstanding. Following. Have A Wonderful Cruise. We leave in 5 weeks.
  3. It all depends if you want to wait till the bus is full and ready with 45 other guests and then wait while the driver off loads your luggage. Or if you want to get to the airport faster I would use Lyft or Uber. What port are you getting on or off at makes a big difference. Sometimes it is much cheaper to take Lyft than use the bus service, Again depending on your port.
  4. Looking forward to following you on This Most Excellent Adventure.
  5. Just wanted to say. Thank you for taking us on "Your Most Excellent Adventure". Was getting tired of reading all the negative stuff that has been posted on these boards this past year. Your posts have been a great read. And there IS light at the end of the tunnel.
  6. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/gavin-macleod-love-boat-captain-185739159.html A great entertainer.
  7. He was such a great entertainer. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/gavin-macleod-love-boat-captain-185739159.html
  8. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/gavin-macleod-love-boat-captain-185739159.html He will be missed
  9. The Chef's Table is Not to be missed. It's worth every cent. Outstanding food and the wine keeps flowing. We always do "The Table" at least once when we cruise. Try it you will Love It!
  10. OK I know this is a stupid question... But what is everyone's feelings about the Port of Galveston being open by August. I found a great deal for 7 nights. But right now RC already has my money from two other cruises that I have moved to 2022. And don't want to give them anymore of my money, until I'm sure they are really sailing. There is light at the end of the tunnel. But how bright is it really?
  11. I'm still hoping for our cruise out of Long Beach in July.. Please
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