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  1. This Saturday we will be going on her. Can't wait. Did the 12 niter last year on her and had an excellent time. I to agree they do have a Most Excellent Crew.
  2. johnlcruise

    Do you buy the Cruise Next certificates?

    Will be on the Epic in 4 weeks. And we already booked a NCL cruise for next October. If I purchase more FFC can I apply it to the cruise I already booked for October?
  3. johnlcruise

    Krazy Lobster or Tropicante?

    You where Right. When I e-mail Steve in July they where planing on being close. But now they will be open. Yaaaaa. Steve wont be there. Going to be with his Mom. But the staff all wants to work and make some money. I now have 4 lounge chairs reserved for Dec.25 Thanks for the Heads up.
  4. johnlcruise

    Krazy Lobster or Tropicante?

    Thanks for the Heads Up. Will Do. One can only hope..
  5. johnlcruise

    Krazy Lobster or Tropicante?

    We will be on the Vision. I e-mailed Tropicante and was told that they will be closed on Christmas Day. So we are just going to wing it and look for something open on the beach to enjoy the day.
  6. Really been enjoying your reports as We Will be boarding the ship this coming Saturday. Thanks for all the helpful tips. Looking forward to this Most Excellent Adventure.
  7. johnlcruise

    Return Flight out of FLL?

    It's doable. But you will need to do Express Walk Off. (As long as the ship docks on time) I have done it at least 4 times. And every time I have made a 10A.M. Flight. I usually walk of the ship around 7A.M.. Clear customs that not too busy at that time and I'm in a Lyft by 7:30A.M and at the FFL airport by 7:55A.M. But again to be able to make that early flight you must be able to carry your own bags off the ship. If you wait till after 8A.M. to get off the ship you will find long lines at customs as there is never enough agents working the lines.
  8. johnlcruise

    Need help deciding on excursion

    We just booked with Captain Bryan's for this December. They seem to have everything that you are looking for and for us the sail boat was a must and the reviews where good. https://www.captainbryans.com/
  9. Looking forward to following your posts. As I will be joining the ship on Oct.13th. How's the ship looking before it goes into dry dock next year?
  10. johnlcruise

    Car Rental in Cozomel

    Hi I forgot. What Pier does RCCL dock at. And does anybody know what rental car company is close to that pier
  11. johnlcruise

    What happens in the Meet & Mingle?

    I agree. Was on the ship afew weeks ago and boy did they out do themselves. Great cocktails, and food. And they even had a cake that the Captain cut..
  12. johnlcruise

    Seaside Embarkation in Miami?

    Hi A few weeks ago I did the Mid=night special out of Colorado to Miami arriving at 6AM. I killed time at the Miami airport having breakfast and took a Lyft to the ship at 10. They started checking in around 10:30A.M. And they let us start to board a little after 11:30ish. Rooms where not ready till about 1:30ish. I really enjoyed sailing the Seaside and looking forward to sailing her again next year.
  13. johnlcruise

    Busan on cruise stopover Trip report - DIY

    This is Great. Will be there in Oct. Now I know what I'll be doing. No tours just walking around and taking in the sites. Thanks for posting this. Great Job
  14. Welcome to Cruise Critic. Sounds like you really had a good time. I too agree Half Moon Cay IS the Best. beach around.
  15. johnlcruise

    Cheers Evaluator Spreadsheet

    Outstanding.. Thank You for doing this.